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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I am still loving the car, although finding the motivation to work on her is not happening at the moment lol. I have had the track rod end replaced and the tracking and alignment done now so that is one thing off the list. Still got steering shake over 50mph but I am thinking that is the front calliper binding a bit with the slider pin being dead. I have some new sliders and pins on the way. Hopefully will be doing the rear brakes if the rain/snow holds off this weekend. @bobmc I am around boro quite a bit as the mrs is doing her masters there so may see you around.
  2. Hi guys and gals. Just thought I'd say hi. I am new to the world of Lexus but totally loving it so far. Had my IS200 Sport for 2 weeks now and although she has a few issues there's nothing I cant try and fix lol. Got full new rear brake setup to put on this weekend, just had the front outer track rods replaced as the ball joints were total'd! Also need to replace front brake carriers at the end of the month as one of my slider pins are totally siezed in. Here are a few pics after her first good clean!