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  1. Finally managed to get them installed today. Loving the looks of it, but more importantly it actually fixed the braking issue I mentioned in my very first comment. Braking is now much more gradually consistent rather than a sudden "break". The bite definitely feels more firm and more aggressive when your fully stepping on the brake. Really pleased with the upgrade!
  2. Just got my calipers painted, now waiting for the small items to arrive and we're good to mount them on the car. Excited!
  3. Tx bud! very helpful info.
  4. I paid around the same as well. Bang for buck indeed and should be fairly easy to re-sell like you mentioned. Was it easy to remove the dust shield as when I checked it seemed significant effort was required to get that replaced. Not so much in cost for the parts, but labor cost. Btw, it looks awesome!!
  5. So I ordered a pair of 2nd hand IS350 2008 calipers and received them in the meantime. I just trial fitted them onto the IS300h. Like you said, it is a 1:1 plug and play. No adjustments required from bracket standpoint. Just need the trimm off a bit of the dust shield (bottom part). Now I need to order the rotors and actually do the whole conversion. Looking forward to it.
  6. When you say IS250, are you referring to 2nd gen or 3rd gen?
  7. You got a fair point there. That would likely be the wise choice, but guess I am just not the type to sit still...
  8. Been checking on the US forum but they do the conversion from a 200T to 350 conversion, but when checking the bracket mounting points, they appear to be a 1:1 match. I am just trying to figure out if I need to purchase the bracket as well.
  9. Tx Rayaan, not sure I understand this part of the sentence since I am not a native english speaker; but when you say "its the regen on the IS300h", I am assuming you mean this is software related, not any mechanical parts than can adjust the sensitivity of the braking, right?
  10. Been thinking about this for some time as I just dont like the small tiny calipers in the front. Also, for some reason I just can't get used to the sensitivity of the way it just doesnt brake gradually to my feel (Just trying to find an excuse to do the conversion). Anyhow, it does not seem it will be a 1 on 1 conversion considering the bracket mounting points seem to differ. Anyone got any clue?
  11. After some research I opted for an aftermarket rearlip with diffuser. Had to cut off the tips bending down, but I was able to bolt on aftermarket exhaust tips on that similar to the OEM ones.
  12. Agree with 200h. It could have been just an accessory item mounted on the rear lip just for the looks, so not mounted to the muffler at all (therefore no heat issue). Although the pic now shows it is mounted to the muffler.
  13. Been checking this based on the item number 17408-31110 (Tail end pipe). Seems it is mounted on the muffler only.