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  1. All the more reason to stick with older models if you ask me!
  2. I was driving the new ES300h recently. Nice looking car, very spacious. Seats are extremely comfortable and it's a nice quiet, comfortable ride. Performance is better than the figures suggest too. I like it. But compared to my GS, it's nowhere near as luxurious. The quality of materials has really gone down - too much hard plastic, cheap fittings and thin carpeting. Such a shame that Lexus are falling into the trap that seems to be afflicting all manufacturers - that of saving money on materials and build to pay for gimmicky technology that offers little real benefit and which most people probably don't care about beyond the first couple of weeks of ownership. I wouldn't change my GS for one at the price they are new. But it's a nice car.
  3. Looks like Japanese market GS’s made this nice sounding jingle on startup. Presume we can’t do it on ours in the UK?
  4. Hi all, We have a 2012 RX450h Luxury which has covered 110,000 miles. Drives lovely, but wondering whether the shock absorbers will be in need of replacement around now? The ride can be a little harsh on rough roads, especially at the rear. That said, it doesn’t wallow around or bounce excessively. We need to change the rear tyre this year, they’re old Dunlops, so perhaps that’s part of the issue?
  5. There's quite a lag when you first power the car on before the screen displays anything or is usable in any way. Normal operation is fine. Is this normal?
  6. Love it. Drives like a limo! Much more refined and better quality than the IS. But with all the same fuel efficiency. I got an average of 58mpg on a motorway trip to see family today. Performance is actually very brisk. The only minor issue is a bit of vibration at 50mph from the drivetrain. My IS did it as well and although I asked the dealer to do the software update before I got the car, it's still there to some degree.
  7. Yes, seems odd that Lexus didn't think to do that. No worries - cheers for the replies folks. 🙂
  8. My GS300H and previous IS300H display the little green EV indicator on the dash whenever the engine turns off, as well as when the EV Mode button is pressed. On our 2014 RX450H the EV indicator only displays when the EV Mode button is pressed. Otherwise, you have no indication of when the car is using the electric drive except that shown on the Energy Monitor. Is this normal behaviour on the 3rd gen RX?
  9. Cheers all, I'll advise my Dad and let you know if he has any success with Lexus.
  10. My Dad has a 2004 RX300 - the dash has developed a crack in the passenger side. I seem to recall that in the US, Lexus replaced the dashes in older cars relatively recently as this was considered a quality defect. Does anyone know if this is the case in the UK or if there are any methods of repairing the crack?
  11. The clue is in the name of the system - Hybrid Synergy Drive. The two power sources, electric motor and engine, work in harmony to move the vehicle along as efficiently as possible. Your contribution is to drive with the right style to allow the system to perform at its best. This means things like: 1. Getting up to speed reasonably quickly then backing off the accelerator and reapplying with enough pressure to maintain speed 2. Coasting where possible, reducing unnecessary acceleration 3. Allowing long braking distances and using light brake pressure 4. Using cruise where possible All of this helps the system generate as much electricity as possible, keeping the use of the internal combustion engine to a minimum. The goal is not to see how far you can go in EV mode in one shot, it’s to extend the number of times the car runs in EV mode to as many occasions as possible during a journey.
  12. Picking the GS up on Saturday. Thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow folks, pleased with the choice of a 300H.
  13. I'm just trading in my IS300H Premier at a main dealer after 3 years of very happy ownership. I'm going to a GS300H, purely for the space and nothing else. The hybrid system is fantastic. You have to change driving style. The best approach is to adopt a relaxed, progressive but purposeful style, feeding power in steadily and riding the significant torque of the electric motor. Overtaking can be done with impressive thrust by pushing the accelerator past the kickdown switch, at which point you get a shove in the back. Most of the time, the ECVT gearbox drives like an old 3 speed torque converter auto. So acceleration is linear and effortless. If you come into it with that mindset, you'll love it. What it doesn't do is provide sporting driving in the style of modern German cars. So no diesel shove, 9 speed gearboxes with lightning fast gearchanges or playing tunes on the paddle shift.
  14. Does anyone know the part number and cost for the hockey puck mouse thing for the remote touch? Specifically, the later version fitted to 2015 onwards models with the recessed face?