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  1. With new rules regarding emmisions, visible smoke etc, was worried putting my 07 is220d in for the mot. Have had issues in past with the smokey exhaust as have others. Anyway passed mot no advisories so very happy another year with the is for me. Big relief.
  2. Hi all left work and joined motorway. Noticed battery light stayed on. Kept driving only 10min drive home. Left motorway then lost power steering then dash lit up with loads of lights. Managed to get into a car park and stopped. Couldn't restart thought had dead battery. kindly breakdown guy turned up and produced the remnants of the aux belt and said water pump was shot. Car done 103k so not a surprise if the original pump. Towed to garage where hopefully be repaired Asap. was really surprised as hadn't noticed any belt slipping noises or loss of any coolant just went kaput. Glad was off the motorway when it did go. Scary having no power steering and a light display all at once. Just waiting for wallet damage.
  3. Scouselexus

    Real opinions

    To Shornw is220d owner here. Love my is even though the diesel. Try to find an is250 auto in SE-L trim level. There are plenty out there. Try autotrader and Plenty on there depending on how far you want to travel. Bought mine last Feb for £3500 92k on clock. Mechanically faultless passed mot no advisories. Everything works on it. Had a terraclean and egr service done too. BUT still smokes like its on fire every so often. Egr probably needs doing again. Get the well documented vsc eml triangle lights coming on occasionally but always resets after three restarts without limp mode activating. Needs regular motorway use to avoid problems, despite this you will love driving a Lexus I won't be buying any other cars only Lexus for me. Plan on keeping mi 220d for a year more then looking for another is in petrol auto. If you're lucky you may find a is250 auto with the mark levinson audio, sunroof, touch screen system. This I would buy.
  4. Ah that makes sense. Thanx for a quick reply. Just found it unusual because had a Toyota Corolla which never did that. Temp was 1 degree here when got in and yes the ac green light did stay on after restarts. Phew thought had problem
  5. Hi everyone hope you all enjoying the snow. Today I have noticed that when I restart my car the ac button is not lit but lights up again when pressed. First time noticed this. Always have the Ac on so noticed wasn't lit when restarted car. Could it be because it's below zero degrees and its some sort of power saving feature? So your battery isn't battered in the cold? Only happened since the temp has dropped. Cars eh?
  6. Scouselexus


    Hi alans27 I was In a similar position to you. Had a Toyota Corolla which sadly passed after 15years trouble free service. Bought an is220d which I love but would advise you to get an is250 auto and if you like the older model get it in se-l trim because lots of toys lol. Try to get one with a sunroof and mark levinson stereo but are like hens teeth to find with both. If your budget can stretch look at the gs250 always coveted one myself. whatever you choose you will love a Lexus, lovely cars.
  7. Scouselexus

    IS220 DIESEL

    Hi eamon and welcome to Lexus ownership. I have an 07 is220d also and have the same problem you have. My is will occasionally throw up the eml vsc off check vsc lights on dash but mine never goes into limp mode. Can accelerate over 30 and revs go over 2k. But after three restarts the lights go off for a few weeks then reappear. I do mainly 40mph plus driving and motorway use. every so often I get a huge puff of white smoke but goes away after a minute or two driving. The smoke smells like burning so maybe the dpf doing its job. I recommend you get a terraclean service done google it for your area probably be bout £300 with egr clean too. Did wonders for mine and treat it as a annual service cost if you're planning on keeping your is for a few years. This sounds silly but check your fuel cap is actually locking. On is you only get the one click to lock. Open and close your cap watch it for a minute or two and if it doesn't click back your ok. Mine locked and a minute later would click meaning it unlocked if that makes sense. Solved it with a temp cap from halfords will get the proper one replaced later date. search the forum for previous is220d posts you will learn lots about what to look for. This is my first Lexus, despite issues it won't be my last. Looking at an is250 auto or gs250 for next one in a year or two. Just enjoy yours bloody lovely car to drive and be in. Great being exclusive too as don't see many Lexus cars in these parts nice not being robot German car owner
  8. Hi Joern, is220d owner here. Had car 7months now. Lovely car to be in I have the se-l spec. I had a Toyota Corolla for fifteen years no problems until engine went south. Bought my is and every week or so I get the eml vsc triangle lights on. common problem if you search about it. It goes off after 3 restart of engine but pops up every week or so. Fault code to do with dpf threshold. Just living with it because car never goes into limp mode. Motorway use doesn't seem to make it happy. next car for me will be is250 auto I suggest you find one. Wish could afford a gs though. Save yourself a lot of frustration go for an is250. Love Lexus love the is just hate so many lights popping up on my one.
  9. Bought is220d in Feb. Have had constant battle with the vsc eml triangle Xmas light display on and off for months. Had the egr cleaned, used lots of dpf cleaner, serviced with Mobil 1 fully synth oil. Longest lights stayed off was for three months. Now they are back, even mainly motorway driving hasn't cured it. I checked my fuel cap, cleaned it and the filler neck. Guess what? It clicked when locked left it few seconds and it clicked open again. Who notices it you just fuel up lock and go. Next time you get a chance just check your cap is staying locked might be causing someone a vsc eml lightest. went and got a replacement cap. Fitted it hey presto lights out. Had good drive on motorway as usual and five minutes from home vsc eml again. the car never goes into limp mode either so assuming not a serious fault. Just want it to go bang so can justify to swmbo to get nice is250 auto
  10. Thanks for the info guys. Next Lexus will probably be another is mk2 but an is250. Was a bit obsessed with having an ml system but seems standard system fine for most needs. I am happy with the standard in my 220d. Just a quick question anyone prefer the internal styling of the mk2 over mk3? Love all the detail of the interior the big centre console round vents etc. The mk3 interior is nice but I prefer the mk2 interior. If had the cash would love a gs saw one today bloody lovely car. Whatever next car will buy definitely be another lexus
  11. Scouselexus

    IS220d or IS250!!!!!!??? Heeelp

    Is250 se-l auto red with cream leather and sunroof. Levinson system too. I found find one tell me I want it. Seriously I have the 220d but next Lexus for me the is250 auto. I came from a corolla to the Lexus. Never buying another brand again love lexus
  12. Hi fungi, I also have a is220d se-l. Mine an 07 plate. Have had the dreaded vsc eml warning triangle lights up a lot. Scanner reads p2002 dpf threshold. The lights go off after three restarts but come back. However I have had mine serviced recently new oil new air filter new fuel filter new oil filter. Lights haven't been on again for weeks so very happy. Also had egr cleaned months ago. Oil used was Mobil 1 5w-30 fully synth. Learn to love the motorway do 70 in 3rd you get lots of smoke but mine doesn't now. As for the car I love mine it's a lovely place to be. Love the dimming mirrors int and ext at nite no more glare, comfy seats good driving position even though six foot. A pillar can be bit obstructing might just be me. Can't really complain got her for 3k better than getting a lower spec car. As for tyres I recommend Dunlop sport max rt2. Very quiet great grip in wet and dry. Don't forget back and front different size. i have the standard audio but it's great, loud enough for me. Would love the ml system in next car. All the CDs go in the one slot on the dash. Radio reception is spot on too. The ac system is excellent cools car down quickly demists widows in no time. mirror what others have said just enjoy the car get out and about in it esp the motorway and you should avoid the common problems
  13. Scouselexus

    IS220D Mystery

    love lexus hate dpf filters. Next Lexus definitely petrol.
  14. Scouselexus

    IS220D Mystery

    Hi oluD, I bought a Lexus is220d 07plate 96k on clock. Have exactly same issue as you. Had a terraclean and egr clean done. Seemed to fix it for while but now have the smoking intermittently. Only happens when car temp reaches halfway on gauge smokes like hell goes away after 30 seconds or so. in my case the eml vsc warning triangle comes on but car drives normally no limp mode at all. Lights go off after restarting few times. Plugged in obd2 reader got p2002 error dpf below threshold not sure if dpf still blocked even after clean and motorway driving to clear crap out. It's doing my head in. Had a Toyota Corolla for 12 years no engine issues. Then I bought a Lexus, more issues in two months than twelve with Corolla. still love the is just wish knew about this forum before buying would have got the 250 petrol. So much for diesel being the answer. This wil be my first and last diesel how come you don't see other cars pumping the white smoke out like the is? Bloody embarrassing at times.
  15. Scouselexus

    New IS220d owner

    H la Lucha, just bought an 07 is220d se-l 96k on clock. Got all toys except the mark levinson system and sunroof. Last owner must have been a cheapskate lol. I only paid 3k for it beta than a second hand for ka for same money. I love mine can't believe got what I have for the money. Lovely car dream to drive and be in. Treated mine to terraclean and egr clean. Four new Dunlop sport max X rt2 tyres too, spoiling my new girl lol. Let us know if you have any problems. Fingas X u don't welcome to Lexus family