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  1. Halfords Discount

    Hi All. I just wanted to get a feel for people's experiences in using their discount, particular at Halfords. Whenever I try to use mine, the staff look at my discount card with a confused expression on their face. After numerous intense discussions with managers, I do get some discount. Sometimes more than 15% (?!?) Sometimes less (?!?). It's not just one store either...I won't name and shame! What are you experiences? Many Thanks
  2. Shes a beaut! Thats some nice looking paint you got there! Wheels really set if off!
  3. Car Polishers

    My motor has very deep shine anyway. The previous owner took real nice care of it. No swirl marks (a few a scratches on the side, nothing overly significant...). Is it still still work getting a mechanical polisher...Just to polish, not cut the paint? Thanks
  4. Happy New Owner

    Many Thanks for the warm welcome!
  5. No issue with mine at the moment just curious. Had cars in the past that have specified it to be changed at certain mileage etc. (belts as opposed to chains) Thanks for the input.
  6. How often is it recommended to get the timing chain changed on a IS250...mileage or years... My "new" Lexus has done 77000 on a 08 plate. Many thanks in advance.
  7. Car Polishers

    Cheers. I've never used one before so its great to get some feedback from those who have
  8. Car Polishers

    Hi I'm looking at getting a mechanical car polisher, but the internet is awash with different makes, models, prices etc. All of which have varying reviews. I was just wondering if anybody here could recommend one and/or share their experiences with using them? Many Thanks
  9. Happy New Owner

    Hi All So after many many months of saving, I'm finally the proud owner of my very own Lexus! I just wanted to say a big "HI" to you all and look forward to chatting with you soon! I've attached a pic of my new pride and joy. Cheers