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  1. Is it 100% a lense? Could it be a bung of sorts to hide a screw access hole or something? Cant think of any reason for another lense, except a po having stalled a rear dash cam...
  2. My tpms warns of check system when cold, battery on one is on last legs, so when cold, fails. When warm, returns back to life. Cycled about 20 times lol. Not even been out to the Lexus with the snow, its 14 inch deep here, so took the dirt bike to work yesterday, was fun bar the white outs, one of which saw me nearly hit someone house having rode right up their garden. but was pure ice on way home, so stayed indoors today. Drive safe folks
  3. Agree with all, should be lit properly or not at all. 2 reasons for partial lighting spring to mind, 1 p.o. has tried to obscure a properly lit light as previously suggested, or 2, there is current leakage on the board that houses the lights, ie a tiny bit of current is 'jumping' from a live (or ground, depends on which is 'switched' by the car, g or l) to this circuit, so the car is not providing power to light the eml hence not fully lit, but this bit of bleed current is allowing a small flow and thus partial lighting. Guess there is a third option, in that it's lit, but there is a non p.o. obstruction blocking most of the light, ie dead fly or bug etc. Does the eml light up fully when powering on through test cycle? If so, this rules out options 1 and 3, leaves current bleed. If it doesn't light up properly when turning on or via test cycle, it's looking like 1 or 3, or a fault with that circuits power and or control. Let us know what you test and find out etc, it's interesting. Edit, wonder how light is partitioned between lamps within the cluster? Perhaps rather than current leakage, it's light leakage from another source?
  4. Try using a usb cable, ie your charging/data cable, In to phone and the grom unit. Then should be able to access music etc by changing the source I think. Or, I'll swap you an official Lexus iPod cable in stead 😀
  5. Don't forget to give springs the sporadic good clean. When stuff gets stuck in them, it extends the spring causing wiper to have less pressure on the screen. I have to clean the spring on my other cars rear wiper (least it has one) every month or two due to crap being thrown up at back, otherwise it misses the dead centre rear spot, although clears rest of screen fine it doesn't touch this part of the screen at all, a common issue on e53 x5s
  6. Steal the rx badge and gubbings and retrofit, problem solved 😁
  7. If they aren't catching then they can't be too big. Far too many standard wipers have inches more room I find, and have increased wiper size on pretty much every car I've had over last 5 years or so. Why leave screen uncleaned when a larger wiper fits? Baffles me
  8. I assume the plastic spokes are purely cosmetic (hope so) so wonder if anyone ever ditched them and cut off the outer mounting lugs and then filled the inners? Would give nice open look but them bumps on outers look like a pain, odd if left on
  9. Any custom steel exhaust place will smash that price to pieces and be much better quality to. I had my y cut out and a stainless y made and installed, 125 all in.
  10. From my experience, folks have it covered. The only things I'd add in addition to the rear shocks, exhaust y piece (both of which I've replaced on my car), bubbling alloys (which i have, real bad, look hideous) and the rear calipers, is the front calipers, as they stick to, ask me how I know! Abs pump, and bonnet blistering. Turns out that the front right caliper is like rocking horse *******, i couldnt get one anywhere unless paying silly money from dealer. So i didnt bother, yet. All 4 calipers on my car were bad, I intend to take the old girl off the road and have all 4 refurbed with new piston, seals, deep clean and painted with long warranty for less than price of 1 caliper. That will run circa 500, but will effectively be like having brand new calipers all around, with a decent long term corrosion warranty, so better than replacing with cheap coated dealer parts. The second addition is the abs pump. Mine makes a noise and reports an accumulator low pressure warning. The car has done it since before my ownership (near a year now) but apart from being annoying, works fine. However I will replace one day when ive free cash and the appetite to do it. Not a cheap part, but fairly uncommon to do this I believe. I only know of one other on a gs450h, several posted about same thing on other gs models. Turns out you don't really need brakes in good condition with these cars 🤔 I have a clicking low pressure pump, a stuck piston that will not move, at all, in the front and she brakes almost as good as my sports bike, too good really, so I'll plod along on my 7.5 pads for now 🤣 was good enough for mot brake test pass Bonnet can blister along front end where it meats the rubber seal as it's alloy. There were several warranty claims for this, but my dealer told me to get stuffed when I asked, loser. Rest of car seems solid corrosion wise as is steel I believe. Regards suspension struts, these are a consumable component on any car, but aren't cheap. However they can be swapped with fairly easily DIY which reduces cost a good chunk. I've replaced both mine myself with instructions from this forum when one started leaking. At 148000 miles, they didnt do too bad, for a 2 ton car. I need to change struts on my x5 at 141000 miles, which is also 2 ton, but they half the price, so the Lexus fairing ok in this regard. Only other points of note is that changing spark plugs is a pain in the *****, so even if they say they were done, check or better replace and know they fine for the future and learn how to actually get to the right bank plugs. Also, if you need to change front lower ball joints, they don't come on the track rod ends, so don't order the track rods unless you actually need them. I did and now have a set sat collecting dust when realised there were no ball joints and couldn't return them as special order. My own fault for not looking, but hey ho. Lastly, get tracking done by a proper place. My locals, always been great, couldn't get mine centered properly, so it's still on the wonk and I believe you should do some sort of zero point calibration with techstream etc, which they didnt / couldn't do. Overall, it's a cracking car, very quick and you get a lot for your money, which seems to hold up well for the age. Bought mine on 132000 ish, and am at 151000 ish now without issue, except my 12v battery decided to give up the ghost 2 weeks ago, but fair play, it's the original battery, or at least carries a 2006 date stamp, so I'll give it it's dues, 12 years is a result in my view! Give it a go and enjoy, can't really by anything this well specked and fast for the money that I've come across yet. I'll likely end up selling mine before long (divorce and having to move which will triple my commute so need something boring, aka with better mpg 😢 and can't really afford to keep 2 cars now) and ill be gutted to see her go, she's a bute! Good hunting, sure you'll not regret it.
  11. Hum, interesting getting jaguar looking at you Lexus. I get check vsc when battery not up to proper charge (I'm on original battery still from 2006 😁) as not had time to order a new one. Try giving it some more 12v juice (I jump from a spare battery) as can be done in 30s and don't need to pay anything. Other than that, not a clue, as don't see how an 02 sensor would cause it?
  12. My arse dyno reports that sport alters the throtal and suspension more than the pwr button. Perhaps they are wired up backwards....
  13. As it's a rubber sound, is the brake line flex hose bent wrong way and rubbing? Wouldn't expect it to be loud, but other than bushings and tyres, what else is rubber?
  14. Upex

    GS450h 2007 Shock Absorber Failed

    Sorry for late reply, didn't see this, oups. All my bits came from Nippon auto spares, great company, great prices, fast delivery and very helpful. Only bit that disapointed me was that i ordered track rod ends, not realising the ball joint wasnt part of it. They didnt mention this and i couldnt return them as nippon had to special order them for me. Guess it was my fault for not confirming before ordering though.