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  1. That was for the rear - fronts for the last gen IS 250 are listed at £325 per side - as I said it may well be different for the current gen IS 300h though
  2. Unfortunately the Lexus website doesn't have the IS 300h prices for common repairs yet, but on the last gen IS 250 the Essential Care price for a rear shock absorber fitted is: £295 per side
  3. Or (on a PC) on the keyboard press CTRL and F together and then you can enter a search term and step through all occurrences in the manual.
  4. The Lexus Extended Warranty is valid at any authorised Lexus dealer. I believe this is the one year warranty all used Lexus cars sold through an official dealer are provided with. However, this wouldn't cover normal wear and tear (say for example if the brake just needs adjustment or new pads were required etc.) The fault however does seem to be one that the original selling dealer should have rectified before sale regardless of warranty and so I guess you will have to see how it goes with the local dealer and see what the problem is first - hopefully they will be able to draw on the Extended Warranty.
  5. Some so-called sales people do make you wonder...
  6. If the car was bought from a Lexus dealer I think they all come with a 1 year extended warranty and so I would have thought you have a good case that this should be fixed under that warranty of the fault has been there all along.
  7. Ask for a quote that is for private payment and not for insurance purposes too - when I had some repairs done (to my daughter's car) the price a bodyshop will charge to an insurance company is at least 50% more (maybe nearer double) than to a private person paying them directly...! They say that it's to do with the constraints insurers put on them but I think we know better...! If you are at all serious about paying privately make sure you are very specific with the bodyshop and they should give you a quote for paying privately but will make it very clear that quote can't be used if you then decide to go through insurance.
  8. My front parking sensors very occasionally go off with a few beeps in pouring rain whilst sat at e.g. traffic lights with nothing in front of me - I assume the rain running down over a sensor causes it to false alarm - a 1st world problem I think....!
  9. Mine was quite dirty on the drivers side with a brown sandy dust but not rusty but there is obviously dirt getting trapped there - had a good look at the other side but that was clear of dirt - mirror image of the chassis leg but with the other components around it maybe there is better air flow to keep the area free of dirt. I have a 64 reg with 71K miles.
  10. One should not rely on the P engagement when on a hill as this will put a lot of strain on the pawl and is certainly not a safe way to leave the car. It may even prove difficult to re-engage D as you have to overcome the force against the pawl. The parking brake should definitely hold the car on any incline that will be encountered. On my car I do notice a very slight movement when releasing the footbrake after applying the parking brake but we are talking mm and not the extensive distance the car moved in the video. There is definitely something amiss there. I would get it checked asap as it is a) dangerous and b) liable to damage the gearbox if that is used to hold the car on an incline
  11. Not to mention the lethargic speed many of the baristas work in the motorway services areas and the length of the queues for coffee...!
  12. I finally managed to match it up - it is the drivers side (UK car) at the very front of the engine bay - in the original image the front of the car is the right hand side of the image - so the left side is the air filter housing and the right side is the plastic cover over the headlight. It's a narrow gap (a few inches) looking down to the chassis frame.
  13. Interesting looking at the Essential Care service prices - seems to be about £90 cheaper than the intermediate service costs but then for the majors varies quite a bit so that probably accounts for chargeable items not included in Essential Care (like spark plugs and various filters that say chargeable on Essential Care but included on normal servicing) - if those are added back in my guess is that Essential Care is again about £100 cheaper than full service costs. With an Extended Warranty I don't think you can take Essential Care though.
  14. I would check what was done at the last major service - I would assume it was a 60K mile one and if so then spark plugs would have been changed - you can sign up to My Lexus and then see all Lexus services etc. that have been carried out and what was replaced etc.https://www.lexus.co.uk/my-lexus/registration/ My understanding was that Essential services did not include spark plugs, but could be wrong.
  15. Lexus (in theory) operate a fixed price service across all dealers and so assuming you want a Lexus dealer stamp - see https://www.lexus.co.uk/owners/servicing-and-maintenance/# scroll down the page and you can enter the car to see the schedule - here is a screen grab for IS 300h: Not sure if others have managed to negotiate anything off these prices though There is also Lexus Essential Care for cars over 5 years old - see further on down the same page - the IS 300h prices aren't on the website yet for that but earliest IS 300h cars should now be in this category - some debate over whether this gives a stamp or not in the book - some say dealers stamp the book and others that they don't