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  1. my current exhaust tips are still oval and much bigger, too bad my boxes are really small so its quite loud, thats why i want to go back standard and just put bigger tips on
  2. My stock exhaust had oval tips, well they look oval lol this is a pic of the one someone sells that is listed for 06-08 only and it has round tips. its from the ebay ad i posted before Ive looked on ebay at 06 , 09 and 10 plate cars and they all have oval tips
  3. according to that link its listed for 06-13 models. 1 out of the 5 ebay adverts lists it for 06-13 reg also while the rest only list for 06-08. How can some places say they are for the whole range and others not. I reckon the ones listed for 06-08 would fit my car but i dont want to risk spending £200 on something that has a chance it may not. Like that site you first sent me Ken, it has the same part number as one for your 07 reg.
  4. No they all use the same generic picture and just the number changes. Bet the price of it is like 200 more havent had time to phone them yet but I have emailed them
  5. Just done a little more research and turns out theres another part code for the exhausts, LEX6012 and LEX6013 6012 is the common one for 06-08 cars and the 6013 for the 08+. All the sites require a phone call for the prices on the 6013 so will give them a ring God knows whats the difference between the two
  6. so what do you reckon about that ebay link i posted. you think that should still fit my car even though its out of the age range because that toyo site says mine uses the older exhaust? I also found this site that does the exhaust from that item code off that site, costs about £50 more than the ebay one.
  7. I just checked that site and mine is the same as yours PIPE ASSY, EXHAUST, TAIL 17430-31490 Because mines an SR model and i think they only made the SR in the pre-facelift body
  8. Hi there, Im looking to buy a new rear section of my exhaust, the two back boxes. This is because i had custom boxes fitted and now its too loud for me so just want to go back standard. When i search to buy it on ebay, there are a few that are listed for 06-08 models only and when i message them they say it wont fit my car. My car is a 2009 on a 58 plate SR model and i think its a pre-facelift because i dont have the newer rear lights or the front bumper. Would the exhaust still fit anyways or is there a difference, if so any idea's on where i could buy one as iv'e been looking for ages ? This is one of them iv'e messaged about and they said it wont fit Any info would be great cheers.