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  1. I think it's almost impossible to prove that the breakdown is related to the passage of the car in his garage
  2. Hello, I'm from France so apologize for the spelling mistakes ... I took a few weeks ago my 2008 LEXUS ISF to an independent mechanic I know to install the USRS kit, bleed the brake fluid, repaint the front bumper, the bonnet and the 4 wheels. I got my car back on Friday, February 9, I traveled 50 km to go home and everything was ok. The next afternoon, I drove 20 km and back in my garage I see a big leak of coolant and a big puddle under the car! The big problem is that the liquid is a little greasy and mixed with oil. With a friend we found the origin of the leak: When I start the car, after 3 seconds, the big engine coolant supply hose becomes hard and the coolant leaks through the hose too much full right next to the coolant reservoir cap. The coolant in the tank has a milk chocolate color. What is your diagnosis? Do you think this is related to the passage of the car at the independent mechanic or is it a bad coincidence? I will contact my car mechanic tomorrow to discuss it.
  3. I have just received the quotation for the replacement of the radiator, the flushing of the gearbox and coolant: 1730 € / 1522 £ (8h of labour).
  4. Thank you very much @Big Rat !!! I'm waiting for the result of the drain, I hope I will not have to replace gearbox ...
  5. Bad news : The LEXUS workshop manager just called me, the coolant is contaminated with transmission fluid (radiator dead). He called a gearbox specialist who told him that the gearbox was probably dead because the coolant is attacking the clutch discs. The workshop manager advises me initially to replace the radiator and to drain twice the transmission, but without guarantie of success. What is your opinion?
  6. For information, this morning the tow truck man started the car to put it on his truck and he restarted to put it down to the LEXUS garage parking. During this last maneuver he had to accelerate hard enough for the car to move, as if the parking brake was engaged. Could it be a lack of pressure in the transmission? I hope my explanation is pretty clear ...
  7. As a precaution, I contacted my insurance agent who took my car with a tow truck and took it to the LEXUS garage. I spoke with the workshop manager and he will try to look at this today. To answer the various questions, the engine oil level is ok and the oil has a nice normal color, there is no mayonnaise inside the oil filler cap.
  8. Hi, Here is my lexus isf that I bought in england a few weeks ago: year 2008, 107000 miles. Here are some pictures: cleaning of the seats with soap of marseille, complete cleaning of the body, plastidip of the emblem and the front grille
  9. Post your Pics

    @Ace8800 The headlights are wrapped with a tint film?
  10. I speak with other owners of ISF on the LEXUS FR forum but they are far from where I live. I did not see other ISF since I have my car.
  11. Not too much drone. And when i want to drive silently, in 5 sec I close the valve.
  12. On the video we don't really hear the difference of the sound, but in reality it's different. I shall try to make a better video.
  13. Here is my video clip! I will make a video inside the car later. Personnaly I'm very satisfied with this valve.
  14. I had the same problem @G10RRE . I bought two brackets at LEXUS for 78€.
  15. USRS RR Racing

    I received the USRS kit and the adjustable rear camber arms today! Thank you very much Peter for the perfect packaging and your confidence!
  16. ISF from UK to France

    5D carbon wrap made by myself :
  17. ISF from UK to France

    Cars & Coffee Nantes (France) http://
  18. ISF from UK to France

    10€ on WISH, installed in 1 mn, very satisfied with the result!
  19. USRS RR Racing

    A friend and me rolled the rear fenders of my ISF with a roller fender and a heat gun. My friend had already done it on 2 or 3 cars before. In 1h30 we had made the 2 fenders.
  20. USRS RR Racing

    Order placed! Order number 4008. Thank you Pete !!!
  21. Hello, The back height of the car suits me but the front is too high. I looked at swift sport springs but they are sold by 4, I can't buy only the front. My ISF has 108000 miles and the front shock absorber assy were replaced at 95000 miles. I found this topic on the US Lexus forum (photos pages 5, 6, 7) : It is about this product : What do you think about this kit? My opinion : Very easy to install but for bolts and spacers, the price is not cheap (same for the shipping cost : 172 $...)