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  1. That's great, thanks for your help. If anyone else has any personal experience and can doubly confirm it would be a bonus.
  2. Oh right okay, well I am based in Ipswich, like I said the double din fascia plates I have found list the second gen gs but only up til 2003 are you aware of any interior changes that would make my 2004 model interior any different? Are you able to tell me where you sourced your double din fascia kit? Also are you aware of any wiring harness adaptors that would adapt the stock speaker connections? Or a diagram that would help me to figure out how to cut and splice in to a new pin connector? Thanks for your reply
  3. Hi there guys, I have a couple of queries about the audio connections that are attached to the stock Marl Levinson amp and head unit found in the second gen 2004 GS 430. (It does not have sat nav.) I have been searching for a few days now and I still don't believe I have the correct information. I am looking to install a double din head unit running 3 seperate Amps (2 to power 3 subwoofers) a 10 inch stock replacement and a twin 12 enclosed box in the boot, as well as a four channel amp to power new 4 inch composite speakers replacing the original door speakers. So I know what gear I want to run. The problem I am having is that I cannot seem to locate a wiring harness adaptor that will mate with the speaker and live connections in the boot that are off of the original Mark Levinson amp. So my first question is where can I find a wiring harness adaptor that will fit the stock speaker and power connectors? (not looking to keep cd changer) I have heard that some toyota adaptors are the same but I don't have specific information. Failing that, I will have to cut and splice the wires into a different 16 pin connector so I was looking for the correct wiring diagrams for the audio/radio for the GS 430 2004 model. If anyone has the right one available then name your price lol My third and final problem is that I was told that there are no double din adapter fascia plates available for my car, however so far I have found four different models listed as follows; CT24LX06 CT24LX07 CT24LX14 Metra 95-8152 again if anybody is able to let me know which one fits best I would be very grateful. As I am being told that they fit the second gen gs but only up until 2003 year and I cannot see why they would have changed the interior of the 2004 GS in its final year. Thanks in advance, and audio upgrades wont be the only thing getting overhauled on this beauty this year