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  1. Usually after 10 days my car battery goes flat, is it safe to run a trickle charge to the car without disconnecting the battery ? I don't like disconnecting the battery because the start up procedure is a pain resetting everything, thanks Dave.
  2. Hello Peter, (Gliderpilot) I hope you are still towing them large Bailey caravans ? I have read your topic on towing, and one or two say the max nose weight is 80 kg, which I agree. But nobody says anything about going over the weight, apart from it will cause damage to your rear electric motor. My caravan tows like a pig with 80 kg, but with 90 kg it's spot on, getting to the point, Do I or Don't I ?, Surely these Lexus Rx400h's can handle 10 kg extra. Also I have my boot loaded to keep the weight out of the caravan ! I do use spring assistors, ( appologies for spelling ). Cheer's Peter, Regards Dave.
  3. Thanks, but I have had issues with the system working and not working, then it said something about double locking !!, Confused .com, Thanks again.
  4. Hello Folks, Can anyone explain to me In plain English please on how to Disarm the interior Alarm, found by the interior light cluster up by the rear view mirror, Sorry my explanations aren't up to much ! I have 2 Dogs and sometimes, only briefly I might add, I have to leave them in the car, but I don't know how to disarm the interior alarm, so I have to leave the car unlocked, Please could anyone explain to me how it works, Sando .
  5. Hiya Spacewagon 52, My Lexus RX400h, Towed like an absolute dream, I'm very Happy, averaged 26-28 mpg but with power on tap, Nose weight just below 75kg, Excellent.
  6. Hiya John and Hobbit, I have just bought a RX400h, (complete with towbar) and will be towing with this car for the first time in Easter, As I will pay extra special attention to the 80kg nose weight, but does it cause any issues with the weight piled up in the boot of the car, eg electric motor strains ?, because with less weight in the Caravan, (Bailey Burgundy by the way) I usually fill up the boot, Hope you are still caravaning, and still have a Lexus of some sort, Regard's Sando63. .
  7. Thanks Glover, I sure will keep using this site, I've spoke to a few people now, and they've been Brilliant
  8. Hiya Verbout, I tackled taking the mirror out, not so bad, took the wire connections off and plastered them with wd40, (other makes are available), then put it back together and it works fine, I saw some rubber joints and just peppered them with oil, Do you have to remove centre screw to get to cogs, or will it be ok like that, Finally is silicone spray better than wd40, I may try the jet wash at some stage if this starts to fail again, Thanks for your help, very much appreciated, Regard's sando63
  9. Hiya is200 Newbie, I have got a 400h, and the drivers mirror is just starting to fail when I put it into reverse, as for the cog cleaning exercise, I think I will probably break it rather than fix it, I've had a look on you tube but still a bit scary, is there any magic spray I can use, Regard's sando63 P.S the mirror works fine on the door switch.
  10. Hi, Katabrontes, Thank you for your reply, Regard's sando63.
  11. Thanks Bob, I will take a look, very much appreciated, Regards, Dave.
  12. Hiya, I have just bought my first Lexus RX 400h, unfortunately only 1 master key, how do I go about replacement without going to Lexus and getting charged a fortune, PS I'm a dinosaur at this so the smart key info by Keith left me confused, (Keith how do you fancy a lovely trip to Sunny Staffordshire :)) Regards, sando63.
  13. Hiya I have just purchased my very first Lexus RX 400h, Love it, it's a 58 plate, but there's an unfortunately bit, The fella who sold it to me can't find the spare key, Without going to Lexus and costing me a fortune, how can I go about getting a replacement, Can any of you lovely people help, Thanks.