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  1. wharfhouse

    Wiper blades/rubber

    Funny you should say that. Was just thinking of changing my wiper blades but in the last week I have covered around 1000 miles up and down the motorways and in the North in particular with a lot of salt thrown onto the car off the roads. I was having to constantly keep wiping the windscreen with spraying plenty of screen wash and the wipers are now working perfectly again. I guess the slightly abrasive salt has scoured the windscreen clean! Pity the rest or the car is still caked in dirt though!
  2. wharfhouse

    Wiper blades/rubber

    My wiper insets were first changed according to the Lexis service schedule at 20k miles and again just before I purchased the car at 40k miles (both Lexus Reading). Currently done 70k miles and feeling they probably need replacing again - so between 20k and 30k miles per set of inserts - not sure how typical that is?
  3. Service interval is 10k miles or 12 months whichever comes sooner (unless classed as business use and then 12.5k miles I think)
  4. wharfhouse


    It's warning of speed cameras - works off the maps even with sat nav not operating and can't be switched off. The volume is controlled in line with the nav spoken volume.
  5. It was my car that was damaged by the lorry tyre on the motorway - very nearly a write off but in the end repaired superbly by Lexus. I had bought it just less that a year previously when I was told that the car may be a write off (it was two years old when I purchased it) and the first thing I did was go onto the Lexus website to see what might be available should it come to that - so like you, when I heard the possible bad news I decided straight away to replace it with another IS 300h like for like.
  6. wharfhouse

    SRS airbag system warning

    Never looked on my Lexus but on a Honda we had there was a fuse extractor tool in the fuse box - just wondering if there is a similar one in the Lexus fuse box?
  7. wharfhouse

    A Dash Cam Query

    The big rip-off with insurance is even if you are shown not to be at fault in any way you can guarantee your insurance will still go up the following year...! The reason from the insurance company being if you have had one accident (although not at fault and maybe not even in the car) you are a higher risk of having another... go figure!
  8. wharfhouse

    New Car

    Like this from Auto Express on the 2019 NX... : All models come with a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol-hybrid with 192bhp, and economy figures of up to 54.3mpg. https://www-autoexpress-co-uk.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.autoexpress.co.uk/lexus/105580/lexus-rx-and-nx-suvs-revised-for-2019?amp_js_v=a2&amp_gsa=1&amp#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.autoexpress.co.uk%2Flexus%2F105580%2Flexus-rx-and-nx-suvs-revised-for-2019
  9. wharfhouse

    Satnav coming on

    I have the standard rather then Premium Nav - I have set everything up as I like it including the traffic updates etc. which work fine when navigating but like the OP said I have had a few random reports of traffic come through that have nothing to do with the journey I am on or where I am in the country - it just seems to be a blip in the system - not really concerned as I've only had a few over a couple of years of driving the car, it's just strange when they pop up on the screen!
  10. wharfhouse

    Satnav coming on

    They weren't over the radio but on the satnav screen
  11. wharfhouse

    Satnav coming on

    I've had random traffic announcements too for hundreds of miles away - only a few over a couple of years so not too worried about it
  12. wharfhouse

    Wiper blades/rubber

    I haven't replaced mine yet but noticed there are some videos online showing how to replace the rubbers. Same for all Lexus so just do a Google on it. Looks straight forward.
  13. Kept an eye on my journey mpg this morning - left at 8:00am and outside temp was 2C. Car was in Eco driving mode and heating set to 22C and the rear window demister was also on. The journey is 30-50mph roads flowing (so not stop start) with one uphill. After 2 miles the mpg was showing 25mpg. The car had warmed up after the 2 miles and would go into EV on lifting off the accelerator at this point but any acceleration started the engine (the battery would have been very cold overnight and I've noticed Lexus protect this when it's cold from the electric motor drawing too much). Continuing the journey (similar roads and speed etc.) after 10 miles the mpg was showing 40mpg. EV would now come on readily and stay on even with mild acceleration so I assume the battery had now warmed up properly. I have an Executive spec so 17" wheels but doubt that would matter too much for this journey. Looks like your mpg for your 2 mile commute looks about right.
  14. 2 mile uphill with a cold engine won't run in EV - both the incline and the short distance work against that. Coming back downhill in summer would probably get EV on after about a mile. In winter doubt the engine would get warm enough to go to EV by the time you are home. So in essence you are pretty much running those 4 miles a day on just the engine. With a Lexus hybrid it's not like a PHEV so not really meant for any significant EV running - the battery/electric motor supports the engine to run more economically but isn't designed to be running EV for very long and not when under any significant load like uphill or accelerating quickly. You would probably gain a lot more with a PHEV or full EV car for such a commute.
  15. Strange - I press Start button (foot on brake) to put the car ready to go and then simply press the EV button - you have a few seconds to do it. This makes sure the ICE doesn't fire up. Only reason I think it wouldn't work would be that the traction battery is very low on charge - you can check that on the display. Certainly don't need to warm up the car to enter EV mode however it won't hold it long when the engine is cold but long enough to move the car around (on a very light throttle) or set off and get a bit down the road before the engine kicks in.