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  1. Cant comment on your driving experience in the 2017 Sport, we just bought a new 2017 F-Sport with the new face lift in Fuji Red and absolutely love the colour, had loads of compliments on its looks too, think the grey wheels look better than the black in my opinion
  2. 1st Time Lexus Owner :)

    Thanks rebecca, we are delighted with it :)
  3. 1st Time Lexus Owner :)

    Thanks Surebet
  4. 1st Time Lexus Owner :)

    Thanks nickd, was one of the reasons we went for Lexus, also think they all stand out on the road, really smart looking cars that stand out amongst the Audi, BMW and Mercs
  5. 1st Time Lexus Owner :)

    Cheers Spacewagon52, really happy with it so far, Had a variety of cars over the years, mainly Vauxhall, Ford or VW, last car was an Astra GTC 2.0 Sri cdti
  6. 1st Time Lexus Owner :)

    Cheers tayaste, so far so good :)
  7. 1st Time Lexus Owner :)

    This is our 1st Lexus vehicle that we have bought in over 30 years of owning cars. Really delighted with our choice so far. Looking forward to getting tips advice etc from here. :)
  8. Dazza IS300h F-Sport

    My first Lexus in over 30 years of car ownership, delighted so far :)