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  1. Excellent news, I hope you enjoy the new car, not too long to wait either. I can't wait to see the pics!
  2. Hi All, I was speaking to my dad the other day, and he mentioned that his neighbors son's car was stolen at home using his key signature. I have seen video's of this before but didn't think it was a regular occurrence. Bit of a long shot, but is anyone here aware if Lexus encrypt the keys? If not I will need to look into purchasing a signal blocker...
  3. I have't noticed anything, I will have to check when I get home tonight. My wife and I both wear rings too so, it would scrape against it when shifting to reverse / drive.
  4. Hey all, I wanted to give an update. I got the smart repair guys to fix the damage and they did an amazing job. You really have to look closely, in order to see that some damage was present. See the pics attached. I am so glad that I paid for that as an option, when I bought the car it's well worth it.
  5. I can live with it, it's not too bad looking now. Especially with all the rain hitting it over the past week or so that has helped with the damage to it. Ideally I would like to replace it to get it pristine once again, but it's a cost that I think would not benefit me at the end of the PCP term in all honestly.
  6. I have heard nothing back from the gym, so I guess it's fruitless and I will not get any information about the incident or who did it. Using the Meguiars I have got off most of the scratched paint marks, so hopefully a few more applications and it will all be removed. I have made a claim to smart insurance. Hopefully they can fix the actual damage to my vehicle so fingers crossed there.
  7. I do hope that karma hits this imbecile very hard.... I asked my wife to speak to the manager at the gym. The gym took our car details and said that they would be in contact if they are able to assist. I presume this will amount to nothing due to what you both have stated above, but there is no harm in asking. I have also asked the wife not to use the car park going forward, even if she is late for a PT session or for the kids evening classes. As it's just not worth the risk. After doing a bit of surveillance, there are two cameras in the car park. One not covering the angle where she was parked. The other may capture it depending on the viewpoint but its very unlikely... I attempted to rectify the issue over easter weekend to no avail.. So I am going to hit YouTube and figure out if I am missing something. I have in the mean time raised it with smart insurance to see what they come back with I have nothing to lose. The worst they can do is say no they will not attempt to repair my vehicle.
  8. I did some research last night and from a few reviews "Meguiars ultimate compound" came out on top and leaves the best finish apparently without a need for a top up. So I have ordered this, and will polish it on Friday and will then proceed with the smart cover claim. Do you have any idea how much it'll cost to change the plastics? Good point about the CCTV footage, if the plates will be blurred out it'll be a lost cause as I will be unable to find the culprit. @Dan that is just typical that the vehicle was parked in a blind spot.
  9. Thanks Colin and as13. Times like these really make me consider getting Lexus to install a dash cam. Especially as I have a PCP deal, this will de-value the vehicle at the end of the term. I will purchase some polish tomorrow, and a new cloth to get the white out as recommended. Then I'll proceed with the smart cover claim for the two main blemishes.
  10. Hey all, En route home from work. My wife has sent me a message that someone has damaged the side of my NX. Looks like the punk, has driven into the vehicle whilst parked and scraped it when parking. I am obviously furious that this has happened. My wife has only just noticed it so the damage could have been done whilst at the nursery or gym. Do you know if legally I can request cctv footage of the gym cameras? If there are any present in the car park? Or is this not possible due to data protection? When a similar issue happened to my Honda the police wouldn't obtain the footage from a main road. So i had to claim £2177 worth of damage on my insurance, and only this year the 3 year period has expired so I no longer need to list this on new quotes. Secondly I have smart cover but due to the extent of this damage I'm sure it will not be covered. Which will mean now I have to pay a hefty bill to fix someone's incompetence who doesn't have an ounce of decency to own up to their mistakes... Thanks in advance.
  11. I did ask why has this gone so early, as I have only driven 5k miles since June. The lady said that they can go at any time... Which is why it is covered under warranty. I am more in line with Rayaans surely it is a defective part, but as it's covered I decided not to argue.
  12. I got my car back from Lexus today, I was told that the top mount suspension has gone, hence me hearing the groaning. They are ordering the part and will fit and replace for free due to being under warranty.
  13. I can understand that, after having issues with two Mark V VW Golf's (1.9 TDI & 2.0 GT Diesel) I will never return to Golf. Hopefully Lexus is able to bring you back to the brand with future vehicles in the future.