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  1. So today I went out to record some roundabout action and I thought it would make for a cool thread! Post your burnouts, slides, drifts, diffins whatever with your IS200 / IS300 here! Here's mine: Completely stock engine and open diff :) I have an LSD but i haven't installed it yet.
  2. Weatherproof top cover.

    I need this too, mine is snapped :(
  3. Post your duggets :D

    Not sure. I heard it from monkylondon on youtube
  4. Post your duggets :D

    Yea I just got out from the mental institution :D And no one is gonna wanna post their duggets after all this drama lol
  5. Post your duggets :D

    That's not the reaction I had expected lol. From my point of view it's just a harmless little slide in the rain. I was well within the speed limits and my brakes are still operational. I don't see a problem really. The only way I could see this go wrong is if the other cars ignore my right of way and cut me off. That said I usually pick low traffic times and situations.
  6. ECU pinout required.

    That's awesome! I have a weird question now. Does anyone know if chaser GX100 vvti have the same ECU as IS200? The engine looks almost identical with the exception of analog throttlebody. It would be awesome if the IS ecu could support it.
  7. IS200 1G-FE Engine map

    Try to find another i6 with same displacement and compression and with coil packs. Should work right? But you probably need to ditch the ETCSi throttle body first.
  8. they basically sit like this: They move the lower control arm further down for better steering/suspension geometry (no bump steer and stuff), and increase the camber by pushing the bottom out. They are listed for GS300 but I'm fairly sure they will fit lol. Because the balljoint and spindle are the same between the two cars. Oo what'd you have in mind? I'd love to somehow get rid of the ETCSi system. I don't know of anyone who did it successfully yet tho.
  9. Camber boiz incoming! Can't wait to install these badboys
  10. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    I thought it said "no compression" first lmao
  11. IS200 Turbo

    Manifold for 350 pounds? Have I missed something? Give me a link to dis.
  12. Weird question, I know. So I wanna get roll center adjusters for the IS200, but I want to get some nego camber in the process. There are rollcenters adjusters for the GS300 which essentially do exactly what I want. (Image) It states however that it's specifically designed for GS300, but honestly I can't see much difference between the GS300 and IS200 knuckles. There is a risk of course that the holes are spaced differently. I don't expect anyone to know this but I'm just throwing this out there just in case! Cheers Essentially what I'm asking is: Is the GS300 front lower balljoint / steering knuckle interchangeable with is200/300? Alternatively, anyone know of a reasonably priced (under 150 pounds) RCA with camber increase?
  13. Alright I found some parts diagrams. Looks like the spindle and lower balljoint/knuckle is in fact the same on IS200 and GS300 43211/43212 for the spindles and 43330K/43340A for the balljoints/knuckles. I might make myself the lab rat for this lol
  14. Not done today, but recently. Fitted my front new front wheels :)
  15. IS200 Airbag Removal & Part 1 of Steering Wheel Removal

    To everyone who has problems getting the torx bolts out. Here's the secret trick to how to do it. They are being pushed in by the plastic casing so it's just a matter of prying the plastic out so the bolts can fall out of the bracket.
  16. IS 200

    That's odd. The IS200 usually throws an EML at the slightest touch of the motor.
  17. A few days ago I installed a Cusco spin turn knob / drift button. And I wrote a little guide on how to do it over in the tutorial section! And I also tried out my new suction cup action cam mount. It works REALLY good and I can place the camera in pretty much any angle I want anywhere on the car. Sadly the built in microphone in this action cam is TRASH so I've ordered a cheap go pro micro usb mic which I'm hoping is compatible!
  18. So here is a little guide on how to install a Cusco spin turn knob in an IS200 / IS300 / Altezza. Disclaimer: The part doesn't fit straight on and needs a tiny bit of modification. If you're not familiar with what a spin turn knob is, then perhaps this mod is not for you. But otherwise, just google it. Items required: A Cusco spin turn knob for Toyota/Mitsubishi/Mazda preferably a silver one since you have to shave it down anyway. Pliers Round file Sand paper 120-240 grit Drill A short M5 rod or bolt with the head cut off (can be found on a normal skateboard) An M5 nut (can be found on a normal skateboard) Step 1 Remove the handbrake boot This part is quite easy. You just grab the handbrake boot and pull straight up. The clips should detach and the bracket should slide out vertically from the center console. Remove it completely by sliding it all the way over the handbrake handle and putting it to the side so it's not in the way. The reason why you want to do this first is so you can access the latch down by the bottom of the handbrake later for your own ease. You can however get away with skipping this step if you're real lazy. Step 2 Remove the handbrake button This part is a little bit more intimidating. In theory it's as simple as unscrewing the button counter clockwise as it's threaded into the handbrake latch rod, But it's also under spring tension, and to make things worse they added a spring seat. So you will find that it binds up and turns back if you turn it by hand, which means you need to force it. So what you do is, you grab a hold of it with the pliers and keep turning it. You will feel how the spring pops out of the seat repeatedly as you unscrew it further and further. This is good, it means you're making progress. Keep in mind that it helps to pull the handbrake as far up as possible. This won't add any extra tension to the handbrake button spring. Step 3 Extract the spring Once the handbrake button is removed, the next step is to take out the spring. You simply grab a hold of it with the pliers or peel it out with some other small tool. Step 4 Prep the Spin Turn Knob for installation Okay, so like I said in the disclaimer, the Cusco Spin Turn Knob is unfortunately about a millimeter too large in diameter to slide into the handbrake so you have to shave it down. The most effective method of doing this is to screw the handbrake button onto a small M5 rod or bolt with a cut off head and securing it with a nut. Then simply attach the rod in the chuck of your drill. Run the drill clockwise as this will prevent the spin turn knob from loosening up. And as it spins you will essentially lathe off material using a round file. Keep shaving that bad boy down until you hit roughly the same diameter as the factory handbrake button and then you wanna hit it with some finer grit sandpaper. First the 120 and then the 240. It helps to roll the sandpaper around some round item to give better control over it. Step 5 Installation Now that you've successfully modified your spin turn knob to fit, it's as simple as threading it onto the latch rod in your handbrake lever. If you find that the latch rod accidentally gets pushed into handbrake lever, you can push it back out by pressing the actual latch down by the latch gear and it will come back out again. Step 6 Reinstall the shift boot Simply slide the shift boot back over the handbrake lever and slide the bracket vertically into the center console until it clicks into place. Congratulations! You have now installed your spin turn knob.
  19. Hey everyone! So I'm having some problems with my stereo system. It's an OEM head unit and I run a cassette adapter to my phone. It's very hard to analyse this problem because I don't know when it happens or what causes it but the sound cuts out sporadically with irregular reoccurance. At first I thought it was the cassette adapter that jammed up and made it rewind but it still cuts out on radio, so that's ruled out. Next I pulled the head unit out to find a birds nest of splice mess. The car had a hands free phone system installed at some point, so I cut all that crud out and matched up the wires again. Problem persists. I read somewhere that the "AF" mode could be the culprit so I experimented with that, and at first it seemed to have solved it but then it came back again. Like I said, the problem occurs sporadically and irregularly. Sometimes I can listen to a whole song fine, and other times it cuts out once every second. A precursor to this problem was that the speakers would pop and crackle upon initial start up, and the problem would later settle down until the car was left over night. That problem seems to have gone away though. The car is an IS200 Sounds familiar to anyone? Is the head unit toast? Help is much appreciated!
  20. I don't think such a gadget would solve any of my problems and gadgets isn't for me unfortunately. I think it makes the interior look bloated. I rather just spend the money on a new stereo then. Thanks for your input though! I think I've narrowed down the problem to heat. On cold days it works fine for a while and it starts getting choppy after a certain time. On hot days it's choppy of the get go. Probably the stereo ready for the bin?
  21. Rebuilding an is200 or altezza

    Oooh I see, my bad :)
  22. Rebuilding an is200 or altezza

    This is the IS200 section... I love that everyone post IS220D stuff on here and no one bats an eye. But then someone actually posts about IS200 and gets told off lol
  23. IS200 Turbo

    No problems. Also, I'd just like to say that I didn't mean to discourage you or anything. With the right ambitions you certainly could do it. Another word of warning though. You say you don't wanna spend 2300 pounds, and I totally get that. But just beware that something like this can kinda run away from you in terms of budget. You can do it cheap but its hard to estimate how cheap that is. So just beware of stuff like this, it will probably end up more expensive than you anticipate. <- here is the build thread with the 2jz-gte manifold.
  24. IS200 Turbo

    To answer your question, yes you can source your own parts and turbo an IS200 without buying the £2300 kit. But since you have to ask that question, don't take this the wrong way, perhaps you need to ask yourself if you're up to the task. It takes a bit of know-how and dedication to get this done. I've not turboed an IS200 myself but I'm doing research by checking out other peoples builds and I guess I can give you some advice. First of all, I would like to point out that the manifold is definitely the nugget of the turbo kit. A civic turbo kit is about half the cost, with pretty much the same stuff with the exception of the manifold and downpipe. The reason the Civic kit is cheaper is that it's a way more common car to turbocharge and so the manifolds are a lot cheaper. The 1G-FE on the other hand is a very rare motor to turbocharge, so obviously the manifold is going to be a lot more expensive. Luckily it turns out that the way more common 2JZ-GTE manifold doesn't fit at all, but the runners line up pretty good with the flange of a 1G-FE manifold. So the cheapest method is to get yourself a 2jz-gte manifold, chop the flange of and weld on a 1G-FE flange (with TIG and backpurge). Or have a custom log style manifold made up. So let's assume you've got the turbo on. The next roadblock is the ECU which unfortunately is tied into like every system on the car. So it's a pretty involved car to modify in any way, just based on the electrics. A piggyback ECU is the easiest option here. And finally the internals are designed for low torque output, so the rods are as shaved down as they can be.
  25. DEEP Dent Advice

    What royt said. And also try to hammer it back towards the trunk so the trunk gap is good. Remove the tail light and try to work out how its kinked. Hard to get it perfect but you can improve it alot.