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  1. Well the buyer sent a recovery firm to collect the car on Saturday morning. He sent me a message later in the day to st he had received it and that he was very happy with it. He had already charged the battery and got it running but said it needed a few things doing before putting it on the road.
  2. Runsgrateas is correct. I was, of course, watching very closely and I got a notification on my phone every time a new bid came in. Nobody outbid himself. You need to understand automatic bidding to understand how it can look like they did. I may suggest to the new owner that he joins LOC so he can keep you all up to date with the progress. I may even look in myself every now and then. ( but I won't mention to him that some enthusiasts reckoned the car was worth less than £100). 😉
  3. Yes, you're right. I'm surprised to see so many bids (19) on this so early on. I've put over 30 items on ebay in the past couple of weeks and generally 90% o the bidding is in the last minute or so. The Lexus has attracted far more attention than anything else.
  4. Yes, £810. But it was at over £1,000 earlier - until the bidder cancelled his bid! And it has 85 'watchers' so it could be interesting tomorrow evening.
  5. It's an old E220. Not as impressive as a Lexus, I'm sure, but it's a lovely ride. Drove down to Italy in it last year and was sorry when the journey ended.
  6. Oh, I admit that, having never driven (or even sat in) a Lexus, I'd like to see what all the fuss is all about. But I guess I'll have to be content with my 13 year old Merc - that's luxury enough for me.
  7. Maybe if I knew anything about cars, which I don't....
  8. And rising.... Trouble is I may have to keep it myself now, just so I have somewhere to put my Lexus Owners Club stickers that arrived in the post today
  9. Thanks for your frank comments, dendonc. I guess we'll be just scrapping it after all.
  10. Thanks everyone for your comments. I know nothing about Lexus cars so it sounds like it's not something I want to take on myself. So is there anyone out there who wants to make me any kind of offer? It's in Woking, Surrey, if anyone wants to view it.
  11. Registration number: L525DPK Vehicle make LEXUS Vehicle model LS400 Date first used 14 December 1993 Fuel type Petrol Colour Gold MOT history of this vehicle Test date 5 September 2011 Expiry date 4 September 2012 Test Result Pass Odometer reading 65,145 miles MOT test number 9277 9814 1204 Advisory notice item(s) Front number plate starting to seperate Oil leak from engine Test date 13 July 2010 Expiry date 23 July 2011 Test Result Pass Odometer reading 64,443 miles MOT test number 5605 0459 0198 Test date 13 July 2010 Test Result Fail Odometer reading 64,443 miles MOT test number 3217 6459 0195 Reason(s) for failure Nearside Headlamp aim too high (1.8) Offside Headlamp aim too high (1.8) Nearside Front Tyre tread depth below requirements of 1.6mm (4.1.E.1) Advisory notice item(s) Front number plate starting to seperate. Slight dampness to power steering rack area. Cuts in both front tyre outer walls. Offside front tyre on limit on outer edge. Offside rear tyre on legal limit. Slight play in nearside rear wheel bearing. Test date 13 July 2009 Expiry date 23 July 2010 Test Result Pass Odometer reading 63,551 miles MOT test number 4642 0409 9169 Advisory notice item(s) Nearside Front Tyre worn close to the legal limit (4.1.E.1) Nearside Rear Rear wheel bearing has slight play (2.6.2) Test date 21 July 2008 Expiry date 23 July 2009 Test Result Pass Odometer reading 62,584 miles MOT test number 3744 8300 8410 Test date 17 July 2007 Expiry date 23 July 2008 Test Result Pass Odometer reading 61,370 miles MOT test number 2109 9869 7137 Test date 24 July 2006 Expiry date 23 July 2007 Test Result Pass Odometer reading 60,230 miles MOT test number 6712 7520 6295
  12. I'm not sure. At this stage, I'm just seeing whether there's any interest from anyone who wants to take it as it is. Otherwise, I'll get it sorted and sell it as a working car. I don't know Lexus cars but reckon it should be worth £2,500 to £3,000 once serviced and washed so I guess we'd be looking for less than £1,000 as it is.
  13. Hi, I've been asked by a friend to find a home for a 1993 LS400 (Colour Gold) which has only done 65,000 miles has been lovingly looked after, in immaculate condition BUT has not been started in five years. The lady who owned it averaged about 1,000 miles per year until she stopped driving 5 years ago. Since then it has been in storage in a dry garage so the outside is dusty but inside it's a beautiful car. This will be a great opportunity for someone who wants to own a great car. So anyone out there interested?