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  1. Thanks all, all ready to go with my new techstream purchase and the warning light goes out by itself! At least I know where the port is now....
  2. Well I can't find the diagnostic port on my 450H, is it hidden under a panel?
  3. Thanks all, seems the problem with the location isn't unique to me, this morning it locked with the fob but I parked at the opposite end of the car park and had to walk around the car twice pressing the button. I'm not sure changing the battery is going to make much difference but for the sake of a few ££ probably worth trying. Stevet, your tip of holding the fob next to the start/stop button worked a treat last night so thanks for that!
  4. Thanks for the responses, off home now so fingers crossed! Robert, Maybe I have a different key fob, when I took the cover off mine (part of one side slides off) I was faced with a cover with 4 screws, it looks like the battery is under that.
  5. I have trouble locking/unlocking/Starting my car when parked in a particular car park, I think there must be some local interference as I have had similar issues with other cars in the same car park. What I can't do with the Lexus is use the key to start the car so last night I was sat like a lemon in my car just getting the 'Key not Detected' message for about 5 minutes after which it picked up the key and I was able to start the car. Just wondered where the receiver is located so that I can try putting the key as close as I can to it? Before anyone suggests this, I was going to change the fob battery today but didn't have a screwdriver with me so couldn't get to the battery. Thanks
  6. Hi John, Thanks very much for the detailed information and instructions. I don't fancy this job myself but will pass on the instructions to a friendly mechanic once I find one who will tackle this. Regards
  7. Thanks for the response John, the rest of the exhaust including the Y piece appear to be ok, the garage told me I needed to change the whole exhaust (both sides) from either the cats back or from the sensors back stating that it was all one piece. When they realised the only place they could source a replacement was from Lexus they said it might be repairable but they didn't do that sort of thing and they didn't remove the heat shield. Anyway, from what you are saying it is possible to purchase the exhaust in sections? How did you resolve the issue on yours, did you replace a piece or repair it? cheers, Andy
  8. I noticed my exhaust has started blowing, I was all set for the usual back box replacement but it is actually blowing from just to the rear of I think the Lambda sensor stuck in the exhaust under the passenger seat area. I can feel it blowing but it seems to be coming from beneath what looks like a heat shield, anyone know what is under that shield, is it just a straight pipe or is there a join? I'm hoping I can get this welded. Thanks
  9. I bought a GS450h in a private sale recently, just less than 10 years old. I bought the warranty over the phone, they didn't ask to inspect it although I did book a service at the same time, I am currently having some work done under warranty which was picked up during the service. By the way, I believe the car you are looking at would fall into the essential servicing schedule for cars over 5 years old, fairly reasonable on price, £225 for a minor service and £425 for a major one. I would recommend having a drive of a 450h in addition to the 250 F you are looking at.....
  10. For £1095 you can get 2 years Lexus warranty for piece of mind. https://www.lexus.co.uk/owners/warranty-and-insurance/#Introduction
  11. Thanks for the warning Julian, I wouldn't usually use a main dealer for servicing given a choice as I usually use someone I know and trust but it stipulates it must be serviced by Lexus in the Warranty, £275 for a small service doesn't seem to bad in any case. Hopefully they wont find anything else, the brakes look new so there can't me much else that wouldn't be covered by the Warranty. Maybe the exhaust as that seems to need replacing on these cars after 8-10 years.
  12. Thanks for the responses, goes in for a service in a couple of weeks so will ask them to take a look. Fortunately it has failed after the initial 28 day no claim clause in the warranty.
  13. Had my car a couple of months now and been generally very impressed, I don't know why these cars are not more popular, a lot of car for £5,000 ! Anyway, the boot will not open using the button in the car or the latch on the boot itself (it will open with the key) I have checked the switch in the glove box and I assume the fuse is ok as the fuel filler cap still works and according to the manual it is the same fuse. Anyone got any ideas or come across this before? I did take out the Lexus warranty, would this sort of thing be covered? Many thanks.....
  14. Is there an aux input on the 2007 model with ML stereo, I looked and couldn't find one, maybe it is at the back of the stereo ??
  15. Hi John, I bought a 2007 model 450h at the weekend and spent quite a while trying to figure out how to get music from my phone to play. I was looking at a few solutions but they seemed to work by replacing the CD changer so I wasn't even sure that was even possible. So, I couldn't believe my luck when I saw this thread, looking forward to seeing your pictures and wiring diagram! cheers Andy