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  1. Outstanding Recall

    I never had a letter but Lexus had already put it down to be done when I rang to book my next service - maybe they stopped sending the letters and just decided to do it when they next saw the car
  2. Outstanding Recall

    Mine is a 300h 64 reg - I knew about the wheel arch recall which was showing against my car and so asked about it when booking the last service - they said they had it scheduled in to do - it's now showing all clear on the recalls so I think for the OP it is this recall that is outstanding - if it's serviced by Lexus they will probably do it next time if asked
  3. Drivers seat wear

    If you look through the Lexus Used cars then virtually all shots of non-F-Sport drivers seats (at least when cars are a year old or more) show the same effect to some degree - when I bought my 300h Executive this this was something I had noticed browsing the cars - some were much worse than others - and I checked that mine did not have this problem (it was 2 years old with 40K miles on it). Whether or not Lexus had done something to it before it went on sale or the first owner didn't do whatever causes this issue I have no idea. Another year on and the bolster is still pretty much OK though I have noticed some creasing appearing from time to time and I am careful now to not sit on the bolster getting in and out - but it's not easy to avoid it altogether. Every so often I pull and smooth out bolster leather and to date it's looking OK though with just a light wrinkle starting to appear.
  4. Rear Tyre for IS250 - 2012

    My view on tyres is that there are three categories: * Premium/High Performance etc. and often OEM fitted on various cars - I use these on my cars but of course they carry a relatively high price tag but I consider them worth it as part and parcel of owning and enjoying a premium car. * Mid-range - these are often manufactured by the same companies that make the above but may be using some of the construction and tread patterns from a few years ago - for example Falken Tyres and Dunlop Tyres are both owned by Sumitomo Rubber Industries and Continental own Uniroyal, Semperit, Barum, General Tire, Viking, Gislaved, Mabor, Sportiva etc. and so on for the other big tyre companies. I have used some of these brands in the past on older cars and feel that safety-wise they are well constructed but of course are not going to have the ultimate performance of the premium brands, but horses for courses. A quick Google along the lines of "who owns xxx tyre brand" will usually elicit whether or not the brand is part of one of one of the large tyre companies. I bought my daughter a 10 year old car that had a cheap and nasty tyre on one wheel (I think someone had put it on to sell the car as it was virtually brand new) but the other tyres were Matador tyres (which I found were also part of the Continental Group) so although the cheap one was nearly new the first thing I did was get rid of that and in fact replaced it with a Matador one (to match the others that had nearly full tread). As the Matador ones needed replacing I then fitted Bridgestone tyres in pairs, which weren't really much more than any of the mid-range prices anyway, and at the time I was replacing due to a puncture so needed to do it quickly. * Very cheap - I wouldn't go near these for any car regardless of make, age or anything else as like many here I do feel that they are compromise in safety (see above). * Secondhand and remoulds retread and the like (do they exist anymore???) - never, just never!
  5. Sat Nav Version

    Mine is "Lexus Navigation 13CY" and Map version "02-34-03 (2014-01-3)"
  6. Sat Nav Version

    Has anyone successfully used these from satnavmapupdate on a NON-Premium sat-nav - i.e. the one with rotary dial that says can only be updated by a dealer (I have a 2014 IS300h Executive)
  7. Sticking hand brake.

    Thinking about it could be the brakes applying themselves as part of the hill assist - was just reading the manual and the brakes are applied in this way every time you stop (not just on a hill...)
  8. Sticking hand brake.

    I leave my parking brake off and the pads still stick to the discs - I wonder if it's to do with the car automatically applying the brakes when stopped - when I stop with the brakes on I can hear something after a few seconds something like the parking brake going on?
  9. Sticking hand brake.

    The brakes stick on mine and can release with a bang after leaving it standing for a week. I don't use the parking brake at my house and just leave it in P but still does it - the "swoosh" sound is just the pads taking off the rust layer than forms - goes after a few applications
  10. Ah yes - you're right - now that you mention it that is what I did rather than swap them one by one! It was some years ago and so had a bit of a hazy recollection... I had the cylinder from the diagnostic codes but wasn't sure which end to count from so used that method to confirm which was at fault!
  11. If you have a spare /new coil but don't know the diagnostic code (which should tell you which cylinder is the problem) you'll need to swap out the coils one at a time with the spare / new until the misfire stops. Once you have done that the check engine light may still be on but should clear itself after a number of restarts / miles if indeed it was the coil - otherwise you will need to get the code cleared through the OBD.
  12. Yep that's what I was talking about - beware cheap non OEM ones though - I would buy from Lexus or make sure it's from one of the major providers - I have had Blueprint components in the past on older cars though and they seemed to be good quality
  13. On my last Honda Accord I had what sounds like the same problem - it was one faulty coil (there was one coil per spark plug and I guess it's the same in the IS but haven't looked). The engine fault light lit and it felt like a misfire. It may come and go a bit if the coil is starting to fail. I also know others with different cars who have had the same problem. Replaced the one faulty coil (it was an easy DIY job on the Honda) and it was good until I sold it (with over 160,000 miles on it - fault occurred at about 80,000 miles) - seems that an odd coil can fail on any car - I've known some go when the car age/mileage is similar to yours. Although some people say to replace all of coils at the same time I didn't do that and can't see why you would with a relatively new car (and they cost some £120 per coil) and all the rest of the coils worked fine until I sold the car. However, only way to be sure it to read the fault codes. If it is the coil the engine will be dumping raw unburnt fuel into the catalytic convertor which will destroy it so best not to drive the car until the fault is understood and fixed!
  14. My brake light (and the regen braking) come on pretty much immediately I touch the brake pedal with only a tiny fraction of "free play" when I first touch the brake pedal. I haven't looked at the Lexus brake pedal but in other cars as others have said the brake light switch is easily adjustable (in my Honda Accord it is was located up under the dash near the top of the brake pedal opposite the pivot point - the switch was closed when brakes not applied and opened when the brake was applied). In most cars you can also adjust the brake pedal position so that it is slightly more "up" or "down" relative to the accelerator - again not sure how adjustable that is in the Lexus but if that is set wrong could be the problem too. Another thought is that I would have thought the interlock for the auto shift is linked to the same brake pedal switch - I'm pretty sure mine is in that I don't have to put hardly pressure on the brake pedal to move from P to D - also the cruise control is I believe linked to the same switch - so if cruise is on and I just touch the brake pedal it disengages - if yours takes a push similar to getting the brake lights to come on for moving out of P and to disengage the cruise control then I would have thought it definitely points to either the switch and/or pedal being out of position relative to each other which should be easily rectified.
  15. More IS 300h on the road

    Interesting numbers- didn't know these were published on their website - the sales of the NX are probably the biggest surprise!