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  1. Yeh I didn't go ahead with it The paint niggles were putting me off especially the poor masking on the passenger side arch, there was a hard mask line on the passenger door with over spray evident It drove great but again the history had only 1 lexus stamp which wouldn't put you in a great position if it needed work.
  2. Thanks Glynn, I'm more concerned now about the rust someone spotted viewing the car before me, around the O/S/R arch and down in front of the wheel. i'm assuming its been repaired as going by the pic they posted on facebook I would have never missed it.
  3. Cheers Dan, Takeda intake ordered and have some new tyres in the garage waiting to go on Pretty sure a manifold is cracked as it has that cold start ticking noise but gives me an excuse to browse RR racing😁
  4. That makes me feel a bit easier. I've bought that isf just waiting for them to prep it. It will come with the dealers generic 3 month warranty but I'll keep a fund aside just in case. I've booked it in with lexus the day after I collect to make sure there isn't anything nasty hiding.
  5. Black ISF spotted at a dealer in Derby Priced very well with only 3 owners and 65k on the clock
  6. Hi All, Hopefully a budding lexus owner on the way I have seen a high mileage LS430 on a favored auction site, which many probably use and have seen. The car is question has covered 270,000 which I can assume are mostly motorway miles. My only concerns are it doesnt have much in the way of history and has been through 8 owners. Having spoke to lexus it seems to have only been in twice, 1 in 2009 and 1 in 2015. WOULD YOU?