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  1. Great thanks. Just trying to find anything similar to it atm on eBay it’s mainly landrover beige or bmw beige repair pens and I don’t know which one will be closest really lol
  2. Hey guys I’ve got a 2004 rx300 SE-l and I want to know what official colour is the leather? Mine is beige leather and I’m looking at getting a touch up pen off eBay and there are things like bmw dakota leather. Which ones might be similar to our rx? Thanks
  3. I agree with fsport that price is ridiculous. Nice colour and spec but I paid £3500 for mine last year with 68k on the clock. It’s just way overpriced
  4. Yes I thought it was near that sort of price. I looked at a lovely 06 one last year and was just about to sign the paper when I saw the tax I was gutted. Seems unfair when a car 2 years older is so much cheaper to tax , I got one in the end I love my rx300
  5. The rx300 is a fab car. The fuel is it’s only real draw back but you have to expect that. It doesn’t bother me as I only do 5000 miles a year too. My points are - go for a pre 2006 as they changed the tax, it jumps from £295 to £500 :O - look for a Se model to avoid the air suspension but also some of these have the reversing camera which is a great advantage. Or an se-l that has been converted to coil overs etc. - a minor note check the CD player works as some have faults. - all in all a reliable car, you won’t regret owning one :)
  6. I agree I’ve owned my rx300 a year now and i love it it’s smooth and comfy but can still shift if I need it to. I think they still look great too, some of my friends think I drive a “posh” Lexus. Mine is a 2004 reg I did look at a 2006 rx300 but yes the ridiculous tax put me off. Mine is only £290 a year(probably more this year) but wouldn’t consider changing it except for a newer 450 when they come down in price or I get some dosh lol. Always liked my Japanese cars and this one doesn’t disappoint.
  7. Haha very true mine is doing well so far no major issues 🙂. Lol I have never driven a clio never liked the French cars.( Although love the French) why x
  8. I got one of these and because my rx300 has the fluid filled mirrors they are expensive too so when it happened to me I ordered that one of eBay and it didn’t fit properly and the heating element didn’t connect as it’s a different connection. The eBay seller said it didn’t fit my model with the fluid mirrors. I couldn’t stomach the Lexus price tag so I brought a stick on one instead.
  9. I haven’t seen a brand on them. The previous owner must have had some trouble with the air suspension as it’s an SE-L model. When I was looking for an rx I looked on here and saw the complaints about the air suspension issues so I was only looking at the SE model first until I saw this one with all the extras of the SE-L but coilovers so I was happy to have a look. It’s only a little lower than standard but you wouldn’t really notice. Until you corner then it doesn’t willow around as much lol. A few people have don’t tell the conversions but I don’t know about the price. If it’s a good car just get it and budget for if it goes wrong but remember it may be fine for a while these cars are very well made. :)
  10. Jay star my rx300 has coil overs which were fitted by the previous owner. They are only slightly lower than standard and the handling has improved massively for it. But it’s still a very comfy car too :) I love my rx
  11. The rx300 is a permanent 4 wheel drive system I believe. I was very impressed with my first winter in the Rx, mine has been fab in the snow the last week had no issues and haven’t got stuck yet. Bridgestone normal tyres on mine
  12. Hello I am thinking about fitting a dash cam in my 2004 rx300, I have had one in my last car but I wondered if anyone has fitted one that can be powered via the rear view mirror? As it’s auto dimming. I have seen dash cams that are a mirror themselves. And if not does anyone have a dash cam that isn’t too expensive to recommend. I don’t want a huge camera on my windscreen lol.
  13. I love this car it's so smooth to drive. Thanks for your help sorcerer, I'm going to France on Saturday so the car will get its first proper trip. I'm expecting to be at fuel stations a lot with averaging 20mpg around town lol. But I love it I raised the suspension only a bit it was the front passenger coilover that was 3 cm low. Much better now. This forum is great dibble it gives a wealth of advice and support from fellow owners. :) glad it helped you too x
  14. Hello from what I found out my sat nav is generation 1 which means it won't update to the most current software 2017 anyway. I'm just leaving it for the meantime unless an update disk pops up at the right price. I did try a copy disk but it made the whole nav system really slow so I couldn't use it. Now brace yourself for an essay- With regards to the CD player. No mine didn't have aux it is the mark levison system, but I have an update. After I changed the broken one in the car for the one off eBay which seemingly worked fine after 2 weeks it also began to say Error 4 which was strange so I sent it back for a refund and replaced it with my original system. I looked into it further and found that the error 4 message is the sign of a mechanical failure in the disk changer itself. So I tried the trick posted on the forum of holding the radio power button and the eject button at the sae time as turning the key. And hey presto it made some funny noises then opened the load disk :) then I loaded a disk and it works lol. My theory is if it's a fault in the multi changer then if I only use one disk at a time it will be ok and I haven't had any trouble since (fingers crossed)