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  1. As Normski says your money. Any car can be a money pit, however look at satisfaction and reliability surveys. Lexus is nearly top in all of them. Compare that with other marques including the German ones. I had audis for over 10yrs but now drive a lexus. I do not regret making the change.
  2. Eggie

    Extended Warranty?

    You can suspend your AA cover for the period covered by the warranty
  3. Eggie

    Should i go for the NX?

    The NX I have got now is my second one. My latest one is the updated version and both were/are the f-sport. However having come from audi I do not find the NX to be any noisier or harsher than them and do find it quiet. Yes you do get road noise but that is from the tyres and is only on some roads. I am not a lover of yokohama tyres and am in the process of changing to michelin. However I have never found the road noise to be intrusive. It is my opinion that if you can hear road noise then the rest of the vehicle must be quiet. What First Lexus states is a very valid observation.
  4. I was having my car serviced at Lexus Bolton when I noticed they were advertising a nextbase camera specifically made for Lexus at £235 fitted.
  5. Eggie

    Tailgate kick sensor

    Think it available on the premier model but not 100% certain.
  6. Eggie

    Are service plans worth it??

    I had a service plan on my first nx which I had for 10 months. Was paying £35pcm. When I exchanged it to the updated nx I transferred it to the new one. No penalty. In fact my monthly payment dropped to £15pcm due to what I had paid but had never used for a service.
  7. I think it may vary dealership by dealership. For example I have just had my first service at Lexus Bolton and they did it this Saturday morning whilst I waited. Very satisfied with their customer service.
  8. Its in settings. Sound set up. Details are in the nav manual.
  9. Details are in the navigation manual.
  10. Looks good but for model similar to advert £49-50k. No thanks. Expensive PROBABLY problematic JLR machine.
  11. Eggie

    Interior squeak - rear of car

    Know its not much use to you First but have had my NX f-sport since January this year and can report no creaks etc.
  12. This works on the NX. Dont know if useful to you.
  13. Can I ask how big a usb stick, how long does it take to download and how long to uploadnon vehicle. And is it a simple procedure. Thanks in advance.
  14. Eggie

    Self Closing Windows

    Had my windows done today. Took 45minutes 30 of which was to have car cleaned. Result!
  15. Eggie

    Self Closing Windows

    I have just called into Lexus Bolton and asked about this. They said it comes under customised settings. They are doing it this Friday for free. They said it will take 30 mins including washing the car for me. Superb service imho.