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  1. Hello all... I've been a lexus lover for quite a while and on my first Hybrid. My target is the RX hybrids but I thought I should try the old GS hybrid first. Was working perfectly well until recently that I had to park it at home without use for about 2 weeks initially and then another 2 week. Check Hybrid system came up and I took it down to my nearest dealership. I was told that the batteries needs replacing and it will cost £2600 and absolutely no guarantee will be given even after the battery is replaced at that cost. Its almost like a great heartbreak for me as I have convinced a number of friend to go Lexus already. I bought a RX400h for a friend and the warning lights came up. I had to dispose it off at the auction and ended up losing around 3gs. I so much believe in Lexus and the last time just before I bought my GS, a dealership told me that the hybrid system is supposed to last a lifetime. The report I got where I took my GS was that there isn't any warrantee on the hybrid system after 10 years. funny enough, the error message came up after the car reached 10 years. Sorry I'm writing an apostle. I am hoping for a word or two to restore my faith in the Lexus Hybrid brand or perhaps an advice.