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  1. Fair enough. Understand your reasoning. I wouldn’t. Doesn’t make me right though 😀
  2. Had to set the alarm this morning so that I can be up and out. Not on, it’s Sunday!
  3. Tonight I’m going to moan about people who put milk first in their tea. Heathens…. 😉🤣
  4. Milk in last. Milk in first impacts the brew. For me anyway 😀
  5. Today I’m complaining about not being able to get any work done due to me keep checking LOC 🤣
  6. Insurers sometimes allow second hand parts to be fitted nowadays. Something like this could be the difference between a car being repaired or written off.
  7. Fingers crossed all goes well. I think you may need additional evidence to prove the other driver was at fault, eg dashcam footage, independent witness corroboration, etc. Generally speaking, if you hit the rear of another vehicle insurers tend to put the blame on the car behind unless it can be proved that the vehicle in front was at fault. Best outcome here might be your insurer pays your costs and the other driver’s insurer pays his/her costs. Hope it works out for you.
  8. One of the front disks looks brand new and the other looks old and is badly lipped. Not great to replace one disk and not both on the same ‘axle’. One of the rear disks is very badly scored and the other is in poor condition too. Ok, fix the warning lights, replace disks and pads all round and tidy up the bodywork and you might have a good car. What else is lurking though?
  9. As has been said, it’s normally the insurer who decides whether something is to be repaired or written off based on a detailed quote from the repairer. I agree best to contact your insurer and confirm all is well and that they will be proceeding with the repair.
  10. You normally change ensembles by toggling to the left hand menu screen and scrolling down until you find it.
  11. To be fair it is pretty naff. The key thing is you have to keep changing the ensemble after each search for stations. This allows you to find other DAB stations. Ensembles are categories such as BBC, D1 National, etc. Stations such as Magic, Heart, Capital, etc, are in a completely different ensemble to stations such as BBC R1, BBC R2, etc.
  12. Feels like a bit of bad luck or poor reliability will settle this title. One DNF or on-track incident will be very costly.
  13. Surely the only way to properly confirm this would be to drive it through Rufford Ford at speed and check whether it expires in a cloud of steam? That should do it 🤣
  14. But you aren’t setting the temperature of the air coming out of the vents, you are setting the temperature you want the cabin to be. The temperature of the air coming out of the vents will be dependent upon how cold or warm the cabin is at the time.
  15. It’s just automatic climate control as opposed to a manual system where you control the heat setting, fan speed and air direction. You could mimic this by manually setting the system. In my experience all automatic climate control systems in cars work the same way in terms of trying to maintain a specific cabin temperature in the most comfortable way.
  16. I’m not sure what you are trying to achieve. How would you know what the temperature of the air coming out of the vents should be at any particular point in time?
  17. This should be simple. Leave climate control in Auto. If you feel too cold, turn the temperature up. If you feel too hot, turn the temperature down.
  18. I’ve watched two now. Enjoyable and still an entertaining show. I do think Flintoff is a bit too juvenile at times mind.
  19. Oh and always use AUTO with the temperature set to say 25 on both sides of the car, ie not in DUAL mode. This should be enough to force warm air out of the vents in an effort to auto-maintain the cabin temperature at 25. If this doesn’t work, set the temperature both sides to max, set the flow control to the face level vents position and crank the fan speed up to check that: (1) The air coming out of the vents gets hot. (2) The fans blow faster. (3) The flaps controlling the air distribution inside the system are working. if you can’t force hot air out after a 15 minute journey, something is wrong. If you can force hot air out by taking manual control but still no hot air in Auto, something is also wrong.
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