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  1. Dave400SE


    Thanks - would if I could but we need 5 seats
  2. Dave400SE


    Thanks all for the info. I'm not a Gold Member so it looks like Autotrader is probably the best bet based on responses so far. Just need to figure out what "competitively priced" means - bit hard to judge given there's only 9 ISFs (and only 1 white one) on sale in the whole of the UK Talk about hen's teeth !
  3. Apologies if this breaks any rules but has anyone got any recommendations on how to sell an ISF? I know of the usual routes (part ex, AutoTrader, pistonheads) but is there anywhere else? Can you advertise on this forum/site somehow? Thanks for any advice.
  4. Dave400SE

    LC-500....... too fussy?

    Is it just me, or does anyone else just see a stormtrooper in this photo? 🤔
  5. They have offered the 2 year warranty for £895 for ages. When they say "we're currently offering you 24 months for the price of 12" its just a marketing tactic to make you think you're special and getting a better deal.
  6. 9 months so far and apart from intermediate service all I've had to do is replace one tyre (due to nail puncture) and the battery (but it was the original so had lasted 8 years). Not bad so far but I've just bought the 2 year warranty for peace of mind re: 91k engine and gearbox and not knowing how the previous owners had treated the car.
  7. Dave400SE

    Airbag recall

    Recall done today at Lexus Stockport with wash/valet done and £25 of fuel added plus a healthy binge on their tea, biscuits and sweets. Very happy. Given a CT hybrid for the day which is just odd to drive (milk float reactions in eco mode). Also got intermediate service done for £230 and love the health check video they email to you. Decided to go all in and purchase a 2 year warranty and 2 year service plan. Probably won't need to use the former but the F is almost 9 years old and on 91k so you never know, plus includes 2 years AA membership etc
  8. Dave400SE

    Airbag recall

    Recall and service rebooked with Lexus Stockport for next week. Did a trip to see a client near Leeds in filthy weather last week so the white ISF is more panda like at the moment. Fingers crossed for a few extras, like valet etc....
  9. Dave400SE

    Airbag recall

    I booked with Lexus Stockport around a month ago for recall and service today but they called me yesterday to cancel as the parts hadn't arrived. Anyone else had this and any idea how long the delay might be?
  10. I took that car for a test drive when looking for "the one. Nothing wrong with it - just felt overpriced at the time. That was over 6 months ago and they've knocked a few grand off since then. However I think its been for sale for almost/over a year so they may accept a cheeky offer!
  11. And its still going lovely.... Haven't taken TVR out of the garage since picking ISF up as it's a delight - bit of an upgrade from the Clio before it though!
  12. Dave400SE

    Another new owner

    Little place called Marple Bridge on the border of Cheshire, Derbyshire and High Peak. We're only 10 mins from the Snake Pass, Woodhead and other lovely driving roads like this http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=203&t=1636221
  13. Dave400SE

    Another new owner

    Thanks all. 1 sleep to go. I'm beginning to remember how I used to feel on Christmas Eve!
  14. 2 sleeps to go until I become the next new owner, of this.....thanks in advance to Paul for his time (and jet washing skills)