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  1. TPMS

    I have to agree with ryaans here. unless the accident was caused by a sudden drop in pressure the insurance company wouldn't be too bothered. my friend had a very serious accident was air lifted to hospital etc. he had after market wheels on his car with completely different tyres sizes to what the manufacturer stated. Aviva paid out no problem infact as it was quite a rare care (corolla compressor) he got slightly more than he paid
  2. haha oh dear I apologise now .
  3. I think they are referring to the TC kicking in too soon not actually spinning the wheels
  4. I don't want to start a debate here but you say the 300h lacks grunt however 0-60 is the same as the older v6? As a 300h f sport owner when I hit sport and hit the deck to overtake it certainly doesn't lack grunt...... Cheers
  5. Is300h considering

    I absolutely love mine, this is my first Lexus and would highly recommend. I have the F sport, firmer ride however with the Michelin pilot sport 4's on it handles amazing. I do mainly motorway driving and average 52mpg which I'm more than happy with especially as running wider tyres compared to other models. I'm too running a second set of smaller alloys but with winter tyres on. I can't tell you how good they are. activate snow mode with winters and you will be getting here 4x4 can't as the above post demonstrates lol. great car very pleased
  6. darrude I agree with your issues around the rattles I have one which will start anytime now as the weather warms up. Lexus have agreed to look at this under warranty for me so we will see. around the traction, in have the f sport with 255/35/18 on the rear and I must say under hard acceleration the light hardly comes on, I'm running Michelin pilot sport 4's.
  7. Rear Tyre for IS250 - 2012

    No I have a 300 sorry.
  8. Rear Tyre for IS250 - 2012

    Ahhh just spotted the tyre sizes, mine are 255 35 18, yours are 255 40 18. Very strange that a higher profile tyre is so much more expensive. Adds a good £50 on each so nearly 200 for a Michelin wow
  9. Rear Tyre for IS250 - 2012

    Dylan Those prices appear very expensive I've just paid £137 for my 18 inch Michelin pilot sport 4s 255 35 18. Have you tried other sites? Black circles were the cheapest for mine as Michelin own black circles Cheers
  10. Rear Tyre for IS250 - 2012

    You may wonder why I'm so passionate about people not buying cheap tyres. Well hopefully these pics will demonstrate it. This was my friends corolla T Sport Compressor, only 250 made. Was fitted with budget tyres when he purchased it second hand. His intention was to wear them out then fit premiums however he didn't get chance. This was the result of budget tyres unable to grip in heavy rain. He was air lifted to hospital and had major surgery straight away. How he's still here I'll never know. So there you have it people, they really are a load of rubbish when you need the Grip, they should be bloody banned
  11. Rear Tyre for IS250 - 2012

    I have a friend who works for one of the major tyre brands. Don't take too much notice around the ratings they use. Grip test is scored in a straight line for one thing, push a budget in the wet under corner braking and its a completely different story. Also the volume test is measured externally so from a pedestrian point of view not inside the car. My advice, keep away from budgets and go on professional reviews, I grantee budgets won't be near the top. I guess if it comes to budget try and find a half way house if you must. will be sailing across land into a ditch lol Cheers Carl
  12. Rear Tyre for IS250 - 2012

    Budget tyres and safety don't belong in the same sentence, they should be banned
  13. Hi vlad Turns out it wasn't the heater control unit, it was a unit behind the dash the diverts the air to the different vents for the climate control. This had a short and was causing the control unit to go off and also no heated or cooled seats. Lexus stoke said this was the first was they had ever replaced. Anyway it was all sorted under warranty and I'm now nice and warm again lol Cheers Carl
  14. Rear Tyre for IS250 - 2012

    Hi I'd go for a premium brand every time. I've just had Michelin pilot sport 4's paid £135 each and they are awesome. Win most of the reviews, evo rate them very highly
  15. Professional Detail

    Ok here it goes 1) use pressure washer to remove the thick 2) spray on citrus wash and allow 10 mins to loosen grime 3) rinse 3) magi foam with foam lance again allow 10 mins to work 4) rinse 5) wash using the 2 bucket method with grit guards. Use 2 professional mitts not sponges, one for upper half and one for lower. 6) rinse 7) reaper drying towel to dry off the car, don't use a leather as again these scratch. 8) apply a wet wax only takes around 15 mins to do the car 9) finally apply p64 gloss enhancer. These are just the steps for the paint work, obviously I do my wheels etc also. Any other questions give me a shout. Cheers Carl