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  1. Shd995

    Ct200h 2012 dual screen

    That was the introduction of the f sport model. The 2013 model had minor improvements such as power seats on both sides , slightly different nav(dual screen blue ) and the addition of eztra padding on the centre console. Not sure what else. The actual facelift came in 2014 with the new shape bumpers and other refinements
  2. Shd995

    Ct200h 2012 dual screen

    I agree it looks nicer but not sure if your idea will work with swapping head unit as i have no knowledge of the procedure. I find it strange that the 2013 has different software than 2011-2012. And 2014+ has a completely different software than 2013
  3. Shd995

    Ct200h 2012 dual screen

    MENU>SETUP>GENERAL>HOME SCREEN>SHOW INFO The 2013 premier spec Shoild be similar to pre 2013 nav aswell
  4. Shd995

    Front grill upgrade

    ALSO you should buy the fsport fog light housing. You can still use your old ones but the fsport ones match with the grille.
  5. Hi, Ive always loved the fact that there are dots which trace your travels which allow you to know where you have been. i dont know what theyre called but i call them memory dots. However recently they havent been updating while im on the move. The old memory dots remain but new ones are not being generated for some reason. anyone know why this is the case?? thanks
  6. Shd995

    ct200h premier bulb access

    so ive handed to dealer theyve told me that theyre gonna have to strip the car down for £288 and see whats happened. furthermorr theyvr charged me £192 inspection fee. This is all despite me having purchase 2 year extended warranty!! im furious!!!
  7. hi i have a premier spec however the bulbs stopped working. my mechanic open the headlamp assembly and could not find the dipped beam (two small led projectors)bulb port. he told me that the bulbs are part of the housing and that i would need to replace the whole assembly. any ideas on this? I woud find it outrageous that there is no access or ability to change these bulbs and the only resort being to buy a new headlamp.
  8. I was confused on this too as they were advertised as xenon. must be led then! would this be covered by extended warranty or not? also any idea as to how easy it is to diy using techstream?? thanks for the feedback @stormchaser @Britprius
  9. Hi fellow ct members, i have previously posted being hit and run and as a result i have had to replace the xenon headlamp. ordered on from yahoo auctions. had to swap over the hid boxes as the new one did not come with them. I noticed that the DRL's worked instantly. however the main projectors do not. my mechanic told me that they would need to be coded by an electrician because they had memory or something. i cant drive the car legally at this point due to this. anyone know what they mean by "coding". also will the headlight level need to be adjusted ? thanks
  10. Shd995

    Front grill upgrade

    Hi Sir, Which website have you used for importing from america?
  11. Shd995

    Front grill upgrade

    these are the parts for the facelift f sport 2014 ive been using this to reference all the parts.
  12. Shd995

    Front grill upgrade

    hi, its a straight swap out for the grills. The f sport spindle grills come in two pieces upper and lower. The emblem badges can be swapped too. im currently working on upgrading tmy 2013 to have this look. the part numbers for the are below. I dont think i have left anything else out but im sure someone will clarify. Upper grill fsport:53111-76040 Lower grill f sport:53112-76120
  13. Shd995

    2013 or 2014 ct

    Thanks for the heads u i was about to purchase new fog lights. each individual piece of trim is about £100 roughly on ebay. in the image it looks as though i may have to purchase a new upper trim as it looks as though the sharp edge protrude much longer. P.S would you happen to be able to provide the facebook link which you found this from please?
  14. Shd995

    2013 or 2014 ct

    Hi! ive been waiting for someone to post this. i see you have premier variant and have upgraded it to fsport facelift. i have a 2013 and im wondering how this is to be done and if you could link me to where you sourced your parts from. Are fog lights different from a 2013? How did you get a facelift with the headlight washer holes? look like the top grill chrome garnish is different in facelift? Thanks!
  15. we have an update GOOD News managed to source parts from japan using which is a middle man for japanese amazon rakuten and yahoo auctions (japanese ebay kind of). got the headlight for £40 with shipping being £80. this as used btw. Luckily it seems in japan the CT comes standard with xenons so theres planty of them. With buyee, you purchase items which are then sent buy the seller to their own warehouse and they ship it from there. BAD News- found a bumper with headlight washer holes, headlight washer full assembly attached, including lower grille and all clips, and housing of fog lights. £35!! downside is that the item was too big for standard shipping and the shipping bill came up to £930. Decided not to ship it from the warehouse after that shock! so the bumper which seemed like a bargain is at the warehouse and is destined to be destroyed. Although they did give me the option to ship it to a japanese address after sending them an emailing explaining that i would rather book a flight to japan and pick it up lmao.