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  1. I am an avid follower of Honest John and I have always used Shell V Power from new. As a low mileage driver the extra cost is is nothing to bother about. I keep a record of all my fill ups and the car has averaged 55.3 MPG over 4000 miles.
  2. I don't like the Sat Nav so I have installed a Tom Tom which is far easier to use and I find the ride a little bit harsh even on 17 inch wheels. I will change to Michelin Cross Climate tyres next year. On the plus side it goes around corners as it it's on rails and grips like a demented dentist.
  3. Correct Stevet . It was a typo, the 350h is the petrol version.
  4. The C300h has a 2000cc turbo petrol engine running on the Otto Cycle compared to the Lexus IS 300h non turbo running on the Atkinson Cycle which has a higher efficiency giving a better MPG.
  5. Rear Tyre for IS250 - 2012

    A little bit off topic but last month I fitted Michelin Cross Climate tyres to my wifes Toyota. Yesterday I was stopped at traffic lights in the outside lane with a car stopped on my inside. The lights changed and we both moved off together. A car shot across from the left and I did an emergency stop avoiding an accident with 2 yards to spare. The car on my inside didn't/couldn't stop and hit the car. Was it my quicker reaction time or was it the tyres? I will never know. The road surface was very wet and greasy but my car did an emergency stop with no drama and I am now a big fan of Michelin Cross Climate They will be my choice when the Lexus needs new tyres.
  6. IS300h car batery

    I used the same Ctek charger connected for three and a half months while I spent the winter in Thailand and had no starting problems on my return.
  7. Yes, my maintenance charger is also a Ctek. I think they are one of the best on the market.
  8. Last October I picked a dry day, ran the car into the garage, connected a maintenance battery charger to the 12 volt connection under the bonnet, left the car unlocked with the hand brake off, nailed the garage door shut and went Back Packing to South East Asia for 14 weeks. On my return yesterday I restarted the car and ran it for 30 miles. No drama no problems. I was as if I had never been away, I was quite impressed.
  9. New Owner - Just a Hi!

    Welcome to the Forum Andrew. I'm looking forward to some of your posts. Steve.
  10. If you try Ebay " Lexus rear bumper protector " you will find stainless steel ones for the IS cost about £36.
  11. Phil. A brilliant and honest post which sums up the the reasons why most drivers love the IS. I can never understand why the Motoring Press constantly voice there dislike for the E-CVT transmission. Its's one of the best things about the car. In every day driving it beats all other gear boxes hands down.
  12. I leave mine in ECO all the time except up/down steep hills when I use sports mode for the rev counter and paddle shifts. Also sports mode for a quick pass. I did a proper fuelly over the last 1000 miles and averaged 57.5 MPG so it works for me.
  13. IS Three likes/dislikes

    Likes. 1. Handling. Better than my last Mercedes and BMW 2. Refinement.CVT gearbox is a peach 3. Fuel consumption. Never less than 55 MPG on a full tank to tank Dislikes. 1 Sat Nav Bloody awful so use my old TomTom 2 Servicing costs expensive 3 No local dealer
  14. Try It's a mine of information for anything to do with cars and is independent, unlike most of the German owned car Mags. John Cadogan of His youtube video's are brilliant.
  15. Battery Range

    Hybrid MPG is very dependant on your driving style and profile. I do very little motorway running or short runs and I have averaged a measured 55 MPG over 2000 miles. I use EV mode for car parks ECO for town driving. Normal for out of town and Sports for quick passing and hills. The on board computer often shows 60 MPG plus but only after about 10 miles into my trip so it's not that good for short runs but better than my last petrol only car, a Merc C Class which would return less than 40 MPG under any conditions.
  16. Auto Express are running a special report on which tyres are best for your car in the next issue Wed 12 TH July. They cover noise levels as well as grip and wear so it might be worth a read.
  17. Charging the 12v battery

    If you disconnect the ground cable what systems do you lose and has anything to be reset when reconnected? I will be taking my car off the road for 3 months this winter and was going to connect a maintenance charger during this period. However I intend to ask for advice from the Lexus Service Dept nearer the time.
  18. Real World MPG Figures

    Average speed 42 mph.
  19. Real World MPG Figures

    My Wife has just returned from her first long distance drive in the car. 150 mile round trip to Leyburn. Before she left I set the MPG to 0 and left the car in Normal. She doesn't know the difference between a Hybrid and a Horse so just drives it like a normal car never uses Eco or Sports mode or bothering to lift off to engage EV going through villages.. The Computer showed 57.5 MPG for the trip. I was impressed.
  20. Real World MPG Figures

    I have just completed a proper fuely ( tank to tank ) for the first 1000 miles and it averaged 55 MPG. Most of my journeys are above 40 miles on A/B roads with just the odd shopping trip. Using the computer readings the worst has been 42 MPG on a 10 mile run and the best 74 MPG following a 75 mile run from Leyburn on a warm day and a warmed up engine. Short journeys from cold are a real killer and I have never been on a motorway.
  21. First of all I would like to thank everyone who made a contribution to this Forum. Last Jan I was in Thailand and decided to change my car, the IS300h was top of the list and I knew if I left it until my return in March I would miss the tax change. The problem was I had never seen, sat in or driven one and the What Car report only gave it a 3* rating with a poor write up with comments like. A Dated interior design with unappealing Cabin materials. Weedy performance, hard to brake smoothly and the CVT gearbox. I wanted to find out what real owners thought and one day, sat on the beach in HuaHin, I read through all 45 pages of posts in this Forum. Most were positive with very few problems and on the strength of your posts I contacted Car Wow, ordered the car from Lexus Lincoln, who offered the best deal and collected the car 29th March a few days after my return to England and that was the first time I had seen an IS300h. I can sum up my thoughts about the car in one word. Brilliant. The build quality is top drawer. handling and comfort is superb, the CVT gearbox sublime and when you switch to Sports Mode it goes like a stuck rat. I don't know what the guys at What Car were smoking when they tested this car but it wasn't Woodbines. They gave my last car a 5* rating made it car of the year and reading the owners Forum most of the comments are negative with quality problems, bits falling off, CVT gearboxes falling to pieces, engines failing and owners having to leave there cars on holiday in Spain because of electrical problems. Dealers and Customer Service described as inept and not fit for purpose. My whole experience dealing with Lexus has been faultless and now I understand why they come top in all the customer satisfaction surveys.
  22. One of the most interesting reviews I viewed was on You Tube by car reviewer Howard Ritchie called " The Fun You Can Have In a Silent Car ". Worth a look for any prospective buyer. It's short on detail but gives a genuine feel from a professional car tester who had never before driven an IS 300h.
  23. A well written and subjective post that sums up my feelings about the car. My friend has a new Mercedes and the first thing he said when he sat in the car was " Wow, look at that clock "
  24. 1000 Mile Report

    My last car was a Nissan Qashqai a good car in many ways but let down by quality problems, reliability and poor customer service. Before that a Mercedes C Class and before that a BMW 3 series, both direct competitors of the IS300h so I knew the type of car I was buying. This Forum told me everything I wanted to know about buying the car unseen. Reliability and Customer Service was top of my wish list and I feel comfortable with this car as a long term proposition. If there had been pages and pages of dissatisfied owners I wouldn't have taken the gamble. I'm just glad I did. Another Mag didn't like the car being limited to 125 MPH. Being honest the last time I exceeded 125 MPH was on the Isle of Man TT circuit riding a Honda Fireblade and I nearly s*** myself.
  25. I collected my new IS 300h 10 days ago. The dealer had filled the tank and after 500 miles the average shows 57.6 MPG since the last fill up. I completed a 75 mile run in ECO mode last Saturday and recorded 64.8 MPG from Leyburn to Scarborough. All A/B roads in heavy traffic so not a fast run but I was amazed how economical it was.. I have been driving a Toyota Auris Hybrid for 2 years and get 70MPG in the summer months on a proper fuelly with 80 MPG showing on early morning fishing trips to York. When I first started driving the car 58 MPG was normal until I learned that using Battery power through 30/40 MPH limits made all the difference to fuel consumption and stopped me getting speeding tickets. A double saving. I drive my Lexus the same way. It's a question of maximising the battery power in the right places. I have no experience, yet, of driving either car on a motorway as the nearest motorway is 50 miles away. I'm planning a couple of trips to Devon and Bristol in the summer which will give me a few answers.