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  1. Great video. That is one awesome ISF @Peter P18 😀
  2. Looking good Paul @Big Rat. I don’t need to worry about brake dust on mine as i still cant get out of the garage to drive anywhere 😫. Think I will have a complete sense of humour failure if I cant take her to Goodwood on Saturday. Going there is the CMAX just isn’t going to be the same 😳
  3. @Comedian That would be good Sean, last year i went round the supercar car park where people pay £200 to park their cars for the day. Some fantastic motors 🙂
  4. @DAW Hope you have a good one. I agree its a great even, its a lot to try and see in a day. Its where I first saw the RCF a few years ago 🙂
  5. Yes @Flytvr very true. Last few years i have left at 6 and been in there by 9 but that was a Sunday granted.
  6. @Big Rat Hope you have a good one on the Thursday Paul. I’m going with my son Dan and both really looking forward to it. It’s always a great day out 👍
  7. Hi all, anybody going to the Festival of Speed this year? I've got tickets to go on the Saturday.
  8. Never thought of that @Flytvr. Will have to give it a try 🙂
  9. Look forward to seeing that @Big Rat. My car is trapped in the garage currently as the drive is being done and due to the lovely weather, they cant pour the concrete so i cant get it out due to the clearence required at the gates. Ahhhhhhhh 🤪
  10. @Big Rat, what I've just realised is that it was that Dan's 6th Birthday and he is 15 in August 😮
  11. Please excuse the shirt, but it was a great day
  12. I always wanted a 69 Charger 440RT. Hired one for my sons birthday a few years ago now. What a noise and what a size 😀
  13. I can make this one - woohoo 😀
  14. @Flytvr I would be interested in protecting my RCF with ngenco. Where did you get this done? I note that there is a place in Bristol that do it but would welcome any recommendations. Front of my RCF is still in good shape, there is a couple of tiny chips but you have to go looking for them so now would be the obvious time to protect it.