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  1. Yes it’s sonic titanium, lovely colour, seems to be grey in some light and silver in others. It’s a 63 plate luxury model I couldn’t be happier with the spec and feel of the car, it’s a pleasure to drive. the Lexus dealer told me they have checked the battery and it’s all good. It says Toyota on it lol I know nothing about batteries. It won’t get loads of use soon as I will be having an operation, so I will order a trickle charger to look after the battery.
  2. It was Lexus Leicester inchcape I think. I rang them today and the saleswoman said she would speak to the workshop and get back to me. They have been really good with everything so far on it. the sound came and went 3 times on the hour drive home but has been working fine today on the commute to work.
  3. Picked her up on Saturday and absolutely love it. So smooth and comfortable. What a car.
  4. Hi everyone just picked up my 63 reg IS300h yesterday and looking for recommendations for good local Lexus garages for my services and any warranty claims (purchased from Lexus Leicester). I live in the West Midlands. My nearest are Wolverhampton and Birmingham atm but don’t mind a little drive for a better service. 🙂
  5. I have only just brought the car from them so guessing it’s there used approved warranty? Or something but I absolutely love it. What a car. the issue is the same as the original post but my sound is fine one minute then gone the next. Hoping it’s not one of them things where they need to catch it not working to find the fault. im speaking to the Lexus garage tomorrow so will update after.
  6. Did anyone find out the cause of this? My car has just started doing this intermittently and it’s under warranty still so want to get lexus to fix it
  7. Did anyone find or solve this issue? I have just collected my is300h and this happened to me today. Except the sound came back on after a while. Happened twice in an hour long journey.
  8. Thanks jose great advice. i will ask when I go up to see it on Friday. Trading in my 2013 Honda CR-V for it to save money on fuel and enjoy a bit of lexus luxury too. I have heard good things generally about lexus dealers over other companies. Fingers crossed it all turns out ok. 🙂
  9. The dealer I’m buying from is Lexus inchcape in Leicester. They have seemed pretty good so far. I have asked about the 12 v battery. They said it’s something they are aware of with the IS if they are left to stand for a long time so it will be checked when they do the workshop examination and service. Looking at next Saturday for collection atm, can’t wait.
  10. Hi I am just waiting for my is300h to be ready to pick up next weekend. after reading many of the posts on the group I have seen the issues regarding the 12v battery. I am about to have a baby in June and a cesarian section which means I won’t be able to drive the car for 6 weeks. My husband may be able to do a little but he will be using his van to commute. I am worried about causing an issue with the weak battery. my dad uses a solar panel that plugs into his 12v power supply in the car to keep his old car charged a bit. would this be enough to keep a IS mildly charged lol and Is there a brand etc I should be looking at? if not I would look at a proper trickle charger for a while but also does it matter which brand or will any off Amazon do? thanks nicole
  11. Thanks, I get you she said it would have a thorough check with loads of bits done before I get it. I did mention the sat nav and it’s being checked to see what version it is running apparently. she said it was damaged on delivery with a scuff down the one side which they are getting sorted along with respraying the front bumper for stone chips and the rear bumper. Plus the alloys are getting done as well. It has a full Lexus history so hoping everything was done when needed. Looking at next weekend for pickup atm but will see. does anyone have experience of buying from Lexus dealers? I’ve never brought a main dealer car before. Is there any extras I should definitely be buying.
  12. Thanks so much that is some great information. I have owned an old RX300 in the past for 4 years and absolutely loved it. I went to a Honda CR-V for a while but i have been longing to get back into a Lexus. I was stuck between getting an is300h or a ct200h but everything I have seen suggests the is300 is the better choice. i haven’t used a CVT gearbox before so I’m expecting that to be a learning curve. Lexus are doing some touch up work and sorting out the alloys so will look like new when I get it hopefully. It will have the Lexus warranty and service etc, It’s done 78k is there anything I should be looking at that needs doing also? Im guessing it doesn’t have a cam belt or anything that needs looking at.
  13. Hi guys i have just reserved a lovely is300h 63 plate luxury model from a Lexus dealer. can’t wait to get it when ready. I have a couple of questions if you can help. - firstly is there anything I should be looking for or checking while Lexus still have it? - Has anyone heard of any issues with cat removal from Thieves? - what is gracenote? - do you use a faraday or RFID pouch to block the signal from your keys? thanks so much.
  14. Just thought I would give you guys an update, I brought this in the end, a lovely Honda. I will be back for a 450h in a few years maybe but definitely someday though. thanks for your help have to say it’s a great car for the money 🙂
  15. Thanks Roy. I think I will leave the warranty and just put the money in the bank towards any issues that may pop up. At the minute I may end up with a CR-V 😞
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