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  1. Carl1983

    High speed cornering

    Linas f sport on 18inch is also square pressure on all corners. Nice dig about the 300h being under powered again.
  2. Wow that's excellent well done will keep that in mind when I change again. Enjoy the ps4 great tyres cheers carl
  3. Carl1983

    Paint Correction

    Hi I have to agree with Ryaans personally I wouldn't touch t cut on Lexus paint. when i first had my Lexus and before I was heavily into detailing I used t cut to remove a fine scratch, great I thought. got up in the Morning and the sun was shining on the car, the t cut had caused lots of fine maring in the paint, looked awful. That's my advice anyway, give your maguairs stuff ago in a place that's not obvious first. cheers
  4. Carl1983

    Paint Correction

    thanks it's the solid velvet black
  5. Carl1983

    High speed cornering

    Hi which version of the IS do you have? I have the F sport with 18 inch alloys and the firmer suspension and don't experience the behaviour you are referring to. cheers
  6. Carl1983

    Total closure.

    Hi I tried this too and had no luck however, you can get a carista dongle and app and this allows you to unlock a whole load of features including that one. check it out cheers
  7. Yes I have a friend who works for Mitch and he told me they own black circles which I never knew, hence the discount they do on michy
  8. hi glad you're enjoying the IS great cars. I'm running Michelin pilot sport 4's get great reviews. Since I've put these on I haven't seen much of the traction control.light..I paid about £135 each for the rears which was a decent price. don't got for budget rubbish, not worth it on a car like these, or any car for that matter. Cheers Carl
  9. Carl1983

    Paint Correction

    Based in the Midlands, happy to travel abit if needs be
  10. Hi some of you maybe aware last year in had my IS paint work fully corrected as it had swirls and marks all over it. Since then I've been on some 1-2-1 course and purchased alot of the kit myself. I've now done a few cars but today decided to go over my 13 plate IS again This didn't take long at all because my washing technique is very strict so very minor scratching to the laqer that's all. Lexus paint is very soft so it's always gonna happen however that makes it nice to work with when correcting. Here are some pictures from today, if any of you would like your paintwork correcting drop me a pm and we can discuss further.
  11. Hi welcome to the Lexus club. I had the same issue as you as I came from an auris hybrid and I too thought the centre console was rather dark. when it went in for a service a Lexus technician came out and confirmed the 2 wholes where I thought the leds were are infact for the alarm. don't worry too much as you get used to it and now it doesn't bother me at all, absolutely love the car Cheers carl
  12. Carl1983

    MPG on IS 300h etc.

    Hi I have an F Sport with the 18 inch wheels. my driving is always long runs with the odd local run every now and then. I've owned it for 12 months now and the lowest tank ever was 48mpg. Average for the year is 50mpg which I'm extremely happy with. winter time I drop onto smaller 16 inch wheels with winter tyres and if anything my mpg improves . hope this helps enjoy the new motor
  13. hi I have an S8 and was having this issue a few months back. turned out the firmware on the car needed updating and was nothing to do with the phone. Lexus updated it for me free of charge and since then it works perfect all the time. cheers carl
  14. Carl1983

    expensive mot

    looks amazing mate enjoy. if you need any tips how to detail your black IS and keep it crisp let me know. Thanks carl
  15. I own a Lexus IS and we also have the new Toyota avensis. this same thing happened to our avensis last month and it turned out to be a faulty sensor. it was all sorted and replaced under warranty. if you have warranty is go and get it checked out