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  1. Hello , and thanks again for all the help . The Company never even bothered to call me back , and i'll never use again was 3D Transmissions in Tilehurst Reading. I've had a cunning plan or two, Plan A - I've found a garage in High Wycombe who will change the fluid and filter and possibly have a look at the soleniods , so I'm really hoping that'll fix it. it's booked in for Monday next week. Plan B - Another more local garage in Maidenhead said he can source and fit a secondhand box for £900 - £1000 . I'm hoping that I'll not need plan B. i'll post up on hear how I get on
  2. Hello , thanks for the replies . The 'specialist ' who i took it to said the oil was OK for the level , but it was dirty . He didn't offer to change it and the filter , he just recommend full gearbox recondition . Can anyone recommend a garage who would be able to change the fluid/filters and clean the solenoid plungers ? . As when this first happened the local trusted garage I took it to said they didn't touch auto boxes and I went on their recommendation of the 'specialist ' Are there any Lexus gearbox specialist anyone can recommend from experience ?. I'm in Maidenhead Berkshire
  3. Hello , Just wondering if any can help me with some pointers or advise ?. I've got a 2005 GS300 ( the first of the mk3 ) , and I love the car. It's the 3rd one I've owned , and I just seem to keep coming back to them as it's such a wonderful car to drive. Anyway , it's got 142,000 miles on the clock , but I've got a serious transmission problem . At first it would not change up into top as the revs were too high for the motorway speed I was travelling . Now it's got worse , as it feel like it's pulling away in 2nd gear , and there is no reverse gear any more . You can 'feel/hear ' the g
  4. Thanks for the quick replies everyone . I'll take a look rear screen at the weekend. Cheers Mike .
  5. Hello , I'm a new member to the forum . I just brought my second GS300 , I've no idea why I sold the first one , as they are just such a nice car. My new car is a 2006 model , and one thing I've noticed is that when I put the heated rear window on , it Interferes with the FM radio signal . After having a look on the web , I believe that the first thing to check is the suppressor ? - Can anyone help me , and give me a clue where it's located ? Thanks Mike .
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