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  1. Well went down to the garage this morning armed with 2 sets of jump leads however at each lead being only approximately only 5ft long. With the car shoe horned into the garage nose in, I proceeded to make an extension jumper made of heavy duty electrical cable to bridge the distance between the 2 sets of jump leads ( a bit Heath Robinson) however with the snow falling I couldn't be bothered making my way to shop for another set of leads. Followed all advice given on forum and good news, success, car now out garage and gave it a good run this afternoon. Many thanks to all members who contributed good advice.
  2. You mentioned a 4 year G'tee Bosch battery, where is the best place to buy battery, most batteries appear to have only 3 year G'tee.
  3. Wife went to take car out of the garage tonight, could not get into car. Came back to get my keys thinking battery in remote flat, still no joy with my set, she tried boot lid and it opened, she thinks it has been left slightly open since last weekend when we last used car. I got into the car using manual key. When tried to start, got absolutely nothing. Never had flat battery with any car before. Do you think the light in the boot being on all week would flatten the battery?. Have jump leads however not long enough as car is nose in . Will see if I can get a loan of another set tomorrow. Any advice regarding starting with jump leads.
  4. Very tidy looking car and really low mileage, think you struck gold with this one. I will be interested to hear after you fit new boot gas struts does it make much of a difference as my boot lid has always seemed quite stiff compared to other cars I've had and I just put it down to the short depth of the boot lid. Hope the car turns out to be all you're looking for, it certainly looks the business, all the best.
  5. Can buy Castrol Edge at £24.50 for 4L, has anyone had experience of this oil. Is it worth a punt or is it false economy.
  6. Hi John Thanks for the response, regarding filter removal tool, I notice some are shown with 3 cut-outs on each side and others have 3 cut-outs on one side and only one cut out on the other side. Is this just down to the manufacturer or is one the correct tool for the IS250, contacted Lexus and they cannot supply tool or advise on a particular supplier. Many of the tools on eBay are originating from China and although they are probably OK, I think I would prefer British or American made tools. Is the tool shown in the link you supplied the one you use. I always like buying something other people have had success with.
  7. Thanks for clearing that up, before posting my previous comment I had watched a you tube on a oil filter change of a GS and the oil filter housing was the same as my IS , must have been a later model. Confusion solved!
  8. Hi TigerFish I'm a bit confused regarding K&N oil filter, have you done away with the the Toyota filter housing cap and replaced it with a steel canister type filter that incorporates a bolt for easy removal.
  9. Yes its definitely a bummer having to go under the car to change oil filter, when other cars can all be done from above, however I'm still tempted to use suction method as it is a lot cleaner and less bother and I reckon it removes at least the same if not more of the old oil. Any views on which oil filter housing removal tool to buy, seems a lot to choose from at varying prices. Any experienced members still use original Toyota oil filter and Toyota genuine motor oil, or is there a better alternative on the market. Using car only once a week, 2000 miles a year, will I still need to change fully synthetic every 12 months or should I go by mileage.
  10. Having used a Pela pump for many years on my previous car with great success I have been interested on this topic regarding power operated pumps. Has anyone on the site ever used a drill operated pump to extract oil from sump, as I have used a Wolfcraft pump on various occasions to pump water and it is very good. Using the hoses on the Pela pump in conjunction with the Wolfcraft drill operated pump, I'm pretty sure I could drain 7 litres of oil in a matter of minutes. Any thoughts or potential issues I may not have thought of.
  11. Haven't used 12 volt pump however when changing oil in my previous Mercedes always used a vacuum pump to change oil, worked a treat and because oil filter was accessible from top ( engine compartment ). No messing about getting the car on ramps or trying to crawl under car. I wish the Lexus oil filter was accessible from top as this method makes the job so easy and no mess.
  12. Depending on the year and mileage of car, remember Lexus recommend changing plugs at 60k or 6 years, I would go on the mileage rather than the years, plugs are not wearing when the car is not running. Lexus recommends that the same car in America to change the plugs at 100k miles and lets face it , the Americans know their cars, so don't get hung up on the job, the car will soon let you know when the plugs require changing.
  13. Hi Matt As John said average MPG is OK for a car with this size of engine, I drove from Glasgow too Bispham (200 miles) last week and averaged 40MPG, and lets just say I cannot put on print the speed I was travelling at, needless to say I'm happy with this MPG. To and from locally to the shops , don't expect anything like this however mid twenties is again OK to travel in comfort. When checking over car, take out dip stick, oil should be nice and clean, if its black, either not well maintained or something amiss. My oil has been is for over a year ( only 4000 miles done) and it is as clean as the day it was changed. Will be replacing with fresh oil soon. In my experience it is one of the cleanest engines I've had, in my previous car, Mercedes, oil was always black at oil change and the same mileage done. Hope you find a good one.
  14. Thanks Texas, regarding one time use as recommended by Toyota (they probably assume strip down only on pad or disc replacement) however if you are re-greasing slide pins on a regular basis you would never be away from parts department!! I will get a bottle of thread locker. Thanks for quick response.