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  1. Saturday for me. Can’t do the Sunday unfortunately due to a family members birthday.
  2. Congratulations David, she looks fab. I’m loving my RCF and i’ll second the thanks for @Big Rat as well. Very much appreciated 😀👍
  3. I’m booked in for morning of the 21st. Anybody noticed any difference since having it done?
  4. Guys, I loved my ISF and wouldn't have wanted to part with it without the change being for the right car. As you will know I nearly bought an RCF last October but thanks to much help on here a bad decision was avoided. I have been looking ever since, so when the RCF with the correct spec, mileage and history came up, I went to the dealer and a deal was done. In my opinion they gave me a very good price for mine. Like @Big Rat said, i don't think i would have got that privately and I only parted with the ISF secure in the knowledge that the deal for the RCF was done.
  5. I was the same as @Flytvr, I wanted TVD due to only reading good things. I’ve only had the car for two weeks and the snow has limited me using it this weekend. I have used it with the TVD power disribution screen and it seems to be doing the right thing. It certainly corners much tighter than my ISF did, like it’s on rails. Can’t be sure that this is due to the TVD or just RCF in general though.
  6. @Mark G, my ISF had DAB so pretty sure yours will have as it was a newer one than mine.
  7. @Big Rat It worked OK on an iMac Paul. Haven't tried it on my iPhone though.
  8. @Warrington guyVery nice Dave :-)
  9. Just had a coat of Swissvax :-)
  10. So far always used super in ISF and RCF. I seem to recall the dealer telling my that super was not needed in the ISF but i don't do massive miles and like @NemesisUK thought the additives would help the engine clean.
  11. @Big Rat, I would be interested as well. I had the ISF exhaust done at Infinity Exhausts as did @Mark G and was very pleased. No doubt I will get the RCF done as it will need a little more rumble 😀.
  12. Cheers Sean, love the blue. IS-F was blue as well 👍
  13. Cheers Ratty. We had a great time thank you and very much looking forward to getting the car on Monday 😀
  14. Hi Guys, after much help and valued input from @Big Rat, I’m picking up my RCF on Monday so will let you know what comments I hear once I’ve got her. Really looking forward to getting the RCF but also very sad to part with the ISF. Just cleaned her for the final run to the garage on Monday morning, will make sure its a good one. It is of course blue @Mark G 😀
  15. Congratulations @Big Rat. Stunning car. Look forward to seeing her at some point 😀