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  1. Worst case @Big Rat get the keys for the LFA and we’ll sort the meet ourselves 😎
  2. Any more news on dates and locations? matt
  3. Post your Pics

    How can you tell! That was the only quiet part of the whole place. Did get a little video clip, sounds great in there. If there’s a few of us heading to the 10 year anniversary we’ll all have to try and meet up and run up together. Pete will have to give us an hour head Start!
  4. one day to the next

    Very nice. I’m a big fan of the blue. hope you enjoy her. You’ll have to do a little write up on how different you find the ‘F’
  5. Deron, have a read through the old posts. stuno1 put lots of info about his car on here. looked very very tidy whilst he owned it.
  6. Post your Pics

    Couple of mine today. tons of bloody salt on the road !
  7. Welcome to the ‘F’ club Charlie, car looks very nice. Get some pics up when you get her home. Few big events coming up this year. Keep your eye on the Forum for more details. Matt
  8. Count me in for this, worth the trip to see an LFA in the flesh! thanks for organising matey.
  9. All the best Paul, enjoy your birthday present 😎
  10. Congratulations Paul, ‘Kitt’ looks very nice indeed. Hope they gave you a good deal on the ISF. Enjoy the new car 👍 matt
  11. Got bumped..

    Contact your company and give details. Unless you have a particular body shop you use I’d insist it goes to lexus for appraisal. Then stand by for the injury claims phone calls! good luck getting it sorted.
  12. Post your Pics

    Here’s mine when I first got her.
  13. So the ‘F’ didn’t feel left out at this time of year, bought her a present, although used, still very nice. 😎 should work nicely with my Toms filter. Looks like at least 5bhp every day! pleased that the throttle body was still clean after nearly 43k miles.
  14. Went out for a while today, slightly deeper intake noise than before. The exhaust tends to take over when the secondary air box flap opens. Probably more noticeable with a standard exhaust. Does sound good when giving it the beans!
  15. Not been out in it yet. Will post up when I have. Hope it gives a little more induction noise
  16. Lexus Coventry GSF??

    Thought it was a bit strange for somebody to post pictures of the dream car you’ve just bought, with a cut and paste from autotrader! must admit alarm bells were ringing hence why I didn’t respond to his posts.
  17. Looks very nice Dan, well done. Really do like the diffuser, not sure if it’d be lost on my black car though! top mods 👍
  18. Looks very nice. Looks like a great job. Going to get my bumper painted due to stone chips and a detail from a guy I know in the spring. black looks very nice in top condition, just a shame you have to spend so long keeping it there!
  19. Ten months for me, service and a set of tyres. Toms panel filter, modification to the exhaust and usrs bushes to go on, all my choice to fit. nothing else to report thankfully 😎
  20. USRS reviews

    Thats good to hear. Going to get mine on in the new year at some point.looking forward to it 👍🏻
  21. Not too much ‘down South’
  22. Well done and a big thanks to all involved 👍🏻
  23. Many thanks @steve2006. Think it will be well received across the board. 👍🏻
  24. He’s probably still driving around with a massive grin on his face i must admit, I would be too!
  25. Great news Stuart, stunning car. They’ll only be a few isf owners left on here soon! roll on Saturday