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  1. davevans91

    New Firmware - May 2016

    Don’t remember exactly how long mine took but was longer than 10 mins. I washed and dried the whole car in the time it took. Edit: Also that was with a very fast USB as well.
  2. davevans91

    New Firmware - May 2016

    Hey Capt, sent you a PM. I believe they are different versions for the different Navs but I also have the premium kit which is handy. I do find it mad that they don't update just out of principle, the update made my system a lot more responsive and the internet services would not work before. Just kept telling me to download the update from a web page that does not exist any more. Cheers
  3. davevans91

    New Firmware - May 2016

    Hey, I managed to get hold of a copy of the firmware, worked on my car and can now use the internet connected stuff again. I am away with work until Saturday but can dig it out again when back if you still need it then. Send me a PM if I forget on Saturday! Cheers
  4. davevans91

    New Firmware - May 2016

    Hi guys, i have been trying to find an update for my (new to me) IS300h to no avail, I am current running VC0310A... i can't even use traffic updates on this version apparently. Would it be possible to get hold of a copy of the latest firmware to flash? No luck anywhere on the Lexus website. Thank you!