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  1. Newbie

    Having had the car for just over a week, I thought it's about time I got some pics up of the car. I went for the metallic deep blue for the exterior (the sun really brings out the true colour) with ivory and noble brown interior.
  2. Thanks all, checked the Park Assist options and found that it was set to 'Low Distance' - have changed the setting and tested, all working OK.
  3. @rayaans I picked up my 4RX on Friday and still getting use to the sheer size of the car - do you know if there's a way of enabling the parking sensors at the drivers request? Past vehicles have always had a button to activate the parking sensors but I can't seem to locate a button within the RX. Would like to activate the sensors when going through width restrictions etc. The parking sensors on the RX only seem to come on when 'R' is engaged.
  4. Newbie

    Indeed hassle free motoring at its finest. The choice of vehicles on this scheme is fairly extensive, majority of variants from every model of the Lexus range (bar the LS). The list to choose from is updated on a quarterly basis...unfortunatley they dropped the F-Sport RX from the list when the time came for me to order my car. I'm hoping it will re-appear when it comes around to ordering the next car. Also no priority, each vehicle is built to order and I have the option to add optional extras (increases the monthly payment as you'd expect but not massively)...I added the opening panoramic roof which costs me an extra £10 per month. Right I'm off to collect my new toy , pics to follow.....
  5. Newbie

    Yep, discount isn't too bad In summary, no deposit, fixed monthly payment, Road Tax included and no mileage limit. Only cost to me will be insurance and fuel and given that I'll only cover 5-6k miles over the 6 months, no service and no new tyres (fingers crossed) It's amazing to learn for just how little they offer the vehicles to their employees and I guess it's safe to assume that they still make some decent money from the heavily discounted rates.
  6. Newbie

    @Shahpor I'm fortunate enough to have a family member who works for Lexus and is allowed 2 vehicles on a friends and family car scheme and has kindly allowed me to get my car on this scheme. It's a great scheme whereby I have to order a new car every 4 months as I'm only allowed to keep a vehicle for 6 months. I've got my eye on the RX F-sport or RC for the next car
  7. Newbie

    So the delivery of my car was delayed by a few days and rather than being delivered on the 17th, I'm now picking up the car tomorrow morning Will be getting to the dealership early doors as they've got the LC coupes in the showroom as part of the nationwide launch that they are doing.
  8. Great write up Rayaans and a lovely looking car you've got there! I get my hands on my 4RX on 21/07 - going to be longest 7 days ever!
  9. Newbie

    I've just been given a estimated date of July 17th , hopefully there are no delays and it arrives earlier. It's going to be a long 7 weeks!
  10. Newbie

    Thanks Shahpor! Order was only placed last week so still waiting for the dealer to confirm build and delivery dates...I'm hoping it's not too long a wait. Would be interested to learn what sort of lead times other customers have been given for new Lexus orders...
  11. Newbie

    Morning all A quick post to introduce myself before I scour the forum to learn more about the Lexus brand and owners experiences as I eagerly await delivery of a new RX450h in Luxury guise. Having always owned German marques historically (predominantly BMWs and currently, an Audi A5) and being in the market for a new car, I have decided to make the switch to this prestigious Japanese brand. Look forward to sharing my experience of Lexus ownership and picking the brains of knowledgable fellow members. Pictures of the car to follow (once I get my hand on it) Alps