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  1. I am looking for a set of 4 calipers and rotors and lower ball joint from a '95-'00 to upgrade my '91. Shipped to belgium.
  2. New from Belgium

    Taxes are paid by cc's so for a LS400 its about 2200 euro a year. But when its an oldtimer its only 35 euro a year. And in the past once it was a oldtimer it did not need to go trough MOT any more. But that is going to change to every year or to once every 5 year probably. But at this moment nothing is sure. We have to wait until everything is approved by the government. (EU states that oldtimers need to be at least 30 but we probably going to have a transitional arrangement.)
  3. New from Belgium

    At the moment they are everything except picture worthy... I will post one as soon as I have a decent one. Yes, we can meet up some time. I am still looking for some parts. (But as I understand correctly I need to have a gold account to post in buy/sell section? No idea how to get that.) And sins there isnt a big community over here I am searching in the UK. Maybe we can arrange something that you can bring mee parts, then I arrange something to drink off course! Well, because the oldtimer law is going to change from 25 to 30 years now was the time because only the early ones will benefit from the new laws. And sinds the previous owner had 2 project cars but never started I bought them for the price of one! Dont know what I am going to do with them, the body of the 480.000 looks better, but all the rest of the 90.000 one looks better. Dont know if i am going to keep both or make 1 perfect and sell the other.
  4. New from Belgium

    Hello everybody! I am Ceriel and are from Belgium. I just bought my first 2 ls400's. (2 for the price of one haha) They both are from '91 one with 480.000 the other only 90.000km. Both are a bit roughed up and are going to need some atention. For the rest I also drive a nissan S13 200SX '89 (290WHP) Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 '02 (280 WHP) and I have a girlfriend who drives a Mitsubishi Eclipse 1G GSX as a weekend car (280 going for 400 WHP) I really hope to have a nice stay over here and become a member of the Lexus loving family. Regards, Ceriel !