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  1. I had heard from that in theory Toyota can probably do the hybrid health check on a Lexus but won't. You'd have to call and ask I think if there is a good reason (like distance) that makes it difficult to get to a Lexus dealer and see what they say.
  2. The spp used to have a lot of detail but after an update most of it disappeared and in my case the 70k Mike service disappeared from the app too - just left with the Hybrid Health Check in it's place. As you say very disappointing and now basically useless...
  3. That would make sense - you would hope they could advise you.
  4. Interesting situation but I would have thought it would be classed as the insurance company have declined to offer you a quote for a new policy when they had all of the information to hand? You cancelled your existing policy which is all well and good - had the insurance company cancelled it that may be different in that they would then have been refusing to continue to insure you. However, when you asked for an amendment to your existing policy for the new vehicle they offered you a price (so didn't refuse to insure you), although higher than you wanted to accept. After you cancelled the existing policy and then asked for a new policy they declined at this point which is the same as many insurance companies do through the online comparison sites - you put all your details in and then some insurance companies decline to offer a quote and the others give you a quote which you can choose from - otherwise you would see a price for every insurance company that is on the platform and clearly that does not happen. However, as stated above, this is just a personal opinion and I am not a legal person and asking a broker the question (as they must have insurers who decline to quote and others who quote) would be a sensible move. When I have amended a policy mid-term for a change in car I have always found the remaining term cost much more than if I pro-rata a new policy. I have generally bitten the bullet and paid the additional amount for the remaining term simply to avoid any headaches but always then reviewed it on renewal, either getting the existing insurer to lower their quote or moving to a new insurer. When I was looking for house insurance one year I rang some companies and one of those declined to quote but others were happy to quote against the same details. This must happen regularly if getting quotes over the phone.
  5. A lot of insurance policies do cover 100% of the purchase price if the a new (i.e. not used) car is written off within the first 12 months and so GAP insurance is not needed in this time. However, if you want to cover the full purchase price on a used car or for more than the first 12 months a new car then GAP insurance would be needed.
  6. There is a lot written or Youtube'd about the e-cvt in the IS 300h - much of it is a) based on misunderstanding or b) expecting the car to "behave" like a conventional transmission or c) wanting to drive it like a racing car all the time (mainly motoring journalists...). The e-cvt is different - no doubt about that. The only way you will know if it is for you is to test drive one - and not for a few minutes but at least a day. Before I bought my IS 300h I had read/viewed all the same stuff as you are probably doing now. I came from mainly driving BMWs - top end (straight six engine and automatic) 5 and 3 series - the "drivers car" - or so it is claimed. I was looking for something a bit "different" (as I was getting bored of BMWs) and decided to test drive the IS 300h. I had one from the dealer for a day and did a good range of roads using my normal driving habits (normal driving is the key as you are looking at how it works for you in day-to-day life and not how it might work for some with different needs). Personally I was very impressed and after a day just could not understand how so much tosh could be written/broadcast about the car and I purchased a used 2014 model the next day from the Lexus dealer (it was 2 years old at the time with 40k miles on it). I haven't looked back since and have done another 45k miles in it and would purchase another IS 300h without hesitation. It actually takes longer than a day to really appreciate the e-cvt in every day driving which is why so many of the "test drive" articles fall apart compared with real life long-term experience. So, moral of the story - get a good test drive in one - I think the majority who own one "get" the e-cvt and it's advantages - for others it isn't the right car - there are plenty of other marques out there - something for everyone - so choose / test carefully and you won't have buyers remorse...
  7. The Bristol one is pre face-lift and the Swindon one post-facelift so a number of different standard equipment between the two.
  8. When I purchased my 2 year old IS 300h from a Lexus dealer they send the docs to DVLA for the V5 but after 6 weeks never received one so had to do the V62 form to get a V5. Spoke to Lexus during the process and they confirmed all had been done at their end so never did find out what went wrong - whether DVLA or something in the docs getting lost...
  9. Nice write up and good to see how the car is after that mileage as I expect to do over 100k in mine. A couple of years ago I also had a rattle on the passenger seat and being an Executive trim it has the manual adjustment seats too. Drove me mad for a while but then found by raising and lowering the seat a bit with the lever it went away. It came back once more about a year later and did the same and it went again. Not had it since. I put it down to something in the height adjuster lever or mechanism.
  10. That's why I decided to leave mine as is - that would all have annoyed me more than the occasional noise! My experience on other cars is that when mechanics start taking the insides apart it's never the same again...
  11. I have extended warranty so could have probably had it looked at but I had seen the post some time back about the whole dash having to be removed to fix it and so decided I would live with it as it wasn't bothering me just to have it happen sometimes at startup and who knows what other problems removing and refitting the dash might cause.
  12. Only happens when I first start the car - and then not every time - never had any other issues though and the air con / climate control has always worked without an issue other than this noise sometimes when first starting up.
  13. My car (2014 IS 300h with 85,000 miles) makes that noise too - usually on start up first thing but I don't notice it at any other time - but I generally leave my climate control on auto and so don't make any large temperature changes once on the move. The car has always done this since I purchased it (at 2 years old with 40,000 miles on it) and so I just assumed it was one of the air con flaps going through a full opening when I first start the car so didn't give it any more thought. The noise hasn't got worse in the 3+ years and 45,000 miles I have had the car.
  14. All service pricing is listed on the Lexus website - for servicing under 5 years old see: https://www.lexus.co.uk/owners/servicing-and-maintenance/vehicle-service/#pricing and select your vehicle - so for example for IS 300H: For over 5 years old you can opt for Essential Care see: https://www.lexus.co.uk/owners/servicing-and-maintenance/lexus-essential-care/ again there is pricing for some models though the IS 300h isn't listed yet. I took out an Essentials Care service plan when my IS 300h was 5 years old though and the price was just a little more than the IS250 that is shown: Hope that helps
  15. There are many who will say Lexus never go wrong and the extended warranty is a waste of money - but - any car can have a problem no matter what the brand. The extended warranty is peace of mind that if/when anything requires attention you are most likely covered and won't have to suddenly find the money from your own bank account. Whether you will come out on top or behind is probably immaterial - it really is a peace of mind decision. For me, I have a 2014 IS 300h I purchased when it was 2 years with 40k miles on it. I took the extended warranty when the manufacturers warranty expired. In the first two years the washer bottle sensor had to be replaced - cost was around £400 but was covered under extended warranty (if I had to pay myself may not have bothered replacing it). I then extended the warranty again after those two years and just after that needed both front wheel bearing replacing which was again covered under the extended warranty (didn't get an estimate on what that would have cost). Given that the extended warranty also includes the breakdown cover (and now MoTs too I think) I am in at least a break-even situation but even if I had never claimed I would have been happy with my decision. As others said you have to have the car serviced by Lexus for the extended warranty but can use the Essential Servicing when over 5 years old.