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  1. Driving the NX in the snow

    Drove mine home from work in the snow last night in less than favourable conditions, and I have to say I was well impressed. Having just jumped out of a car transporter which is not the best in the snow to say the least, it was reassuring to have the electric awd system underneath me. Think I will say in today lol.
  2. Wing mirrors stopped working

    Are you using the same key, some of the memory functions are stored to the key. If you use a different key, some of the things that normally work, may not. Just a thought.
  3. NX side-steps

    My side steps were on there when I bought it. I quite like them to be honest.
  4. Squeaky Brakes from Moving off

    When you have put the vehicle into park and the handbrake has auto applied, simply apply the footbrake and press the handbrake button down, this will release the handbrake. I do this regularly as mine is parked up all week. Hope this helps.
  5. 2018 Lexus NX Facelift

    I was talking to someone at Lexus Cheltenham last week when I was delivering there, he said we should see the facelift end of this month, early next month. I tend to see new cars a little earlier than most as I pick them up from the docks for delivery to the dealerships. As soon as I see one I will post on here.
  6. I love delivering to Lexus Hull, one of the nicest dealers in the country. Nice car buddy, looks good in blue.
  7. If you press the auto button, the green light in the button will illuminate and the symbol which you are refering to will turn off. Hope this helps.
  8. Over the years I have visited many Lexus dealers throughout the country in my capacity as a transporter driver. On the whole I would rather deliver to Lexus dealers than many of the others as they seem to employ a higher standard of staff, this in turn is reflected in the way I am treated as a delivery driver. I am always greeted politely, usually by the host, I'm not usually kept waiting, and when the delivery is completed I am usually offered a drink and the use of any facilities I might need. Thankfully this level of service has not changed since I have become a Lexus customer. I have nothing but praise for Lexus in Cardiff. When ever I walk through the door I am made to feel special, and nothing is too much trouble for them. I am very impressed with the whole Lexus experience, and as a result I cannot see me changing brand loyalty, any time soon.
  9. My 2017 NX has auto locking and I find it most useful. With regard to removing auto locking functions, Nissan have done the same thing with the current Qashqai. My wife's Duke had auto locking, I replaced it with a new Qashqai and that doesn't.
  10. New NX

    Apologies I did not notice the date.
  11. New NX

    The luxury comes with LED dipped beam and halogen main.
  12. Converted to an NX

    I'm not an IS to NX convert, I'm actually an RC to NX convert. Although the RC is a lovely car, it soon became obvious that it was not the car for me. After much agonising I rang the dealer (Lexus Cardiff) and explained my predicament. They were absolutely brilliant, they not only took my RC back, but they also sold me an NX and the cost to change was negligible. The NX for me, is brilliant. Suits my needs very well, very comfortable and extremely quiet. So glad I made the change.
  13. My little review of my (loan) NX300h

    I have found that if you tap the throttle pedal momentarily before you pull away, this will release the brakes and then allow you to pull away with the usual Lexus smoothness.