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  1. IS 300h has under the arm rest 2x USB both of which can charge too although at a low rate and the cigarette socket too. I have a double fast phone charger plugged in the cigarette socket as it charges the phone much faster than the USB sockets. This sits horizontal under the arm rest. I have a USB memory stick in one of the USB ports with my music on it - you need one of the very small thumb size ones to close the arm rest though. There is a special position to bring the lead out from under he arm rest to plug your phone or other device into.
  2. It was as per a previous part of this thread "Choose vehicle signal check, and a number of items will appear including the battery voltage" - I went through most of the menus to see what was there but couldn't find much else of any use...
  3. I decided out of sheer curiosity to find the "hidden menu" - I have a 64 reg IS 300h Executive (so standard nav). The combination on mine is to hold the menu button down (on the centre console) and then do the lights on/off three times quickly - it then pops up the "hidden menu". I also had a look at the battery voltage - with the aux on but the engine off it was showing between 11.7V and 12V - seemed to fluctuate up and down in this range. Not sure what that tells me! As far as I know the car has the original battery (I bought it just under two years ago at 41,000 miles from Lexus - always serviced at Lexus and no battery replacement in the online service notes) and it's now done about 63,000 miles. It's used most days on short runs with longer runs on average once a week. Never had any sign of problems with the 12V battery. There didn't seem to be anything else of much use in the "hidden menu" unless someone knows what else can be accessed...
  4. wharfhouse

    IS300h run flat tyre

    I used to have OEM run-flats on a BMW - I think the rims were designed differently to stop the tyre sliding off when deflated but I have also seen other info about run flats being ok for any rims so not sure. I would have though the TPMS would indicate when a puncture occurred ok though. Although there are obvious positives to run flat tyres the downside is that they have very stiff side walls (so they can run when flat) which can lead to a much harsher ride - cars designed with OEM run flats have this factor engineered into the suspension setup but even then a lot of people complain about the ride quality of BMWs on OEM run flats...
  5. At the age and mileage of the car I would have thought a new engine and hybrid system will come to more than the insurance write off value so if the insurance cover this damage then I would not be surprised if they declare it a write off.
  6. wharfhouse

    Driving in Germany- a discovery

    Yes - something to do with limiting the revs on the electric motors
  7. wharfhouse

    Accelerator pedal resistsnce

    This is from the car's manual - I would assume "accelerating sharply" includes kickdown - when I have gone to kickdown it seems to go to pretty much max revs (more noticeable when in Eco) and as per this I would assume full battery output: 80 1-2. Hybrid system ◆ When stopped/during start off The gasoline engine stops when the vehicle is stopped. During start off, the electric motor (traction motor) drives the vehicle. At slow speeds or when traveling down a gentle slope, the engine is stopped and the electric motor (traction motor) is used. ◆ During normal driving The gasoline engine is predominantly used. The electric motor (traction motor) charges the hybrid battery (traction battery) as necessary. ◆ When accelerating sharply When the accelerator pedal is depressed heavily, the power of the hybrid battery (traction battery) is added to that of the gasoline engine via the electric motor (traction motor). ◆ When braking (regenerative braking) The electric motor (traction motor) charges the hybrid battery (traction battery).
  8. wharfhouse


    The IS 300h was announced as Euro 6 compliant in April 2015... That means Which has left these comments on the car report for well over 3 years - they should at least clarify - I'm surprised Lexus didn't approach them given what they have said. Then again I don't subscribe to Which and don't know anyone else who does...!
  9. wharfhouse

    Service and MOT yesterday

    In my experience I largely ignore MOT "advisories" (after checking the car myself) as they are subjective - I have seen "advisories" on one MOT then not on the next one! As for tyres tread depth I would measure them yourself as again I have seen measurements made wrongly by garages or recorded wrongly...!
  10. wharfhouse

    IS300h Speedo Accuracy.

    That is normal - all cars under read a little so you can't inadvertently speed - not sure what the max number/percentage is but under reading is usually in the 5% to 10% range in my experience when checked with GPS.
  11. wharfhouse


    At the end of the day, whether we like it or not, that's why we have to have standardised and controlled emissions tests so that although they don't fully reflect real world mpg figures they do at least compare apples to apples as much as possible - I take any other self appointed test results from any media publications with a pinch of salt as far too many variables involved.
  12. I have a 64 Executive and have the 13MY version - I'm pretty sure you have the rotary dial to use the sat nav (not the mouse) and so have the Standard 13MY and not Premium. With the Standard sat nav there isn't anything you can download from the Lexus website and any updates to the sat nav have to be (officially) done by the dealer.
  13. wharfhouse

    Lexus IS300H service cost

    If Irish Lexus dealers charge the same as in the UK then it will be double that for servicing... Lexus fixed service charges are on the Lexus UK website https://www.lexus.co.uk/owners/servicing-and-maintenance/ - scroll down to the bottom and enter the model etc to get prices.
  14. wharfhouse

    Extended warranty

    Concur with you on tyres. Was going to go to a local tyre place that I know are about the best in price but thought I'd give Lexus a call and see what they would charge as they say they will be cheaper than anywhere local - they were in fact over £30 cheaper for the exact same two tyres so went to Lexus - have to say I was surprised.