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  1. It is true that normally the pads and disks do not need replacing at that mileage - my car has done some 74K miles and no replacement yet and following the last service report probably not for a good many more miles. However, if one side has been overheated due to a sticking caliper for safety reasons they would replace the pads and disk regardless of mileage and of course if they do one side they should do both sides (disk and pads) for safety reasons as well. The argument with Lexus is over whether the caliper should have seized in that time and if this is under extended warranty - if so the caliper, pads and disks (both sides) must all be done under the warranty claim for the above reasons too. Even if there was some wear and tear reduction for pads and discs at 33k miles you are probably only about 1/3 of the way through their life.
  2. When I have had the same problem (sticking caliper on one side) on a different car the garage said they had to replace the disk and pads as well as he caliper due to overheating and for safety had to replace both sides, so I would assume that the £777 is for caliper, two disks and all pads. Worrying that this has occurred on only 33k miles 2015 car. I have a 2014 car with about 74K miles - all seems ok at the moment though. For future reference would be interesting to know the actual caliper fault - so whether the slide pins or something more serious with the caliper like a sticking piston as I have extended warranty too. Given it's the front wheels then those calipers get more use than the rears where if there was going to be a problem you would think that is more likely as they get much less use.
  3. Don't worry about anything you have read in the motoring press... it's all based on very little time with the car. Simply enjoy the car and don't get too concerned with anything at the outset. Every journey I make in mine is always a pleasure and that is a feeling I had started to lose in previous cars. Getting best mpg from the hybrid comes with some time behind the wheel - after the first few weeks of trying everything out, depending on your mileage, maybe a couple of months. It isn't a point and squirt sports car but is extremely capable in today's traffic in both urban environments and as a very refined long distance touring car. Max mpg comes from Eco mode and anticipation - that's not driving slowly but easing off a bit earlier than you might have in the past and light use of brakes to get max regen. Below ~45mph lift off the throttle and it will likely go into EV mode then just lightly apply the throttle again to maintain speed and it will run in EV mode for a surprisingly long time. It's something that comes naturally after a while. If you need some power (fast A roads and overtaking) put it in Sports mode and for more control move the gear selector to S if the mood take you and the car will make rapid but smooth progress (manual gear selection only really works with the feel of a 6 speed box with the gear selector in S otherwise in D the manual control acts as more of a gear hold like for long descents rather than actually using it for sequential steps - this is not well explained anywhere and what trips up many people).
  4. Sounds like a good price all in given the low mileage
  5. The repair looks great - well done - did you tot up the total cost of the repair in the end?
  6. The interesting thing to me is that they are prepared to do the Essentials service on a 2016 car as everything I have seen says it is only for cars over 5 years old.
  7. From those costs the dealer with the cheaper prices is quoting for the Essentials service and the dealer with the more expensive prices the standard service. Which is interesting as if your car is a 2016 model then Essentials pricing should not apply as it's for cars over 5 years old... I would ask the dealer with the cheaper pricing if they are actually quoting correctly or you are not comparing apples to apples...
  8. Like you I have been happy with their performance and in particular the mileage they have achieved (I did have Yokohama on a Honda as OEM a few years back and found them OK then too but hard to source so switched to Michelin that car) - when I enquired as to the cost of replacing them on the Lexus I was pleasantly surprised on the price so decided to stick with them. Only time I had any problems was in the snow but to be fair it would probably have been similar with any summer orientated tyre.
  9. Same tyres as you on my car and mine were changed at 30k miles for rears first time and 40k miles front first time then rears for second time at 60k miles and now done 73k miles so will expect to be doing fronts again at 80k miles - they really do last a lot of miles.
  10. Don't get me wrong - I have seen similar but I have also seen my fair share of poor diagnosis, shoddy repair and lack of care leading to subsequent problems at independents too. There is no one "right" place and we have to select carefully and check thoroughly whilst finding what we each consider the right place. At one time I must have used most of the BMW franchised dealers in the South as I found them very poor. I then found a good franchised dealer and purchased four new cars through them and had all servicing done there. For a little more care, thought and customer service they made a good return from me. In fact that was one of my concerns changing to Lexus as I had good service from that BMW dealer. I have to date been happy with the Lexus dealer though.
  11. Service schedule says to definitely replace at 40k miles - check more regularly and replace as necessary (but would be additional cost I assume) so yours would have been replaced next service by Lexus (4 years 40k miles).
  12. That is not the specific service schedule for the IS 300h just a generic Lexus one. The Lexus website has the actual model specific service schedules that shows clearly when items are to be checked and changed. Whether any dealer or independent can be trusted to do what they say on paper carries the same risk but on balance I would believe a franchised dealer over an unknown independent selected at random. I have an independent garage I have used for many years for various cars (though not my Lexus at the moment) and trust them not to do any unnecessary repairs. However they do tend to the other end of the scale especially for older cars of wait for it to fail before replacing rather than replacing as a preventative step. For some of our cars that is absolutely fine though for others I would rather be more preventative. Horses for courses.
  13. If you add up the service pricing on the Lexus website it would be £1,425 without the FoC MoT so the quoted cost is cheaper than the individual sum.
  14. I do exactly same as Colin - my average over 2+ years of mixed driving (towns and motorway) is 48mpg on the car computer. I don't drive slowly but generally drive smoothly with good anticipation to avoid excessive braking.
  15. That's good to hear - I have done 73K miles (64 reg) in mine to date and do about 15K miles a year - I have kept cars in the past to over 150K miles including a BMW 528i to over 200K miles which I purchased brand new (though don't do so many miles as I did these days) so your experiences will be valuable it helping time my (and I am sure others) next change.