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  1. It would probably be 2006-7 but I would imagine it would be over the 100k miles for the warranty as my budget is only up to about £5k Thanks all Mark
  2. Hi, just joined up so apologies if this has been asked before, but I did do a search with no luck. Interested in getting a RX400h, but would be an older model. My question is, can you run just the petrol engine, for instance if there was an issue with the Hybrid system? I noticed on the Lexus website: "Either of them can power the car on their own, or the power from both units can be combined" From here: I'm only asking as a major sticking point in me buying one would be that the hybrid element would fail and leave me ££££ out of pocket. Thinking of buying an older one, so the warranty would be no use anymore Thanks in advance for any help Mark