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  1. Hehe, i passed without a doubt:) my car has 100k km on the clock, there were no repairs during 4 years and the car is in percect condition. LEXUS is really about quality. good luck
  2. Thanks! I will try that, and in the line i think the engine must be on. Cheers
  3. Hello, it is time to go for MOT, or how it is called in english. Today is the day:) the thing is, that i have no pre-cats in my IS. So as i remember it is not a major problem. I just need to warm the main cat, and the CO will be fine. So the question is, for how long to drive before MOT? thanks in a hurry:)
  4. Sorry to hear that, it looks ugly and huuge! bring it back for daint job! or replace the whole part with a new one
  5. I think You just answered the question:) Try tu push the leathen around the stick. Sometimes leather makes You feel uncomfortable:)
  6. Hi to all. Good man Aido adviced me to try here. So here it is: I hear some clicking noise in neutral gear(bearing was changed and it still there), also often i experience a judder, very noticable one, it gets worse. And one more thing, after long run ~300km, the clutch is acting strange, it doesn't slip, but but it looks like i got to release the clutch all the way, then car moves. It doesn't react from the middle of releasing it as ussual, but when a little of releasing is left. I hope you understood. As i understand i have or will have to change it very soon? Any ideas? Cheers Besides, my car is still sloooooow:)
  7. But the standart 60k sevice includes the same repairs. Could you be so kind and list it?
  8. Could You give me also some details about 60K service and the amount of money needed. Thanks
  9. Tru, masochist:) Try put some material between dash parts that are creaking. One of them is business cards
  10. Hi, i noticed the same thing after winter season when i put summer tyres. I played with air pressure a lot. And it looks normal now. Try to change pressure.
  11. That's what i was missing:) I hate when car jumps in traffic! Thanks for that!
  12. Somehow i don't like them the look and the price. But it's just my opinion
  13. but the face should be removable? as its better than haven it non removable i know nothing is theft proof ← True, better tiny bird in hand, than cow in fields:)
  14. Theft proof? It's a joke?:) They steel it and buy a front panel from another thief. It is just for you to feel safe, but the stereo is not safe. Believe me
  15. Wow, something new... Looks nice, but is it worth the money? Can you see anything in the screen when sitting in normal position?:)
  16. Your fuel filter isn't proud about that like You are :D
  17. Yes, i think everybody experienced this. I don't really care about it. I use simple dashboard cleaner and i spray more on that cover, so then it is more less the same color. cheers
  18. javadude>>>than it is cheap! say i am crazy? no i am not! You get normal payment for job, so it is cheap comparing to my country policy:) You are lucky people kazdul, don't worry, my country is very close to you, i think diesel is more expencive than petrol in my country too, few months ago it really was! So You're not alone:)
  19. When light is on, i can only fill up ~60 litres maximum. So 10 litres are left, but it is not recommended to drive with the crap in your fuel tank's bottom. How much does one liter of fuel cost in UK?
  20. Some time ago there was a topic about these headlamps. They fit only IS300
  21. Congrats! However, it is important that You would still have what to dream about:)
  22. People have different tastes and their points of view. Personally i don't really care what other people say about things that i like. It is pointless discussing about taste:) Maybe this guy(gal) that wrote article is german car lover?:) Cheers
  23. Yes, Imi, it is the same thing! I trully hope that You will sort it out, because i don't know what to look for:( From my experience pre-cats were not the fault. They were a little dirty, but not choked. At last someone knows what i am experiencing
  24. ColinBarber>>i didn't, there aren't much IS200 in my town, and lexus has only AUTO. But i can tell 100% that it is something wrong:/ because lack of power appears after some driving and in no other car that i drove that ever happened. If it would be normal, believe me i wouldn't buy it in first place. But i did and i was very very happy with it, till now... Thanks
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