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  1. Hi Steve. Thanks very much. I’ll have a look in the morning 👍
  2. Hi all. I collected my IS300h F sport yesterday. Love the car. I’ve read the manual but can’t seem to find out if I can lock the car without pressing the button on the remote. I know it unlocks, but does it lock? Cheers Simon
  3. Picking the car up on Saturday.. it’s been a loooong week so far..
  4. I’m viewing a 64 plate F sport at the weekend. 73k but Lexus service history. Thanks for all the input.
  5. That’s what I was hoping. Thanks very much 👍
  6. Another quick question. How do these car fare with very short (2 mile) commutes? Am I going to flatten the hybrid battery or do any other damage? It will get a run at the weekends.
  7. Thanks again for all the feedback. Spoke to the dealer today and it has full Lexus service history. I’m hoping to view and drive it at the weekend.
  8. Thanks chaps. I’m securing funds today so will hopefully own one very soon. Are there any problems with buying from a independent dealer rather than Lexus? Also would I need to take it to Lexus for servicing?
  9. Hi guys. I’m looking for a IS 300h and have found one with 70k on the clock. Is this something to avoid? I only do about 6k a year but wondered about the major services of the IS and would I get caught with one in the first year or 2. Thanks in advance Simon