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  1. @FTBBCVoodoo I've got a set of RR Racing Road and Track and whilst the handling is superb, for me they are just a bit too hard for the roads around me (my commute into work is all B-roads and I've yet to have the chance to take my F on the track). I'll probably be going back to stock in the next couple of weeks so these will be up for grabs if you're interested?
  2. Wellsey

    Possible ISF owner

    Hi Nick, Welcome to the forum. I bought mine last year and haven't regretted it one bit. I got mine privately and the day after, bought the warranty and service package. You usually get a bit of a discount if you buy both at the same time (Inc doing monthly payments). Most of these cars have been look after by enthusiasts (due to them being an unknown to anyone bar them). I'd just checked that it has a full service history and you should be set. Make sure to post some pictures when you've got it!!
  3. Wellsey

    Post your Pics

    Got myself a new daily driver! Those of you that are into your tuning/racing will understand the connection!!
  4. I might be tempted to pop along. Got nothing planned for Sunday and it's just round the corner!
  5. Here you go. https://gromaudio.com/store/all-lex6_.html
  6. The V2 was £375 on preorder, not sure how much it is now. I think most of the bugs have gone now. I’m literally just getting it to have Waze and Spotify through the head unit. As long as it can do that, I’ll be very happy! Have you done anything else to yours?
  7. I’ve done a few little cheapish mods to mine over the 10 months of ownership (most likely more to come). Started with the Apexi throttle controller, which for around a hundred quid is a steal (eBay have a 10% sale on today so might be worth grabbing one!). Next was the USRS which really tighten up the front end and reduce the dreaded inner tyre wear. I then fitted an exhaust valve with wireless remote. There’s a thread on it if you’re interested. For me it was the perfect solution of having a stock sound when required but when the time is right, releasing the beast!! I’ve got the new Grom Vline on pre-order. If you want to have android apps on the nav screen or even CarPlay its a great solution. Finally I ordered a Tom’s replica carbon fibre kit a couple of days ago. Just makes the car seem a little more aggressive without being OTT. Hope that’s given you a few ideas!
  8. Went for some Bosch ones imported from the states. There's a website called RockAuto that does some stellar deals and they include all the customs fee's at the checkout so no surprises.
  9. So bit of an update to this. I finally got around to fitting my ceramics this morning to cure my squeaking brakes. I took the old pads off to find every single one had a crack in them. I'm going to get in touch with ECP about this because I only replaced the pads last Sept (roughly 2000 miles ago). If anyone else is suffering from squeaky brakes I do recommend having a look just incase yours have suffered a similar fate. If ECP don't respond I'm going to go directly to Brembo as this really shouldn't be happening. Will update when I hear back.
  10. Yep, Lewes tunnel indeed! It's a must whenever I get a car with a fruity exhaust note. My mate in Uckfield said he keeps on seeing an ISF. Your mate by any chance?
  11. Haha, I'm still only 29 so still haven't hit that grumpy milestone yet! Apexi is a must, they're a good price on ebay at the moment. Welcome back.
  12. Right video has just finished uploading. Here it is: First three clips are with the valve open. The last is a poorly executed valve closed comparison (bloody traffic!). I think the best way to describe the sound is at low revs it sounds like a proper V8 and the when the intake opens up, the exhaust perfectly compliments the noise level. Not letting the intake dominant too much. If anyone is tempted by one of these. I do have a spare kit....
  13. The lowest I've had is twelve after a night time run. That Evo though... who'd have though a 2.0 liter engine is capable of drinking so quickly!! Hi Dave, because it's after both sets of cats and the resonator it's a nice loud with hardly any drone. Just the nice V8 burble at low rev's. As it's only skipping the mufflers (like most factory valved systems) MOT shouldn't be a drama at all. I'm just editing my tunnel run video now, stay tuned....
  14. @Big Rat Here's to single digits then
  15. Well my tank average over the last 10 tanks is 18MPG so it cant get much worse!!