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  1. The F sport grill looks so much better to my eyes than the standard IS250 grill.
  2. Do the led puddle lights fade on and off like the ordinary bulbs ?
  3. Braking Issue

    I don't know if this helps but I had the same problem with my other car which is a VW Bora TDI. I bled the braking system a couple of times, always ensuring that the fluid exiting the calipers was clear of air but I could not get a hard pedal without pumping. That is until I discovered that the master cylinder had a bleed nipple as well. Fitted the bleed tube and opened it up and out gushed a load of bubbly fluid. Brakes have been fine ever since. Maybe your Lexus has a similar bleed nipple or maybe not but worth checking.
  4. If you buy an extended warranty, I presume that you are then locked into having it serviced (expensively) at a Lexus dealer? If extended for two years, then 2 services which could add a good few hundred to the equation..
  5. I think it's a high price given that it does not have the Multimedia system or the Mark Levinson installed.
  6. Re the sparkplug change. People forget that the schedule I think is 60k miles or 6 years which ever comes first. I bought my car from a Lexus dealer with just under 58000 miles and was sort thinking I would have to do them soon. Checking the service printouts that came with the car showed that the previous fastidious owner had had them changed at the 6 year mark so a bonus for me.
  7. IS250 Auto - Not Starting Today

    Check the basics first, spark and fuel. I would pull one on the spark plug coils and put in a spare plug resting on the engine to earth it and see if you have a spark. If yes suspect the fuel system and check the fuel pump relay etc. Call out your recovery company if you are a member of one.
  8. Have you tried one of the various vinyl repair people? Examples.
  9. Those pictures are obviously taken from a monitor screen. I think this dealer gets offered cars from other dealers and eulogises them in adverts while slapping on a healthy profit. Personally, I think the price is way too high, you would just be paying extra for his next exotic holiday !
  10. Tell him to stuff it ! There will always be another one that turns up eventually.
  11. I forgot to add that the car had 9 service stamps, all from the supplying dealer and the car had had the plugs changed at the 6 year service so it does not need them changing at 60k. They also serviced it before the sale to me !
  12. Just for comparison, my car bought two weeks ago from a Lexus dealer was £7495. It's a 2009 SE-L Multimedia Auto but one of the last pre facelift models.57000 miles, Argento Ice with beautiful virtually unmarked grey leather interior. They put 2 new rear calipers on, the last and only owner had had the wheels refurbished and had replaced the rear silencers and y pipe. !2 months MOT and a year of Lexus + warranty which includes breakdown and Lexus assist. They also paid for a new battery when I pointed out that it was pushing 10 years old and a bit weak. So the moral I suppose is, don't automatically assume that a car from the Lexus network is going to be overpriced and a bad deal.
  13. Telephone

    With regard to bluetoothing contacts, I think it may depend on your phone. I tried to send the whole of my contact list with my Cubot Manito which runs Android 6 and I couldn't do it except one at a time. However, trying it with my old Moto G which still had my contact list on it, I could transfer the whole phonebook in one go. Moto G is running Android 5. On the Galaxy, if you go to your contacts list then import/export from menu, can you not share namecards via bluetooth and the select all ? I know I can on my very old Samsung Galaxy S2.
  14. I had approached the Lexus dealer who sold me the car and after another experiment last night playing around with the MM system for 20 minutes or so which led to the car not starting and chattering on the solenoid, they have agreed to reimburse the cost of a new battery. I was under the impression that the car was an approved used car and the warranty for that states that wear and tear items had a 3 month warranty, however my car has the lesser 5 year + extended warranty which is not the same. Lesson learnt ! So, new battery to be fitted by a different Lexus dealer on Friday but another bonus is that having a look underneath at the exhaust system reveals that the back section with the two silencers is almost new. Going back to the MM system causing the battery to go flat, you would think that with all the clever electronics on the car, when the battery is discharged to a certain level, either the car would switch it off or warn the user that to continue would mean the car would not start.
  15. Got my new to me IS 250 SE-l MM Auto yesterday and very impressed with the car. Spent an hour or so last night playing around with the multi media system, playing a DVD etc, came this morning to start it and just get a buzzing of the starter solenoid. Obviously I must have flattened the battery. So the question is, if I'm parked up how long can one play around with the DVD without the engine running before I get to the flat battery stage ? Also, the drivers side illuminated sill doesn't light. The passenger side does though. Is this just possibly a bulb or something and how does the actual plate come off ? Apart from these issues, really chuffed with the car, pre facelift on an 09 plate with Lexus approved warranty,57000 miles.
  16. Sill light fixed! I thought I would pull the non working sill plate off to have a look underneath and voila! the connector, for whatever reason was not connected. Just pushed it back together and it now works fine. Just the battery to sort out now. The approved used Lexus warranty does state that wear and tear items including the battery are covered for the first 3 months of the 12 so I can't see why they would not replace it.
  17. Just had a look at the number which is 200708 so presumably a July 2008 battery. Guess its end is near.
  18. Yes, just like that one but because it's in the holder I couldn't see the Panasonic logo. If I read the approved used warranty right, it should be guaranteed for the first 3 months.
  19. Not sure if it's a Panasonic but it a clearish/white case with a black top with a yellow sticker and a Lexus care sticker with a phone number to ring for my nearest dealer if i'm feeling a little flat LOL!
  20. I would have thought that the drive home from the dealers of 125 miles would have charges the battery sufficiently but as has been said, maybe it's getting on a bit. i will wait a while and see. Would the battery and the sill light come under the warranty?
  21. Put a deposit down over the phone today on a 2009 IS 250 se-l multi media from a Lexus dealer. The personal video sent to me clearly shows that it is a pre upgrade car because it does not have indicators in the wing mirrors and the reversing lights are the square ones. What puzzles me is that the car has the 10 spoke 17inch wheels and also whenever I put the registration number into the My Lexus or the Gov, mot history, nothing is found. It does come up on the basic MOT check though. If I look at 2008 or 2009 brochures on the Lexus site, those cars have the mirror indicators and tick shaped reversing lights and the 18inch wheels. I just wonder how this car which is registered March 2009 can not have these features. Does anyone know the year when the upgrade happened and should it have 18 inch wheels as standard ?
  22. Spoke to dealer today and yes it had a cherished plate on it previously and asked about the recalls and both have been done which is good.
  23. That could explain it then. Any reason why the reg number doesn't seem to show up in various places ? I actually like those wheels and apparently they have been refurbished last year or so and hopefully being 17 inch will add to the comfort.
  24. I was thinking about the price and I thought at the time, it was well worth paying the full amount to secure such a nice car. One thought did cross my mind though, and this applies to any IS250 and that is to have a real good look at the exhaust system especially a car that old because we all know how expensive they can me. Enjoy your prize !