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  1. Will try tomorrow in daylight only checked the continuity so I know the switch is turning on and off
  2. Sorry with clutch pressed it still say press the clutch that is why I tested the switch and the power to it, both are working totally baffling me as power goes to switch and switch working even pressed it with my fingers to make sure it wasn't that the pedal was not reaching to the button Either way button stays red
  3. Key fob ok and opening car car will perform checks and everything ok I can start the engine by bypassing the start procedure so not an immobiliser fault any ideas please
  4. Hello I am a new member who is pulling my hair out what little I have left, I have a Lexus IS220d that will not start, it says on the dash depress the clutch pedal, I have checked the switch at the back of the pedal and it is working, I have checked the wires going into this and have a voltage been fed to the switch, the light on the start button still stays red any help appreciated has have been scratching my head and that of 2 of my car oriented friends thanks in advance there has to be a Lexus genius here that knows the answer