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  1. Wiper question

    I pushed the wipers down and still stopping half way up the screen
  2. Wiper question

    Cheers for that. Will give it a go.
  3. Can't find the answer on google, but the wipers stop about a quarter the way up the screen, I have to flick the wiper stalk to get them to go to the bottom of the screen. Is this a broken motor or is this normal? Quite annoying when I am driving in the rain. cheers
  4. HID Bulb Info

    Wicked Cheers. Someone write your old one off? May do the same as mine, as long as they dont get water on, they should ok isnt it? Posted on the Facebook page about it, people are saying not to put them in the halogen housing, but i think its a bit too late now haha, ordered them in before they said it
  5. HID Bulb Info

    Hi Mate, Yes, just looking at tips of installing them. Seeing its quite a crowded area around the passenger side. What have you done with yours in terms of placement? Cheers
  6. HID Bulb Info

    Hi Mate, Nice one cheers. Can't afford almost £70 for them, so I have just got a 8000K kit from eBay. Hopefully all goes well. Cheers
  7. I want to put HIDs in my car. I have done it before in other cars, but i notice the bulb code for lexus is HB4. I am looking on ECP and they only do H4 or H7. Can I put H4 in them? Or has it got to be HB4? Cheers