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  1. Welcome kippaxblue. Bet you’re a city fan? Or am I wrong? Got an is220d myself 07 plate se-l trim. What have you got? you will find lots of answers to any questions you have, great forum for info and you get quick responses to any questions. welcome aboard hope you enjoy ur lexus
  2. Had my is220d for three years now. Always have this coming up intermittently. After three restarts go away and they come back either weeks or days later. Never been in limp mode at all, just lived with it mate plugged in obd reader got p2002 code. Dpf below threshold, put it down to urban driving as only do 20 miles a day. Lights on all the time now, went to ats for engine diagnostics and had the following codes come up c1201 c1241 p1426 p2002. They seem to think caused by low battery, during last service said battery at 50% so probably this, also dpf sensor. Anyone had any similar codes and did you find a fix?
  3. Lovely car, bet your over the moon with her.
  4. Love the wheels btw. Lovely car you have. How much? being nosey lol. What did you have previously? How you finding your new baby? To borrow a quote looks bang tidy
  5. Your car is gorgeous, keep us updated how you’re getting on. Love the old Lexuses. Are you leaving the bow on the roof to say how special the car is lol. looks really well looked after and very tidy interior. You must be chuffed with it.
  6. Hi juicestop, glad not only me. Just didn’t fancy changing the bulb myself, looks a pain and something Halfords wouldn’t do lol. Just another little niggle to put up with until I sell mine, bloody strange though.
  7. Thanx guys for replies. The bloody thing working fine now, been raining here and miles cooler. Used on auto and manual, seems ok. No pinkish tinge. Oh well time will tell.
  8. Working nights this week in the glorious heat. Driving to work noticed my drivers side hid bulb off. Cue thinking bulb had gone, or dodgy ballast, expecting another ££££ bill. Drove home in the morning and when got home turned lights from auto to on via stalk and both lights worked. Could it be possible for the heat to have affected the lights? Daft question but I don’t put anything past this car. Car on north facing drive so got the sun for most of the day 40deg plus on the drive in the sun. Especially drivers side.
  9. Go for the gs, sod ikea trips lol that’s what home delivery is for. Your Lexus too good to carry flat pack. Carry you and the missus in style and laugh at the minions trying to fit a wardrobe into their fiesta. Yes I have seen this attempted at IKEA.
  10. Chemical smell may be because you have fitted a new dpf filter. Had similar when had new backbox fitted. Just needs a couple of days to burn off any oils. Takes a few days of hard driving then you won’t notice any smell fingas x. Best thing to do at the moment is try to make a few journeys on the motorway to get everything up to temp and make the dpf do its job. Hopefully the warning lights should go out after 3 maybe 4 restarts. my is220d does this, flashing up the eml trc vsc lights every so often. Learned to live with it as getting rid before mot expires next year. You can either put up with it or like me get rid because a diesel no good for the mileage you and I do. Love the is but next Lexus for me a petrol or hybrid
  11. Big thumbs up for looking at an is250. Forget the is220d. Try to find one with the se-l trim level. Afaik only option was the mark levinson stereo and the moonroof. If you can find one with both you will have a rare beast.
  12. Just had my is220d pass the mot, no advisories. Got a printout of the smoke test. The plate limit is 3.00m-1. My is passed with the mean result reading 0.36m-1. Dont know if that means anything to anyone but may put some at ease if worried about the new stringent emmisions for diesels in the mot. I only do low mileage too mainly urban driving
  13. My is220d 07 nearly 107,000 miles. Everything’s working ok bar few switch lights when lights on. No squeaking or rattling just my teeth and joints on uk roads lol. In for mot tomorrow fingas x passes. Keeping for another year, saving up hard for next car. July 20 the is will have an astronomical 114,000 miles on her. Next car definitely another Lexus. Love them.
  14. In Huyton mate, haven’t got a purple wheelie bin anymore though sob sob
  15. Got an is220d. As you know front and back different sizes. Had to go up a speed rating on black circles to get all four the same make. Fitted the Dunlop sport maxx rt2 tyres on mine. Great tyres in the wet, good wear, plenty of depth left after 3 years, would recommend them to anyone.