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  1. Groaning suspension

    I did ask why has this gone so early, as I have only driven 5k miles since June. The lady said that they can go at any time... Which is why it is covered under warranty. I am more in line with Rayaans surely it is a defective part, but as it's covered I decided not to argue.
  2. Groaning suspension

    Yes, you got it in one!
  3. Groaning suspension

    I got my car back from Lexus today, I was told that the top mount suspension has gone, hence me hearing the groaning. They are ordering the part and will fit and replace for free due to being under warranty.
  4. Groaning suspension

    I can understand that, after having issues with two Mark V VW Golf's (1.9 TDI & 2.0 GT Diesel) I will never return to Golf. Hopefully Lexus is able to bring you back to the brand with future vehicles in the future.
  5. Groaning suspension

    Wow... That is shocking to see that it passed all the safety checks to get passed onto a customer. I am glad that your car is now fixed, but surely that experience has tainted your views I know it would for me. I have booked my car in to get looked at next Thursday. To get the hill break, and the suspension looked into.
  6. Side Protectors

    I have the smart cover on mine, is it an easy process to make claims. I wanted to get a dink touched up on my door. But reading through the fine print it seemed like they would have classed it as something not covered under the cover.
  7. Groaning suspension

    I'm unaware of your other issues Ed, but have you spotted the following: Sporadically on hills the cars assisted hill break does not come into effect. Causing the vehicle to occasionally roll back? This may not be an issue, may be related to the hybrid battery. But when parked and the engine is silent, without pressing the accelerator or moving to drive the car kicks in with full engine roar?
  8. Groaning suspension

    Yeah exactly, if we are seeing it in the first year. Who's to say it will not return outside of warranty and likely cost us a bomb to fix...
  9. Extra service items

    This is good to know for when my first service crops up...
  10. Groaning suspension

    Hey Ed, I too noticed this when driving yesterday. I have not had the car for a year yet... I hear it more on the front right hand side going over small or large speed bumps its frustrating to say the least... I am glad to hear it's a simple fix by why is it happening after not even a year of being on the road? I have done 5.5k miles since I bought it in June last year.
  11. Lexus Nx True Mpg

    My MPG has reduced since the summer, now I am down to 37MPG. I live in London and have done approx 3k miles since June this year. I am also shocked to hear how some are achieving such high MPG, unless you drive around in ECO mode at all times, and ensure you don't ever push the throttle indicator past ECO.
  12. New owner questions

    Good point, it was slightly frustrating at first. But now as I know the dimensions of the car I am used to it, and careful regardless whilst parking or getting out of tight spaces. I bought mine in Lexus Croydon and they fitted the sensors before I collected the vehicle. But it is good to know how each dealer works and the different parts used.
  13. New owner questions

    It's a slight lag for example, yesterday I drove into a parking slot in Tesco. I got out and locked the car parking sensor didn't go off at all whilst parking. Upon re entering the vehicle, the sensor was beeping to indicate I was close to the bushes in front. Strange that you haven't noticed any lag I wonder if it's a fault upon installation?
  14. First couple of months I was getting around 41-2 MPG, but now it has lowered slightly to 39.2. This is living in London. Mud is not an issue her.
  15. NX Three likes/dislikes

    I have had my car since June now here are my likes and dislikes. Like's: Adaptive cruise control, makes motorway driving so sweet How quiet the engine is especially on EV mode The automatic hill parking break is amazing Reverse Camera Bluetooth Radio and automatic phone contact sync Dislikes: Annoying sound upon breaking EV mode turning off due to accelerating too fast