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  1. There is a company called powerflow, based in Newport if any use to you. Just google it. Myself and others have used them to sort exhausts for our cars. Got a back box complete with fitting for £200approx. May be able to sort out what you want because they make custom parts for your car. Save u ££££ over dealers. They are a national chain, would recommend. never had any problems with mine
  2. Bobbyp67 very wise sir steer clear of the is220d, mpg least of your worries, get an is250 instead
  3. mk-lon, if any use to you there is a national company called powerflow who custom make exhausts for is. Had mine done by them also advised another member to use them. I don’t work for them or anything but they have a branch in Mitcham Greater London if any use for you. My is220d new backbox was about £200 with fitting all custom made, the other member was quoted about £225 because a quad exhaust on his is250. His centre was in sittingbourne. Just google power flow if you need any more info, made up with mine and probably saved £££££ over Lexus main dealer.
  4. Hi ziggy how is your gs? Lovely car you have. Have you had a hybrid health check done? Just wondering as looking at a gs for next car but put off bit about buying a hybrid with old batteries if that makes sense. Don’t want to buy a newer car with new problems to encounter lol
  5. To mk_lon, get it looked at ASAP. I ignored my shaking tailpipe and lo and behold my car parted company with its back box pulling the bumper away at speed. Not nice experience. Cost me couple hundred quid to sort but annoying because an Indy probably could have welded it. Most quick fit places don’t stock Lexus exhausts. Dealer only parts. So looks like Indy weld job or custom made parts if you don’t want to line lexus dealer pocket with your hard earned £££££. funnily enough your car same age as mine, others had issues on the forum with is,gs exhausts with cars our age too. Please don’t ignore it.
  6. Hi rob how much you asking? What colour is the car and interior? Does it have the optional ml system and sunroof? Any pics for us nosy people? Sounds a good is250, might tempt the op to buy yours.
  7. Hi fuller30, you will love a Lexus when you are in one. Best car I ever had, the se-l trim level is superb for an older car. I have an is220d, love the car but hate the engine. Try and find an is250 even if you have to travel, it will be worth it. Don’t know your budget but don’t discount going up a level into a gs. Plenty of choice out there, just try to avoid the is220d unless you live on the motorway and enjoy cleaning egr valves
  8. Try and find an is250 sel instead. Save yourself from all the is220d issues. Search the forum for is220d issues. Spare yourself the pain lol.
  9. Hi ziggy, how much you get it for? What needs sorting? More pics please. was thinking of getting an older gs non hybrid but will be useful to me to see how you get on with yours. Was a little put off buying an older model hybrid, worried about buying more problems instead of just having petrol engine to look after. as prices come down may be tempted to get a hybrid too. What made you take the leap and get the 450h?
  10. Hi harry sounds like you got a sweet motor there. Pics pics and more pics lol. Liked the is200, still looks good today. Love the dials on the dash. doubt you’ll find much wrong with it, enjoy.
  11. Hi baviaannl, looks like you got sorted there. Like yourself hate the little things that spoil a car. My bumper taped down but hate the look lol. Mine looks like the end clip broken too, it did come off in my hand. How did you get yours fixed? Cost wise?
  12. Welcome ac1962, you’ll find a great bunch of people on here to answer any questions you have, you get quick responses to posts so don’t be shy with any questions. Impressed with your first choice of Lexus, what did you have before? A quick warning, once you go Lexus you won’t touch anything else lol. I take it you’re buying a brand new Lexus? Mine is a 2007, still drives like new, wouldn’t think was 12 years old. God knows how a new one feels. Very jealous is owner here. Enjoy the ride and good luck with your baby.
  13. Good choice ziggy. I like the older models too, maybe my age but find the more modern models too minimalist inside, I like buttons everywhere lol, the gs has plenty. Hope you find a good one and prepare to travel. All decent cars I like tend to be on the other end of the country.
  14. To Baviaannl, glad you got sorted, any luck fixing your bumper back in place? I just gorilla taped mine back in place, just want rid of this is220d now. Fed up with it lol. Want a takumi Es when launched but will probably end up with an old is250 when I stop dreaming. Deffo another Lexus for me, glad to see back of diesel when time comes, hopefully sooner rather than later. Hope exhaust stays on this time I get another.
  15. £220 was the full price I paid, they make and fit the parts. You ring first for quote, then they book you in and work takes few hours. Mine done at the Wirral centre, had no problems with mine. Hope you get sorted, it seems a few of us on here had this happen my is220d, your is250, remember member on gs board had it happen.