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  1. IS200 Clutch/flywheel advice

    Hello I am after some advice on a clutch/flywheel issue. I have owned my IS200 for a year now and despite the lack of power I really love it. I replaced a knackered clutch last year with a stage 1 Drivetorque clutch as I am planning to supercharge the car in the future. There is a bearing noise which goes away when clutch is depressed which I have been informed by Larkspeed is down to the main input shaft bearing in the gearbox. Before I fitted the clutch it was noisy but the new clutch solved this at first but it has now come back. The uprated clutch is heavier than the OE unit and it has sapped the power somewhat. I recently bought a lightened single mass flywheel from a mate's mate as it was offered to me cheap. I am unsure whether to fit this as the car is a daily driver. Basically I am wondering if it is worth putting a new clutch in if I fit the SMF flywheel and hope that cures the noise or keep the dual mass and just go back to a standard clutch? At worst if it is the gearbox I might as well save up and do all 3. Sorry its a read but I would really appreciate some advice from someone who knows their IS200 better than me JD