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  1. Fantastic car and looks amazing. Would be keen to know more about your paint correction and coating. May do this for my RCF 🙂
  2. I would say that i am a mixture of there two. Always keen to read what is going on but i don't always feel that i have much to contrbute as a new thread as such. On that note, I had somebody (or maybe two people) spit at me when driving the RCF the other day. I say two people as what landed on the drivers door and window couldn't have come from one person. Hey ho, at least it just washed off 😮. Thats the first time i have had anything negative happen.
  3. Looks fab guys. Going to Andorra would be awesome, the mountain roads are amazing albeit completely covered in snow when we have been.
  4. Congratulations Dan 😀 My son is 15 now and don't know where the time has gone. Enjoy it all 😀
  5. Guys, just out of curiosity, how much is this 10th Anniversary RCF?
  6. Oh really. She is a great car 😀
  7. Cezar, i was thinking the same thing with my car after seeing the 10th anniversary RCF at Goodwood
  8. Looking good Paul 😀 @Big Rat
  9. Good spot @Big Rat. Wow that was quick, I loved that car.
  10. Sorry guys, busy this weekend. Real shame as would have like to have done this one with you. Are you heading over that fantastic mountain road?
  11. After not having a sunroof on the ISF, it was a definite on my requirements list for the RCF when changing. I agree its a personal thing but I love the extra light and I can hear a little bit more of the Quicksilver exhaust 😀
  12. Thanks Dan @NothernDan. Look forward to that 🙂
  13. Some time ago, before i had my ISF, a good friend of mine very kindly lent me his CLS63, which was the 6.2 V8 and it was epic. The noise and the experience was fab and i looked at one seriously before i bought the ISF. I understood that the ownership costs were significantly higher than the Lexus which put me off but it was a lovely car.