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  1. After a nice run in the sun today 😀
  2. Good work Sean. Had a quick run last night up to Castle Combe in mine. Love the sound especially with the roof and windows open, gear changes are great. Roll on the warmer weather
  3. Excellent. Amazing road, looks great fun 😀
  4. That looks amazing guys. Where is that road?
  5. Agree with @Big Rat, I start up and if it’s early or I’m minded about the noise, I put the car straight in to drive and the sound becomes a deep rumble. It’s a fantastic exhaust, I certainly wouldnt go back to the OEM. Lots of great comments the weekend when driving 😀
  6. I agree, the car sounds stunning. So glad i did it
  7. Completely agree with you @Big Rat. Lexus Cheltenham went out of their way to help us today, fantastic service and fantastic people. The exhaust is also incredible. Nice when just cruising along but touch the throttle and woooooohoooo :-)
  8. Agreed on both counts. Looking forward to having a bit more rumble :-)
  9. I guess as you say, watch this space over the next year and see. Having been looking for an RCF since last summer and just traded in the ISF against one just over a month ago, I would say that some RCF's are arriving at dealers and selling almost instantly, very true of the blues but then I am biased :-) Others are staying which I think is largely down to spec and colour choice (obvious thing to say maybe).
  10. Stuart, I had a discussion with somebody from Lexus sales last week that implied that at the moment they are seeing ISF prices (granted condition, colour, mileage etc all a big part) rising by about £500 a year. Seems this gap tool they use has a 18 month look ahead on it so when they take a car in they have a view for the future. Don't know about the RCF price wise, but I do know that I love it. What a car :-)
  11. @Flytvr I guess it’s early days but so far sales have been very obliging.
  12. I have been very pleased with the service I have received from Lexus Swindon. Rob has been excellent. Highly recommended :-)