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  1. thanks mate that's great to know, excellent service received so far from Leon
  2. It's the RC F Sport, yes it's at Hedge End so about 3 hours away from me, but it's worth it..
  3. Cheers will do, no it's a Lexus main dealer, only one in the UK to keep used stock in doors apparently
  4. Hi Guys Just thought I'd say hello and introduce my wheels. I've had an IS 300h F Sport for 2 years now and got offered an amazing deal on this which I couldn't say no too. It's fully loaded with the sunroof, ML system and also boot spoiler which is nice. I collect on Saturday so if you guys have any hints or tips let me know.
  5. Hi Just thought I'd say farewell to all you IS owners. I've absolutely loved my IS 300h F Sport but have now purchased this so i wont be far away lol. Had a great deal which I really couldn't say no to. It's fully loaded including a sunroof and ML system which I've never had before. Thanks for all your hints and tips on the IS
  6. Linas f sport on 18inch is also square pressure on all corners. Nice dig about the 300h being under powered again.
  7. Wow that's excellent well done will keep that in mind when I change again. Enjoy the ps4 great tyres cheers carl
  8. Hi I have to agree with Ryaans personally I wouldn't touch t cut on Lexus paint. when i first had my Lexus and before I was heavily into detailing I used t cut to remove a fine scratch, great I thought. got up in the Morning and the sun was shining on the car, the t cut had caused lots of fine maring in the paint, looked awful. That's my advice anyway, give your maguairs stuff ago in a place that's not obvious first. cheers
  9. Hi which version of the IS do you have? I have the F sport with 18 inch alloys and the firmer suspension and don't experience the behaviour you are referring to. cheers
  10. Hi I tried this too and had no luck however, you can get a carista dongle and app and this allows you to unlock a whole load of features including that one. check it out cheers
  11. Yes I have a friend who works for Mitch and he told me they own black circles which I never knew, hence the discount they do on michy
  12. hi glad you're enjoying the IS great cars. I'm running Michelin pilot sport 4's get great reviews. Since I've put these on I haven't seen much of the traction control.light..I paid about £135 each for the rears which was a decent price. don't got for budget rubbish, not worth it on a car like these, or any car for that matter. Cheers Carl
  13. Based in the Midlands, happy to travel abit if needs be