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  1. jevestobs

    Boot Light

    Thanks both.
  2. I tried to prise out the light in my boot the other day to change the bulb. The black plastic housing disappeared into the aperture and slid down inside the crossmember at the top of the boot. Now I can't get to the damned thing! Any ideas?
  3. jevestobs

    RC Centre Console Pads on IS

    Probably a breakers yard would be the best bet. Trouble is, Lexi aren't that common in the U.K. - lol!
  4. Seeing as the dash on the RC is basically the same as the IS, has anyone tried to fit the full length padded bolsters from the RC centre console to the IS centre console?
  5. jevestobs

    Centre Console Finish

    Cheers - i can see why they changed it. I wonder if it's possible to swap the parts out for the later version?
  6. I've just bought a 2013 IS300h Premier. Absolutely love it. I've noticed my centre console is finished in a smooth black satin finish, but other IS's I've driven and seen pictures of have a rougher, matt grey finish. Did Lexus change this later in the model's life or is this something exclusive to the Premier?
  7. jevestobs

    Deciphering Model Version

    Cheers - I'll take a look. :-)
  8. jevestobs

    Deciphering Model Version

    It's an April 2014 build. Dealer says it has electric heated and ventilated leather seats and premium navigation.
  9. Hi all - I've had some paperwork for an IS 300h I am purchasing from a main dealer. It gives the model name thus: IS 300h Luxury Lhr-Elec Comp PNav I know the Lhr-Elec refer to the heated and ventilated electric leather seat upgrade and the PNav refers to Premium Navigation. But does anyone know what Comp refers to?
  10. Has anyone tried fitting the new centre console bolsters from the revised IS to a pre-facelift car? I'm about to buy an IS which has the plastic ones and I want to put the leather one on for a better feel. If the newer design ones fit over the older centre console I'd prefer to get them.