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  1. An update fuel economy incresed too👍👍. Used to be 25-28 average now its showing 40 mpg. Happy days.😊 so happy now.
  2. Hi, i had all these common problems with this model. Pressure in the cooling system throws out all the coolant out engine overheats also there was alot of boubles . Ive done the gas test in coolant it was positive so i thought its the head gasket but done alot of research on internet and found that it could be egr cooler. So everyone check your egr valve is its wet soot it mean your egr cooler need to be replaced it must be dry that means your cooler works well. Mine was wet.anyway i was still hetting boubles so changed the water pump to as i think water wasnt moving right thats it car feels like brand new now no more overheating feels beter over all. No more pressure form that water bottle once engine is shut few minutes later you can apen the cap no more presure. Btw first goest your pump then oil cooler has i hard time then your egr cooler and your egr and overall performance and economy so here you go the cure😁
  3. ye finding is 250 with all the goodies is really hard i was looking for it like 5 months most of them was overpriced or looks like its been driven on the field thats why i have is 220d se-l with all possible features, but it was a huge mistake for a while , but since i fixed all the problems i love the car now. :) but still i would love to have petrol auto but i would take gs or rx range because is back space of IS really small. It is more like a hatchback then saloon.
  4. Clean that manifold man yours looks alot worse just by looking at that hole.... i did cleaned mine and trust me it feels like a new car no more is220d problems no more any smoke , power is back. Just cleaning egr doesn`t help much.
  5. brake pads fitted incorrectly , is it originals or cheap ones? do you allways hear the noise when braking? or is it just after leaving the car over night?
  6. Well i don`t know about you but I don`t classify cosmetic problems as serious problems with cars. it can be easily fixed. As long as the car never had engine ,gearbox ,cluch,electrical problems, many suspension problems in 10 years i think that is what you can call reliable car. by the way my exhaust is still original with 135k miles a wee bit rusty in some places but no holes or any serious damage.
  7. get the cable with techstream copy for around 20£ from ebay best thing you can buy as they use the same software in dealerships. i have one myself and it was the best item for 20£ ever.
  8. maybe they are first 5 years then problems start poping out . i had 2 vw passats 1.9tdi pd unbeatable engines good gear box but suspension is terrible had to change parts every year because allways something bouncing loose metal noise.... and i realy drive nice trying to avoid pot holes slow down to 10mph at speed bumps but still..... electronic things breaks as well from time to time. its just poor quality cars. dont understand why people love them so much specially diesels with egr problems, engines full of carbon. Most of the cars in garages you will see is vw audi skoda seat... i would rather pay 200 £ for one part in lexus wich will last long and it it good quality , then changing parts to passat every year 50£ each....
  9. I would say its all about the money. if you earn at least 30k a year get a new car. It is really nice to have a new car, because if you see any scrach any broken plastic piece or kerbed wheel ,you know you did it :D when you buy second hand car its like researching you dont know anything about the car , and when something goes wrong then you see what has been done to it broken plastics in some places missing screws electrical tape on wires etc... :D So really alot of questions comes up . But yea price diference is huge. i would rather buy car up 5 years old instead of a new one. Some people just get lucky even when they buy 10 old car and don`t have to invest into it other then normal service. another thing is brand i would rather buy older lexus , bmw mercedes then brand new pegeot renault vw skoda and other **** cars.
  10. i cleaned the manifold myself this week i found super effective way to clean it . OVEN CLEANER cheap one from pound shop 1£ a can just fill it with the foam, wait 5-10 mins and just power wash it comes up like a brand new no scraping with screw driver or anything similar if its cloged really bad then repeat just over and over till you are happy with results. i had realy bad one but 3 times left it allmost as new. really saved me allot of time.
  11. trust me with nano wax you dont need to wash it that often no dirt sticks to it you might see some dust only but it can be cleaned with microfiber towel and it will shine like just washed. nano is just something unreal i use it myself and realy happy with it. good stuff is expensive but its worth it.
  12. i would just use crystal nano technology every 5-6 months and wash once a month that is all needed to make it shine like a mirror and also nothing sticks to it .
  13. ye i would like to get update as well my maps are 2007 version so sometimes its confusing when it says take second exit on the roundabout, but there is no roundabout anymore or sometimes i drive on the road and the map shows that i am driving on the field
  14. i don`t think Its by the date my car is 23/11/2017 i had the same options. or could it be last ecu update date listed then. But i used mid one and it worked just fine for me.