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  1. Great to see that youve found the blower. and yep just put in the part number its around $1600😭😭😭. gonna look for second hand parts thenlmao
  2. Thank you all for your responses. i really appreciate the help and links. everyone has told me reporting to insurance will only make myself be the one who pays out in the long term with there being a higher cost overall. Thanks again guys and be careful on the roads! i hope you manage to find the blower motor. At times like this i wish i had bought a more mainstream car.
  3. so these past couple of days in the uk it has been snowing and someone has hit into my vehicle without leaving a note. the damage is quite extensive to the near side front end. my insurance excess is £740 plus my premiums will increase and lose my ncb. ive been trying to source parts but its very hard as i have the premier model with xenons and bumper with washer inserts. Ive included some images and would like to ask if anyone knows where i can source parts from preferrably second hand or breaking.i need a n/s wing, and xenon headlamp which are the main parts. (is it possible to repair the headlamp glass/plastic as all the lights are functional and just the glass has broken) the headlamp is very hard to come across and the cheapest second hand is around£500. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you
  4. High mileage CT200

    Bought my 2013 ct just over a year ago with 92k on the clock. Im on 108k and no issues whatsoever. check for the steering knock although it is a cheap fix as @bobmc stated. 1 Major point though, check if the car has been put through the 100k service as it is quite a big one which requires the hybrid coolant to be changed. it usually costs £495 from dealership so its a cost you would want to have been done already.
  5. Steering Knock

    anybody know about this steering knock? i hear a knock on full locks when turning wheel. have had an issue with the steering wheel resting towards the left. had tracckng done twice and problem seems to persist. also feel alot of feedback from steering wheel from road bumps.thought this was normal but now starting to think its all related to the issue in this post.
  6. puncture repair kit replacement

    ive seen the space saver tyre and unfortunately it takes up way too much space. i use the underfloor storage for tools and equipment which is handy. thanks for the links guys
  7. ive used my puncture repair kit that came with the CT a couple months ago and the sealant has all been used up. on my last service they recommended a replacement which costs... £115! typical lexus. anyone know if there is a way to refill the sealant alone because it seems pointless having to purchase a whole new kit.
  8. ct200h DRL on unlock

    i have the interior anx wing mirror lights vome on when i approach(welcome/follow me home lights) but not the daytime runnin light LEDs
  9. ct200h DRL on unlock

    im not sure if theyre position lights or not but did notice that they come on during the night when i unlocked the car. its just a thing i thought looked pretty cool as a lot of people i know who have audis bmws have this feature and felt a bit bummed over that the lexus didnt have this considering what its capable of
  10. ct200h DRL on unlock

    Hi, owner of a 2013 ore faclift CT200h premier.i took my car to servicing and they gave me a courtesy car ehich was a 67 plate CT. one thing i immediately noticed was its ability to have its DRLs come on when unlocked. I have browsed through forums in the past and it was widely agreed this was not able to happen on the ct. however on the newer models it seems to be possible. has anyone tried or have a work around for this to be done?
  11. Dealer servicing courtesy car

    thanks a lot guys. they ended up giving me a ct as they had no IS available on the day. i will request an lfa next time lmao
  12. Independent servicing

    thats a good price i think that one is usually £295 at dealership. intermediate is £195. would you mind telling me where the indie dealer you located is? i just paid £545 for the 100k service as its a once in a life time service supposedely. I would recommend getting the extended warranty if you can as i got quoted £170 for exhaust sheild wearing it was almost falling off aswell as brake caliper and caliper piston replaced quoted at £600. luckily they were both cover by extended warranty. i beleive the hybrid battery warrsnty is 5 years.
  13. hi, ive just hit 102k mileage on my CT and booked myself in for the devastating £545 100k mileage. on the phone, they asked me if id need a courtesy car and i said yes. obviously i have a CtT but ive always wanted to try the IS300H as im considering it next. bearing in mind that i am 22 years of age and the test drives only allow people aged 25 and over. They told me that they would provide a CT for courtesy car and i was too scared and didnt know how to beat approach them in asking if i could try out the IS300h. is it possible for me to request a ct or is it a like for like car thing. i felt like i would be asking them for too much at the time. any thoughts or experience involving this?
  14. Anyone know what the wattage is for the mark levinson system in the ct200h. I cant find any info on the mark levinson site! Its as if they display every other lexus model exept the ct