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  1. Do it ! They are world's apart, if someone says '..well, it's only a IS200 with a few extras' NO IT IS NOT !! I drove a IS200 Sport for two years then changed to a IS300 and never regretted it. Have done 100k miles in it and not one fault with it or has never let me down. Also remember, there aren't many about.
  2. I agree, give the guy a break. I read a thread on the launch of the F-Sport and it goes... From March 2010 delivery, the IS 250 F-Sport will be launched to further enhance the existing IS series. Using styling cues developed from the IS-F, the new F-Sport derivative will offer a visually attractive product that will appeal to customers looking for a more dynamic package within the IS Series.
  3. That's great guys. Many thanks for your help :)
  4. No, not sorted yet. Still waiting for a picture, if you could post one that would be great! Thanks
  5. I'm looking to sell (trade in) mine soon. 04 plate, 90k miles, one owner from new (me), MINT/ORIGINAL Spec, Sat Nav, Sunroof, Full LEXUS service history, never been pranged (all original paintwork), etc etc. I have a gut feeling this would sell on the forecourt for between £7k to £8k What do you think???
  6. I hope the dealership remembers this when I trade my mine in shortly!
  7. Hi Ive got a problem with my fuel filler 'Flap' not the 'cap'. Could anyone take a picture and post it here please so I can compare parts. I need a photo with the flap wide open and a photo taken of the hinge area only please. Any help would be great Thanks
  8. So now we have TWO gaps in the market for Lexus !
  9. There currently appears to be a big gap in the engine range when choosing a 'new' Lexus. I currently own a IS300 and would like a replacement of the same power or a bit more, the IS 250 isn't (in my own opinion engine wise) as good as the IS300 and then there is a massive leap to a IS-F 5.0 engine or GS 450 H or RX 450 H. I would like to see petrol engines of say 3.5L or a twin turbo diesel 3.0L What are potential buyers supposed to choose, a BMW or Merc??? I think Lexus may also be loosing old IS & GS customers to Jaguar with their XF model.
  10. It's even worse in my automatic The car wants to go forwards all the time, makes controlling the car on ice difficult. When you skid in the automatic, you have to keep on the brakes, otherwise as soon as you lift off the engine cuts in and starts pushing you along again! Oh what fun!
  11. Yep! But you've only got to read through the IS250, IS220d forum and Jag are not alone with faults!
  12. It's a shame, they do look the Dog's DooDars in the showroom. The only doubt I originally had about it was the 'Pop-Up' bonnet system.
  13. Thanks for your help, any chance someone could post a picture of how it should look?
  14. I seem to have hit on a area that is an 'unknown'