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  1. Hi, my IS300h (17reg) flashes brake signals with slightest touch of the pedal, beside of that when I`m in cruise control on motorway if car radar thinks he need to brake and does that automatically brake signal goes on as well.
  2. Rear brakes

    Just came back from appointment. Had a drive around with Lexus technician and then they took me for a spin in the same model to compare. Need to admit I was probably panicking to much, because everybody have the same problem with brakes, maybe it`s just my ears are to sensitive. I requested to find one non hybrid IS, because I want to compare it to hybrid one and we will see, maybe petrol turbo will work out better than hybrid. However they do admit that during cold winter months when there is lot of salt on the roads it corrodes brake discs and pads and that makes brakes work louder than in other seasons, proof to that is my brake sound become more quiet.
  3. Rear brakes

    Hi, I`m facing now the same issue big time! I bought the car a bit more than one month ago and brake groaning (low deep noise creak) is just unbearable, it`s so embarrassing for the brand new 35k car. I will call my Lexus dealer today with request to sort it out, no matter how I love this car I`m prepared to give it back. I will keep you updated how it goes with them, this is one of the biggest frustrations in Lexus so far.
  4. Wind Noise

    Mr Vlad please don't take it so personally, didn't meant to insult you or your thread. I do agree it's not common about wind noise and nobody died from light banter. Be well.
  5. Parkman thanks for advise, but unfortunately we don't have this option in new models, I really don't know why...
  6. Hi from a CT owner

    HI, great runner there. Congratulations with purchase!
  7. Hello

    Hi and welcome! Congratulations with purchase. Please do not hesitate to post some pictures and give us a bit more detailed information, based on feedback about audio system most likely you have MS audio there.
  8. Malcom it's in Costco Wembley. I think each Costco have these gaps between cars in parking spaces and I do agree it's very cool.
  9. Wind Noise

    Literally come back home 5 min ago, went to mway to double check - nothing. No sound anomalies detected in UK motorway speed limit margins (+/-) . Stubborn and waiting for rain to test it then, why not... Funny enough, read today one review from some lady about Lexus experience on trustpilot about noise, oh common guys... really? Got a feeling my next subject of topic will be "I don't like when rain drops falling on my lexus or how to protect paint on my Lexus whilst I`m escaping from aliens". :)
  10. Wind Noise

    Now I got paranoia after reading this topic and will listen to all odd sounds whilst driving. So far everything is OK and no strange sounds detected!
  11. Have no problems with Bluetooth on my Is300h, just only one: I added on my bloody iPhone my favourite contacts, but they are not appearing in cars telephone application menu.
  12. throttle problwm

    Oraine, just take it to the official dealer and they will sort it out. It might be the same cost at the end if you will compare your time and part cost when you are trying to sort it out by yourself. Thanks and good luck with this.
  13. Hi Nigel, congratulations I wish you lot of happy miles with your Lexus. Please do not hesitate to add more details about your car and we are happy to see any pictures as well. My story started from CT200h which I bought in 2016 - overall very nice car for city commute, but I wanted something more from Lexus... So few weeks ago I picked up my new bad boy 17reg IS300h (picture below). Same day had quite long motorway run and I was pleased with everything: how I feel inside and how car drives. Since I sat in the car at dealers and still until now I have kind of butterflies in my stomach when I`m driving this car in fact I just love it! All interior materials been done with hi quality finish, ultra modern design, durability and that car is build by professionals you will feel any single time when you will drive it. In my opinion huge step forward been updated multimedia system and display console. Car acceleration is quite impressive, off course you won`t be able to outrun petrol beasts like M`s or AMG`s, but believe me it`s more than enough for UK roads! I couldn`t find any irritating at all apart of some small bits with which you can live with and can be sorted pressing extra buttons. So I don`t really have nothing to add negative only positive. I`m not sure about your budget, but be prepared that service costs is a bit hi, but you get all service on top level. My politics is very simple: if I was able to buy car I will be able to service it only at Lexus and even if I know I can get tyre cheaper fitted somewhere else, I won`t do it because I will better pay few quid more, but will get that peace in my mind car been serviced and touched only by Lexus dealership.
  14. Sad to hear this, you are very lucky to have it under warranty. There is no doubt this is very frustrating for you, but I think you are just very unlucky with this as this is rare occasion when cars under warranty broke down especially lexus. Wish your car speedy recovery and plenty of more hassle free miles, keep us posted. Cheers
  15. Don`t want to be funny, but both my lexus when purchased came from dealer with smart insurance cover for cost £499 for three years which means I'm covered for minor damages and can claim it with excess of £10 and it won`t affect my no claims cos it`s separate thing. On my first CT200h somebody scratched rear bumper and that was fixed by smart insurance company. Next door from my workplace is auhorised jemca body repair shop they said it would cost me £300 + vat to fix at least. Anybody of us soon or late will have minor scratches/damages on the car and I think sometimes we are getting to much paranoid how we can protect our babies from obvious circumstances which will leave impact on car. Yes I do agree heart shivers even when somebody reversing close to your car, but thats the life. My suggestion if you are not doing any upgrade/tuning to parts, just get yourself separate cover from minor damages and sleep well...