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  1. Had a good listen to yours, I'll let my car sit for a while before I try again and compare to yours. Your car seems to be idling at higher revs than mine even when cold but I'll double check. I can SLIGHTLY hear the knocking sound I can hear in my car however in yours - its very very subtle and quiet. The noise I'm referring to is definitely more noticeable when the car is at low revs, for example - I can hear a difference when shifting in gear from Park etc. Thanks for the video - definitely helps! Will let you know how yours compares to mine cold since its the same year model etc
  2. Heres a better and longer video, hopefully you guys can make out the noise I'm referring too. It seems to be coming from the top right hand side of the engine when facing it from the front. Again, a bit difficult to hear but the engine sounds louder inside the car than it did before. I'm sure if I bring it to Lexus they'll just say "it sounds normal"
  3. Did as you guys said, oil levels seem okay It had a major service - which means they drain the engine and refill (I'm assuming with the same oil?) So my first guess is that it would be using the same oil as before. But as you guys said, I can definitely hear the engine inside now - definitely sounds louder but whether this is a cause for concern? Will try to get a longer video later and maybe try to put the phone right up against where I think the noise is coming from
  4. Maybe I'm just imagining things then, will check the oil as thats the only thing people recommended. Its also under warranty so if anything goes wrong, should be covered
  5. Will check later, I did not sound like that before the service no. It also didn't sound like that after the service - I just noticed it last night :/ Haha - will do once i step out
  6. well its just been serviced and no engine lights on at all so I'm assuming oil is okay
  7. So I'm not sure whether I've gained extra sensitive ears all of the sudden but I've started to notice a strange, very subtle, knocking noise when the engine is on idle. The injectors overpower the noise by quite a bit but its still audible, even more so inside the car as it seems to be closer to the dash inside. Can anyone listen and let me know if this is out of the ordinary? thanks