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  1. Thanks a lot for fast answers. There is a difference in price I can get for 11000euros rx350 with 100000kms and rx400h with the same kms is way more expensive. The only thing is I saw many 400h with more than 300 or even 400k kms which to be honest amazed me and I haven't seen almost any of 350's above 240-250k. I don't need 4wd almost at all we have more than 300 sunny days a year 😀. I was looking for is250 but then realized that is way too small inside and having a big dog in the family I was pursued by "family members" to look for an SUV which I'm not a big fan of, but if needs to be an SUV I want to be Lexus (which would be my first lexus). The only thing that puts away from hybrid is as I said the dealer is far away and the hybrid will be a better option for me because I work in Gibraltar and live in Spain and often I get cought by enormous queues at the border
  2. Hello to everyone, as the title says I'm looking for rx. The only dilemma that I have is which one of these two to choose, so I need to ask few things especially about the hybrid model. 1. Does it really drinks a lot less petrol than 350? 2. How to properly maintain it because hybrid technology is new to me and do I need to take it to official dealer every time because I live in Spain and the closest lexus dealer is 60km away 3. Which one of these two is more reliable? 4. Is it a good choice to buy one with 170000kms or more 5. They have timing chain or belt? That's what I can think of for now I wanted first is250 but considering I'm 1.92m tall and have wife and daughter that car doesn't have enough space Thanks in advance
  3. Hello everyone AGAIN :) This guy is asking too much money because he wants my car which is alfa 156 2005 and 7000euros for this gs300 which also 2005 and thats too much. Now I'm also thinking about is250 is there any difference between these 2 cars in consumption especially in town and I hear that IS has little rear legroom and I'm very tall and I don't need a car that no one can sit behind me. Regards
  4. I found one with around 200000km on the clock looks very good and it's close to me but it's 2005 and have 1 year warranty the price is 9000euros what do you think? What are the symptoms of carbon build-up( besides rough idle) that I can see on first look? Thanks agaon everyone for help I really like the car but the fear is also high if something big goes wrong
  5. Thanks everyone, I've already read those articles on honestjohn I just want to know if anyone had a problem with carbon build up here or it's an issue only in US because of fuel quality because I will most likely go for GS300 because of high price of GS450h and high mileage and with that price I can buy GS300 with far less km on it but I don't want to pay almost 10000euros for car and then pay mechanic almost the same amount
  6. Still not found one in good shape now I'm also looking for gs450h and I would like to ask is gs300 oil consumption problem was related only to US market or also for Europe because I found many posts related to US market. Which is better to buy gs300 or gs450h which is more expensive to buy and batteries is surely very expensive to repair? Thanks for help Best Regards Daniel
  7. Hello everyone, My name is Daniel and I'm from Montenegro. I'm looking to buy Lexus gs300 3rd generation but I can't find useful information about it in my country so guys if you can help me. I want to ask owners of this car to tell me is it really reliable as I heard and are there any big problems with this car. And if you can tell me average fuel consumption because I've read on this forum some really good figures and it's hard to believe that petrol engine with so much power can be economical. I've previously had bmw 530d and 320d and always drove diesels but this newer ones I don't like because of DPF filters and other expensive parts. I'm moving to Spain and I need to buy a car and has to be big car. I found two that I like one has 159000km on clock and other 205000km but both have 1 year guarantee. Thank you in advance Best Regards