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  1. I was in my local Lexus dealership last week and was speaking to one of the main service engineers. He said they been led to believe it will be available around October. There is a cost but it is believed Lexus are only going to charge £80 for it.
  2. Just received a letter from Lexus to say my roadside recovery membership which is due to expire 1st January has been extended free for 3 months. A nice goodwill gesture at this moment in time.
  3. I do not think the electronic adjustable lumber support is standard on the luxury. I have it on my f-sport and it does make a difference. An extended test drive is the order of the day To ensure you comfortable with the seating on any car.
  4. The batteries in my NX fobs are over 2yrs old now and are still fine. However I do switch the fob off Overnight as described above.
  5. I have a NX f-sport which I love. However shortly after purchasing new I decided to ditch the Yokohamas for Michelin cross climates. Never looked back. What a difference. Full reboot costs around £500. I personally dont find the ride too hard but then again I came to Lexus from Audi so harder suspension is not a surprise to me. It is better with the michelin.
  6. I changed the yokohama tyres on my NX after 5k to Michelin cross climate. Never looked back. Better ride and quieter. Even the salesman at Lexus could not believe the difference when I let him have a drive after fitting.
  7. Check with your dealer. The NX comes with free map updates for 3 yrs. let them do it. Less hassle.
  8. May be a long shot but I got a rattle/vibration noise on my nx. Turned out to be the rear number plate vibrating. Quicly fixed by the garage using double sided tape. Been perfect since.
  9. I have just been to Bolton Lexus and they say they been told April 2020. If anyone gets it done can they post on here please along with costs. Thank You
  10. Although I have 3d checked I have never had it activate. If it similar to Audi which I suspect the 3d only activated in major cities. E.g. Liverpool, Manchester etc.
  11. Unlike the RX I do not think the NX has the AFS system. The f-sport and above have the AHS and high beam assist not sure about the luxury.
  12. I put Michelin cross climate on my NX after 5k on Yokohama which I hated. What a difference. Even Lexus sales were amazed at how quiet car was with them on. So they my recommendation. Lexus Bolton even priced matched cheapest quote I had.
  13. I do not know if anyone found the following an issue: when it rains hard the warning triangle pings up and I get the message sensors deactivated please clean sensor. Gets a bit of a pain when you do clean them and they stop working again shortly afterwards. Always the front sensors that require cleaning. No fault on sensors just a bad design on the NX. Checked with Lexus and its a known issue. Never happened on my previous Audi’s.
  15. Eggie

    Alexa app

    App screen is redundant. You cannot get any downloads at moment. Maybe in the future.