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  1. Hi guys, I bought my IS back in November, wrangled it through the winter (its surprisingly good in snow with decent winter boots on) and I'm now starting to fix all the little niggles that are bugging me with the car. I had some drop link rattle so I fitted new ones all 'round, new mats, booked her in for a full detailing and headlight restore (£80, bargain special offer from my local detailer) but I've got a few questions before I continue; The well known suspension rattle, I have it. Is the general consensus the valve in the shocker? if so I'll get a couple ordered for the front because it's driving me crazy! Odd question but the bolts / screws that secure the HU / Climate control panel in, has anyone got the thread size? The PO seems to have removed them and just thrown them away so the entire unit rattles as it's not actually secured in! Sill rust, there's a tiny bit of bubbling starting to appear, what's the best way in and nipping it in the bud? How easy is an LSD swap realistically? I have access to an inspection pit and a well tooled workshop and I'm fairly mechanically capable. Thinking of buying an ebay lsd and dropping her in. Radio crackling - I've tapped in to the powered antennae line (admittedly badly with a positap, this might be the problem), however it still crackles. is there anything else I can do to get a decent reception? I've been experimenting trying to free up a bit of the I6 purr without sticking a numpty fartcan on it, so far a pipercross panel and taking the snorkel off the intake seems to free up a bit of noise. Any other tips bar putting on a warm air filter? Other than those bits, the notchy gearbox, underreading speedo and the fuel consumption it's a peach! Good fun car. Cheers guys!