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  1. ISF PX value

    Absolutely get where you're coming from @Big Rat. Trouble with Alfa, it's never the logical choice! I see my old man (who helps me with most of my wrenching) ageing each time I mention about getting back into the brand. For some reason I'm always drawn to them and now they've finally stepped up their game, I know I'm going to scratch that itch again. Just make sure the piggy bank is full for repairs at the time!! If you're into your Alfa's then most definitely. We were there for about 3 hours which was more than enough.
  2. Just seen this on the Club Lexus forums. There's a clearance going on stateside and they have a few items going for very cheap, even if you have to pay some customs on top. Here's the link to the website http://www.rockauto.com/RSS/vehiclefeeds.php?carcode=1445204&m=wc&l=en&html=true I'm going to get a couple of set's of ceramic pads as my brake's really suffer from squeaking with the ECP brembo's. Works out at 24 quid shipped before customs. Hope it helps someone out!
  3. ISF PX value

    Test drove the Alfa QF last month (just came back from the Alfa museum in Milan and was itching to have a go), the dealer looked my car up and said the trade value was 21K. As I paid 22k for it last year, was rather happy with that! The Alfa is way beyond my budget currently but my god it's a cracking bit of kit!
  4. Here you go. When mine turned up there was no import charges. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/APEXi-Smart-Accel-Controller-for-IS-F-USE20-2UR-GSE-410-A001-417-A014-J143/282829309971?hash=item41d9f0c813:g:yEwAAOSwLdNZzItV
  5. Going along the lines of a previous thread that was on here late last year. There's a bit more detail on this one though, once translated: http://forum.clublexis.com/viewtopic.php?id=22802 Just going to weld one onto the standard exhaust. I'm not looking at any performance gains but would be nice to actually hear that lovely V8 that is lurking under the bonnet! Here's the cutout kit: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/QTP-Quick-Time-Performance-Electric-Exhaust-Cutout-Low-Profile-QTEC33K2/162372169486?epid=1625519460&hash=item25ce22af0e:g:9pcAAOSwopRYigWv
  6. Yeah saw these a little while ago when they we advertised at £300. Definitely a deal to be had! Would go for these but think I'm going to go down the exhaust cutout root personally. Need the stock noise when leaving for work at 4am but definitely need more whilst having a play!!
  7. Post your Pics

    Car on the ramp this morning fitting the USRS's I bought off eBay. Only took the first corner to notice the difference!
  8. Just installed it today and only went for a quick blast in red to the gym but can definitely feel the difference. Need the roads to dry out a bit before testing all the modes out properly as traction is hard to find at the moment!! How do you find the USRS's? Going to fit mine next week.
  9. F with bike

    This is my beaut. She's been off the road for a couple of years due to work but I'm aiming on riding her again this summer. It's most definitely been a painful wait! At least I've had the F for the last six months to make up for it somewhat!!!
  10. Snapped up an Apexi controller on the Ebay 20% sale for 105 quid including harness which wasn't to bad! Then when I was already skint, due to the usual Christmas excess, a pair of USRS appeared on the 'Bay which I couldn't let slip. Money does grow on tree's right?!
  11. Shame they didn't tax it like a 250. Always seem to get that bit right!
  12. Yeah I was a tad gutted when I first saw it being advertised. It's started at £24k then dropped quite quickly. Ending up not far off what I paid for mine but a year newer and 10k less on the miles. Still over the moon with mine anyway so can't complain too much!
  13. Do all IS-F's appear as IS250's?? If not I must have the quickest IS250 in the country 😂
  14. This was up for sale a little while ago privately. Think the last price drop was around £22,500. The trader is trying to make a tidy profit it seems!! Edit: Just coming up to doing 4,000 miles in mine since July. So at 36,500 now.
  15. Tom's isf replica

    Haha I already asked for a Grom vline before and that got completely shot down. At least with this, she'll actually see it even though she doesn't 'get' it. Cheers for the link pal. Now do I go for just the diffuser or the whole lot....
  16. Tom's isf replica

    Really like these kits! Do you have a link for the ebay seller? Been on there website, and the prices don't seem too outrageous. Hinted to the misses that the diffuser would be a lovely Christmas present!!
  17. And you Pete, cheers for letting me pop round and have a look. Car looks stunning and Lee and the lads have done a great job on the install. Just following you for that short period, really shows how much our car's are in need of an exhaust. So much potential, yet they are so quiet stock. Thanks for making my spreadsheet with mod ideas, longer and longer!!
  18. It’ll have the LSD but not the updated suspension. Same MY as mine and I’ve got no complaints about the ride.
  19. 29, Pilot with a nice training loan to pay off. Wanted a quick but reliable car that I knew wouldn't need constant maintenance. 3,000 miles later, so far so good!
  20. If you want to see what a 2010 spec is like, feel free to get in touch. I'm near East Grinstead.
  21. And there's nowt wrong with that!!
  22. I'm not saying the RC-F and GS-F are bad cars, they just don't seem to move the game on too much from what I already have. Driving characteristics wise. I absolutely love driving mine (which is shown by my average of 17 mpg from most tanks) and I'm looking to keep it for a good few years yet. When I do come to replace it though, it'll be for something a bit lighter footed. Just feel that the sense of mass does dull the experience somewhat. I tend to mix up my cars a bit and don't look for the same recipe with newer ingredients. Saying all this though, if anyone asks me what to buy with mid 30k/40k, I do always mention the RC-F as a great used proposition.
  23. I do agree with him. Even though I have just got into the F brand. When the time does come to replace my car, I can't see myself getting another lexus if they keep producing cars in a similar vain with this engine. Yes, the tech keeps improving but the driving dynamics haven't moved on much. It'll be a completely different matter when/if the twin turbo becomes available or they produce a lightweight special.
  24. Looks like the latest owner bought it just to flip. Was for sale at 14k last time....