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  1. Is200 from Devon (Lots of pics!)

    I found the tin i used earlier in the garage, it was E-Tech red lens tinting spray. Probably got it from ebay. I have the same prob on my drivers side and it does help. I have to take the cluster off every now and again to let it dry out as theres a small crack at the top. Just a helpful hint, I had to do my lenses twice. The first time I took them off and masked them up on my workbench, then panel wiped the surfaces clean. Sprayed a couple of thin coats of red tint and let them cure overnight. The next day they looked really good, but a bit of a dull matt finish. So i layed a couple of coats of lacquer and all looked shiny so i bolted them back on and away I went. About a week later i noticed I couldnt really inside the lens any more, the top section was just a faded redish/pink colour. I tried buffing this out and it sort of worked but me being an idiot, i went too far and got down to the clear plastic. So i decided to polish all the lacquer and red out and start over. I did everything the same but before putting them back on the car when they looked great after the final lacquer coat, I gave them a quick hand polish with K2 headlight restorder paste to remove a fine coat of top laquer and they've stayed crystal clear ever since. Not sure what I did wrong, but hopefully you dont have the headache I had.
  2. Is200 from Devon (Lots of pics!)

    I used just a generic red spray and a clear laquer top coat. Buffed up with a cutting polish afterwards. Did the fogs too so they would match somewhat. I had already purchased a vinyl but after a mock up on the lens i didnt really like the look of it. And also im just outside of Torrington. How about yourself?
  3. Is200 from Devon (Lots of pics!)

    Thanks, glad to be here. I've been on a regular to the forum for a while, looking for how-to's etc, so thought I'd join contribute if I can :)
  4. Hi all, Recently got another Lex and I'm new around these parts, so though I'd introduce myself and share it. I'm Jim, and this is my daily driver. Had it about 5 months now. This is what it looked like when it was for sale. Just a standard 2002 IS200 Sport in black. Has the 18" TTE alloys and the Aero Package 2 i believe. FSH with 134k miles. Was bone stock when I got it about 5 months ago. Even had the OEM headunit. That didnt last long though. I've done quite a few things to it over the past new months, although no mechanical mods, and this is what she looks like now :) I didnt like the orange interior bulbs so changed those. Also changed white LED sidelights, dips, fulls and fogs. LED stop/tails, number plate and reverse bulbs. I do love my audio so its, fully sound deadened with a subtle and powerfull ICE install with 7" touchscreen. Boot lid wouldnt stay open was torsion bar linkage was snapped, so fitted a pair of gas struts/dampers to keep boot open. Their a tad short at 300mm but give the boot a nice rake ;) Really love the car. Used to have a a '98 MK2 GS300. One of the best cars I'd ever driven. Even caught the modding bug with the 2JZ. I do enjoy tinkering with this one, but have run out of ideas. Kinda want to refurb and paint the wheels next. Not sure what colour though. Whats the thoughts on a solid white? Jim