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  1. Totally agree - never switch it off just leave on auto - never had a problem with any car in the last 20 years.
  2. Yes, delivery times are very frustrating - I was tempted to look at ordering a NX 350h after having the courtesy car but when the dealer said at least 12 months wait decided to keep my IS 300h - just don't know what I am likely to be doing in a years time as in a life changing period at the moment... Will see what happens in the next year or so. Might decide to go for a used one when they start and hit the market assuming used car prices become more sensible...
  3. I had a NX 350h as a courtesy car while my IS 300h was in for a service - took it for a good test drive and driving the same way as I would my IS over about 180 miles on a mix of roads I achieved around 45mpg - in my IS I would have achieved slightly better but the NX 350h was definitely better than the previous NX 300h for fuel consumption and noticeably more responsive.
  4. I'll have a read of that - problem is always going to be proving it was a specific speed bump that did the damage I guess...
  5. Yes I do that where I can but sometimes just not the room with oncoming traffic
  6. Ah - speed humps - where I drive quite regularly, if I have four up in my IS 300h it bottoms out on the speed humps in the middle of the car (in fact it very nearly bottoms out with just one up) - no matter how slowly I drive! I looked underneath the other day and one of the plastic panels that cover the underside of the car has been worn away at it's lowest point. I did ask Lexus about a replacement at my last service but they said the cost of the panel was £400 - and did I really want to go ahead...? - they reported the panel was quite secure, just rather scuffed and worn through in one place! I decided to leave it at that as it would only happen again. How councils get to put in speed humps that can actually damage a normal road car traversing them at a very slow speed (when the speed limit is actually 30mph) is beyond me.
  7. I hope I'm wrong but I don't see it dropping below £1.50 a litre now - the cat's out of the bag - people will still buy fuel even when it's £2.00 a litre and the fuel industry know that now!
  8. Yes - all rather complicated - IMHO best way is to start with a list of "must haves" and then "nice to haves" and judge each car based on those criteria. Depending on how long one has to find the "perfect" car will dictate what compromises one can accept. I certainly agree that one should not be too bound by mileage - like you I firmly believe that average or even higher than average mileage cars with mainly motorway miles are often more reliable purchases than low mileage cars left unused for weeks / months that can exhibit all sorts of unexpected issues due to not being used regularly.
  9. If you are serious about changing it's also worth going into your local Lexus dealer and talking to them as they may know of cars coming into the system (especially in their own group) that they can let you know about before they even get to the Used Car pages.
  10. Looks like with that one you would be paying quite a premium to have the F Sport badge but fairly basic spec - no leather, no nav, no metallic paint, standard audio etc. Looking at the Lexus Used site plenty more better spec cars around that price available if you don't just limit your search to F Sport. Unless you absolutely must have F Sport at the end of the day they all have the same drive train and pretty much same handling. Difficult to judge the cars from their trim name - you have to look at the options listed as leather and premium nav and audio were often optional upgrades for lower spec trims bringing a lower spec very close to a higher spec.
  11. Seems clear in that case - thanks for doing the query.
  12. Maybe they have simplified it and amortised the bigger services (such as spark plugs and coolant changes etc) into those two simple charges - would make sense for Lexus given the Relax Warranty as no more arguments over when items should be done as there is no cost difference to the customer whether they are done or not...? I guess the only way to know is test the pricing at an appropriate service and see what the dealer says...
  13. This page now has a simple intermediate/full service pricing for each model:
  14. Yes agreed - now that such a high bar has been set and people still kept / had to keep buying fuel and the fuel companies now know this I don't think we will see fuel much below £1.50 a litre again...
  15. £178.9 for E10 at Sainsbury's near Reading today - hopefully will continue falling as although a small relief a long way to go yet...
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