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  1. Can I ask how big a usb stick, how long does it take to download and how long to uploadnon vehicle. And is it a simple procedure. Thanks in advance.
  2. Eggie

    Self Closing Windows

    Had my windows done today. Took 45minutes 30 of which was to have car cleaned. Result!
  3. Eggie

    Self Closing Windows

    I have just called into Lexus Bolton and asked about this. They said it comes under customised settings. They are doing it this Friday for free. They said it will take 30 mins including washing the car for me. Superb service imho.
  4. Mine does but not e-mails
  5. Eggie

    Are the Keys Encrypted?

    Sorry for the error re key press. Remembered and came back on to amend but you had sorted it Sorry about the error re key press. Came back on to amend after remembering but you had sorted.
  6. Eggie

    Are the Keys Encrypted?

    If you press lock button on fob and keep it depressed and press unlock button same time it turns off the radio signal and in order to open car you have to press the unlock button. When deactivated you cannot just walk to car and open as in keyless mode.
  7. Eggie

    New Sat Nav question

    press menu. Then setup. Scroll down until you find “online”. Click onto that and then turn off internet auto connect. Hopefully that should rectify your annoying problem.
  8. Eggie

    New Sat Nav question

    This happens when the sat nav tries to contact the centre but there is no wifi. It could be checking to see if there are any routes waiting to download that you have pre done on my lexus. If you have a mifi unit with sim card or it is tethered to your phone and has a wifi signal then you will not get this message. You will get a message if it has downloaded anything. Hope this helps.
  9. Eggie

    NX300h Luxury 2018

    Its not loud or intrusive. Also a speed camera symbol appears bottom right of screen
  10. Eggie

    Rear ended

    Do a quick check on it will tell you if they insured. Its supposed to check your own vehicle but you can check any
  11. Eggie

    NX300h Luxury 2018

    Then why does mine which is the latest model f-sport. Unless its not on the lower models.
  12. Had to go to Bolton Lexus today to get mudflaps on my 2018 model NX f-sport. Whilst there got them to update sat nav with software update although I have had no problems.. Apparently there have been problems with the system and iphone 7 and 8 and system freezing/resetting, but as stated I have had no issue with my iphone x. The update is the second one and there is to be a third in just over 4 weeks time.hope this info of some use.
  13. Eggie

    NX300h Luxury 2018

    I get the camera beeps on my 2018 model NX f-sport but as Rayaans has stated you dont get the speed limit displayed on the latest sat nav because its displayed on the speedo console.
  14. Mine was £240 for 4yrs cover to value £37500 with
  15. I can answer some of your queries but not all and the responses are only my opinion: 1. GAP: Its far cheaper if you arrange it yourself. You can find companies and reviews on line. Should save you at least £100+. Depends on if you consider worth it. I do because if in the next 4yrs my NX300H gets written off I get the difference from what my insurance pay me and the cost for a replacement new vehicle. So if £40K and in 2yrs time its written off and my insurance company pay me £20k the GAP would make up the difference to the original purchase price. (This just an easy example). 3. If you want worry free motoring the warranty extension is worth it. You get a manufacturers warranty incuding Lexus breakdown cover. Although Lexus are renowned for being reliable. Hope this helps