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  1. I have seen a rare GS450h for sale at Lexus Bolton in case anyone interested. Just flagging it up for info. Can be found on their lexus Bolton webise
  2. I would go for the 2018. The upgrade was mostly cosmetic however the suspension was tweeked and it is a better drive than the previous. The switches are better as well and the upgraded model of the spec you thinking about will have additional and better equipment. The bigger sat nav on the upgraded model is better and should have 3 yrs free map upgrades because the upgraded model does come with that. Hope this helps.
  3. Lack of responses may be because not many members have the ES. So not many if any know. Hope you get the info.
  4. Scraping ice from windows? Not done that for a while. Fill a plastic sandwich bag with warm water, close it and wipe it over the windows and ice gone. Before anyone asks , no it does not do any damage.
  5. With cruise switched off press cruise control on/off for 1.5 seconds this will turn it off. But dont forget vehicle will not auto slow or speed up
  6. I have a mifi mobile wifi unit in the centre arm rest and use a three mobile 12gb pre loaded 4g sim and lasts for 12 mths. I have no issues with wifi and if using sat nalways have it switched on. I have found no issues with re routing but perhaps I been lucky and not in same situation as yourself.
  7. Just done a 400 mile round trip in my NX to Scotland. The majority on motorway at 60-70mph (confirmed by gps not speedo) and returned 41 miles per gallon. Again confirmed by fill up rather than computer. Excellent quiet ride on michelin cross climate tyres. Love my NX.
  8. For voice command press and release voice button on steering wheel. When you hear beep say dial and name for phone or say navigation and it reads an options list to choose from. For instance you can say “enter postcode” . On prompt say the postcode and it will ask you to confirm. Once confirmed it reads postcode back and asks do you wish to navigate to it. Used it today so does work.
  9. I have put the Michelin cross climate on my NX. What a difference. I let the salesperson at Lexus have a drive after they were fitted. He could not believe the difference. He even asked the sales manager why Lexus did not fit them as standard.
  10. Mirrorlink does not work with iphones. Just connect via bluetooth. USB connections are inside the front centre armrest cavity.
  11. Enform is USA and not available uk as far as I know. So unlikely to work on uk/european systems and subsequently may corrupt your system.
  12. Bolton Lexus have never charged me for doing it. (Twice now).
  13. Check with your dealer because later NX such as your year comes with free updates for 3 yrs. mine does.
  14. Try they will tell you cheapest around where you live. You could then show lexus the price and see if they will price match if you want them to do it.