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  1. wharfhouse

    Used Car Purchase Advise

    F Sport only - others have more traditional twin dials (charge/rev and speedo)
  2. wharfhouse

    Engaging Drive (Gear)

    If the incline is reasonably steep use the parking brake too which reduces the issue of the pawl binding that you are experiencing - having a high resistance regularly won't be good for the mechanism and cause wear I would have thought
  3. wharfhouse

    Used Car Purchase Advise

    On my 2014 IS 300h Exec (so 17" wheels) between 48mpg and 52mpg (as per the car computer) on average mixed driving, motorway, A road and towns (lower end in winter, engine has to warm up for longer and heat the car, and higher end in summer) - can get to 60+mpg on a free flowing A road running at 30-50mph and being light footed, and up to 55mpg free flowing motorway (at 70mph) and being light footed. Heavy footed (and Sport mode etc.) will drop this down quite a bit - more towards mid-30s
  4. wharfhouse

    A/C drain pipe location

    Generally unpleasant smells are caused by the air con being switched off (for example after summer) and there is some condensate left that then stagnates and breeds bacteria and hence the smell when it's run again. I don't think it's a particular Lexus problem but afflicts any car with air con and why I alway keep mine on (and accept the very small mpg hit - with modern systems it's not much and even in winter is useful in keeping windows clear from fogging up in damp conditions). However if you've had the system switched off or have recently bought the car then may be worth the disinfection but leave it on from there and you shouldn't have to worry again.
  5. wharfhouse

    A/C drain pipe location

    On all the cars I have owned I have run the air con at all times summer and winter (in Auto mode) and had very few, if any, unpleasant smells. Occasionally I have bought some air con disinfectant aerosol spray that is sprayed down the cabin vents, left for a bit and then the air con run with windows open for a bit to air it just to make sure all stays fresh. If you aren't experiencing any unpleasant odours then no real need to disinfect from under the car. On one car (BMW) the drain pipe blocked and so caused condensation on the inside of the windows so had to be cleared using compressed air but that's a different problem....
  6. Nice key card but then where do you put your house keys - I keep car key and house keys on the same key ring so never forget one or the other...!
  7. wharfhouse

    High speed cornering

    17" tyres are 225/45 18" tyres are 225/40 front and 255/35 rear
  8. wharfhouse

    High speed cornering

    17" are 7 1/2J all round 18" are 8J front and 8 1/2J rear
  9. wharfhouse

    High speed cornering

    Yes - IS 200t was only in Sport, F Sport and Premier so all on 18" rims in that case I assume - although out of curiosity I looked in my owners manual and the 18" rims (225 front and 245 rear) are also specified as 36psi both front and rear too... According to everything I have read/found the IS 300h has a 50/50 weight distribution. The IS 250 (Mk III) was 54/46 when launched but I guess the extra battery weight on the 300h brought it back to 50/50 !
  10. wharfhouse

    High speed cornering

    Not sure that is completely true - my BMW 330i - not a car you could say lacked driving dynamics - had the same 17" rims with 225/45 tyres all round (front and rear) although in that case a slightly higher tyre pressure at the rear which is common with RWD - not sure why the IS 300h has the same front/rear pressures as it's the first RWD car I have had with this - I wonder if the IS 200t has the same pressures all round? BMW had the option of larger and staggered rims/tyres of course by moving to 18" so it was a personal choice whether to go for the slightly more compliant 17" all round or the slightly less compliant but maybe slightly more better ultimate handling 18" staggered - similarly to what Lexus is offering between the F Sport (and Premier I believe) and the rest of the range (other than the basic 16" rims) for the IS? In every day driving unsticking either choice of rears, especially with all the electronic "aids", is pretty much impossible anyway...
  11. wharfhouse

    High speed cornering

    Yes I would have thought higher pressure in rears for 18" staggered F Sport too
  12. wharfhouse

    High speed cornering

    IS 300h on 17" rims is same tyre pressure front and rear when normally laden at normal speeds (36psi) - always stuck to this and just replaced my rear tyres which had worn down to the tread wear indicators nice and evenly across the whole width of the tread. In the past my rwd cars did need slightly higher pressure in the rears and had a tendency to wear the inner edges more than the rest of tread so pleased to see the IS maxed the tyre life with nice even wear.
  13. wharfhouse

    IS got side swiped!

    My experience of two recent claims 1. On my Lexus IS 300h - at night in the dark hit a tyre that has been shed off a lorry on the motorway (a couple of other cars hit it too) - called police but they were already there as the lorry was on the hard shoulder further back. Police said to swap details with the lorry driver. Lorry driver very good (ASDA lorry) and said that ASDA would call me. Had to get the car flat bedded (not drivable) and so decided to take it direct to a Lexus dealer. This was now midnight so left it at the dealer and went back the next day to explain. Then called my insurance (Admiral) and told them what had happened and that the car was now at Lexus. They said if I want Lexus to repair it then I would have to pay the excess after repair while the claim was sorted. However, the claim management company for ASDA called me later that day and they took full responsibility. Told them it was at Lexus and they said that was fine and Lexus to send the quote to them which Lexus did (it went to their Lexus/Toyota body shop). ASDA claim handler organised a hire car for me (Mercedes C200). Called Admiral and said the 3rd party had admitted all liability and were handling the claim so Admiral closed my case. Long story short - repairs took 8 weeks and cost £13,500...! More extensive than it looked. ASDA insurance claim handlers were very good, had the same hire car for those 8 weeks. When finished car was handed back and matter closed. 2. My daughters 12 year old Ford Fiesta - someone in a hire car clipped the back bumper (their fault) but were being very awkward over giving any details but my daughter had their number plate. We reported it to our insurance (Admiral) who confirmed the 3rd party car was insured and asked us if Auxillis should handle it - we agreed. Her car was assessed (she had a hire car for a couple of days - new hatchback - during that time). Car was deemed a CAT-D write off as the repair would have been some £1,600 as needed a new bumper skin and paint, although was only cosmetic damage. However the car was perfectly drivable and so was declared a drivable write-off (so my daughter could use it so didn't need a hire car) while the claim was being sorted. Assessors gave us a write-off value which was very fair (to my surprise) with the option to buy back the write off (for peanuts if we wanted it). 3rd party driver was being a PITA and not responding to Auxillis (my daughter got a name and a mobile phone number but that was most likely false as Auxillis couldn't get through) but Auxillis did an excellent job tracking this all down and liaising with the other insurance company at no cost to us. It took a few months to get it all sorted as the 3rd party driver was the problem - not sure why - but Auxillis assured us that they would not give up and the claim would be paid at no loss to us as the other insurer had to pay regardless of what the driver of the hire did or didn't do. Outcome was that it was indeed all sorted, we accepted the write-off value (and put the money in the bank) and bought the write-off back as that made very good financial sense (the car was in good mechanical condition at that point) - just had to have an MOT and Admiral were happy to continue insuring the car - still running happily today over a year on from the accident. The upshot of the two stories is that if your car is drivable then it may be worth delaying any repair work - get the estimate done by Lexus but don't give the go-ahead for the work until the 3rd party insurer has accepted liability - Lexus can then deal direct with them once they admit liability - no excess to pay on your side and Admiral will close down the claim. Clearly the accident wasn't your fault and so the 3rd party insurance will have to pay up with no costs on your side if you can wait for the repair and you have every right to have the repair done by Lexus if you choose. Any replacement car during repair should be as like-for-like as makes sense. If you do involve Auxillis then they should act on your behalf to get this sorted but not sure under what terms repairs are then carried out - they sent my daughters car to one of their approved repairers for the estimate. In our dealings with them have to say they were very good in what was a difficult claim although absolutely no fault of my daughter and they resolved it all in the end.
  14. I went for the extended warranty for an additional two years - peace of mind really. Appreciate that the cars are very reliable and one of the reasons I bought one, but the laws of probability is that the one in a zillion chance of something going wrong could be me - and Lexus are certainly not cheap to put right if they do - I have first hand experience of the cost of repairs after what I thought was a small accident (not my fault) that nearly wrote my IS 300h off due to the cost of the parts that were needed! Also factoring in the full breakdown service that is also included and the ability to pay for it monthly it ticked the boxes for me, but very much a personal choice and I have run other cars without extended warranties too so can appreciate both sides of the argument.