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  1. Is200 rear boot alarm

    Now solved this changed siren problem resolved and gone away £9.00 for replacement and about 10 min fitting time. Saved me £200+ quote from Lexus fking rip offs
  2. Oil Needed

    Looking to service car and get fluids changed on it. I have a range for engine oil 20w50 15w50 10w30 5w30 what would be recommended to go with for engine. Next on list is gearbox oil any ideas what is recommended for this as has a bunch for it too GL 4 or GL5 recommended SAE 75w 90 LSD SAE 80w or SAE 80w-90 Seems dont make it simple whats your thoughts on oils here peepes
  3. So needing bearings on front do I go for another one of these or do I grab one these? Had off side drivers side done today only to find that the noise is still there and now assuming near side needs doing too. So need some recommendations as to what one to go for?
  4. So come across alarm beeping going off when coming to unlock car and beeping coming from boot siren. From what I have seen this is due to some backup battery being dead or running low. Is their a place where can get replacement battery from for this ??
  5. Is200 shock recommendations ?

    The way they currently set as with stock dampers and lowing springs and had full tracking alignment done to them n is a nice drive but front has gone and no idea how old are. And to top that of getting a kit for the Tein their not cheap lol or its coilovers from them
  6. So times come after getting some knocks checked out on car had one top ball joints done and removed most the rumbling. Come to find one me shockers are shot and leaking. What are a good set of shockers to have am thinking maybe to get a front set 2nd hand and put the lowering springs on that I currently have on or to go grab me some new shockers. Currently have Tein 40ml all round springs on standard stock shockers. Maybe to do same setup or maybe get some bilstein shockers? Whats your thoughts guys n gals?
  7. Wheeler Dealers - End of an era

    wow WTF why Ed China leaving sick of shows going to **** same for Top gear and that is gone to **** now all presenters gone from it and move to The Grand Tour. Looks Like I will follow where eds going to if he comes out with a new show then am sure to follow it. Mike Brewer never really liked him on the show it would of been better if Mike left and edd stays., Cant wait tho to see what happens.
  8. The one am referring to is this one The small light in the center of the dial that stays on is this meant to call me OCD but making sure things are is meant be
  9. So I have seen on my heating controls on direction is still turned on when everything is switched off is this normal as I have seen in some is200 the light is off when driving and guess is turned off and I feel some air coming from it still when turned off how to resolve this?
  10. Anyone know where to fine location of color code for car as looked on drivers and passengers side for stickers only found tire pressure info nothing relating to color codes. Where is this information found?
  11. SO looking to get a touch screen setup installed to replace the old alpine system it currently has. Currently have is200 sport 03 plate. Is their any complications to switch them out. Or are they simple straight swap? Was looking at something like this 6.95 Inch Touch Screen HD Universal 2 Din Car Radio Audio Stereo DVD MP5 Player http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/6-95-Inch-Touch-Screen-HD-Universal-2-Din-Car-Radio-Audio-Stereo-DVD-MP5-Player-/222470190525?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276 Would something like this fit right in? Thanks in advance.
  12. New Lexus owner

    ???? Dont get ya why wont I have a Lexus by then after doing it all Guess ill have a tractor or something then huh?
  13. Why is my insurance so high?

    I would love for £600 on me Lexus am 32, 4 years no claims and just got quote in for £1295 on mine. You could try http://www.quotezone.co.uk Have found them to be a lot cheaper than most the compare sites and some of the car owner club ones too Prestige Keep Moving Insurance Scheme http://www.prestigekeepmoving.com and https://www.adrianflux.co.uk/ A lot of the things I found out when coming to doing insurance and price difference 1 Area 2 Amount of accidents in area 3 How serious each accident was. 4 How much of a risk damage to car is in area and risk of being stolen. 5 Type of job you are in. Crazy as it sounds different types of jobs cost more or less its stupid but its true. Amount of excess you set and are willing pay found £200 to £300 can be a sweet spot. Some insurance company's like hastings on fully comp is only £75 so nice. 6 Security features and safety features. Found some company's are now giving discussants for having dash cam installed. Swiftcover 10% off axa 5% RAC £30 off Theirs lots more when it comes to insurance. To me insurance is the biggest scam going. If I had the money to set up an insurance company I would reward all people who have had no convictions have no claims bonus. No points and no previous and be be guaranteed to be beaten on any other insurance quote. Regardless of area in and all the BS a lot of insurance use.
  14. New Lexus owner

    So have just got me a is200 sport 2003 model will have some pictures up soon enough when collected if I decided on buying. Kinda upgrade from me go Kart of a car of a so called saxo vts. Had bigger cars like me Lexus in past. So am looking for some solid advise on what to check over when going to pick this up any serious areas to look at and check for wear tear rust rot damage etc? what are most common areas for this and what are most common faults for them? Cars had a handful of previous owners but plenty of work carried out for service and maintained parts like disc pads etc nothing big on paper from what I can see. Has had sound system changed and upgraded the one in it I am no doubtfully going to be putting a digital touch screen one into it and maybe look at adding in some sat nav too. How are these cars when coming to changing and doing? Also going to be looking at the following. Change of interior and stripping out adding in new. Have done various cars in past. Any sections to give caution to when stripping down and re doing interior? With all the electrical seats and heated are these simple to change out for bucket seats? Steering wheel to be taken out and custom one fitted. Will this need 1 ohm resistor adding into it to stop light from coming on fir airbag on dash? Recommendations for ECU for standard system that can then be upgraded to be used in conjunction with turbo or supercharger kit? Looking to eventually get turbo or supercharged at some point. What I would like to do is get everything else tuned up to get some good gains and then add in the more expensive parts after so going reverse order getting all parts upgraded ready to drop in turbo/supercharger. Any recommendations as to good places stocking good quality products at a fair price and give good results in power and torque gains. Am looking to hit into 300BPH area and getting max Gaines NA that can be future used when turbo or supercharger comes along. Looking forward to the future of me Lexus adventure.
  15. Need advise is200 LE and sport

    Well now owner of Is200 sport due to pick up in few days. So no doubt ill have modding questions soon enough.