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  1. Before you try this: Know you try this at your own risk. Dont point fingers at me should anything go wrong. I am just a "member" here sharing my own experience. Follow instructions in this youtube video to demount your center console and screen. Watch up to 3min40sec. No need to remove the glovebox. Start vid from 5min15sec again to see how to remove the connectors on the back of the audio system. DO NOT FOLLOW the instructions on how to connect the cables, as the video is meant for beatsonic carplay. Tip: Make a picture of the BEFORE you unplug the cables first so you can be reminded which one goes where. Do not unplug all original cables from the back of the audio system, as only a few need to be "replaced". Compare new set of connectors with original connectors to see which one need to be unplugged and extended. Once determined, unplug the original connector from the audio system and put in the same "new" connnector in the same plug. The other end of the new cable should have the opposite connector (male or female) so the original connector be reconnected. Few of the other end of the new cables (I believe 3 cables - video cable, gps, micropohone/speaker) need to be channeled through the back of the audio system to the upper part of the dashboard so it can reach your screen. The channel to pass thru this will be limited, but what helped is I unplugged the bezel around the speedometer (just clips holding it in), so I had more space to pass thru the wiring. The system I bought does not use the original bracket which holds the stock screen. so I just clipped in to the area and it has been holding it pretty firm. There is one brown connector behind the screen which ended up not being used. Not sure what the brown connector was for, but there has been no issues identified by not plugging it. Seems like it is not needed for the new screen. Once done, test your system by starting up your car. If all works, congratz! Hope this helps. Sorry I dont have pics on this, as I wasn't thinking of creating a "how to" in the first place. Good luck to those trying this out!!
  2. I paid approx Euro 650,- including shipping. excluding customs/tax. This may go up or down, dependent on your set up and seller offering the package.
  3. This pic is not my car, but the screen looks the same. This is the start up page when you start your car. You can choose between the Lexus OS or this Android OS
  4. yes it is in reach when you lean forward a bit. I dont have long arms, but can reach, not recommended while driving though, but than your steering control work just fine. Android Auto / Apple Car will run on this system as well. I purchased the dongle, but havent tested Android Auto yet.
  5. aliexpress - search under "lexus is android". Brand is Navirider. There is no part number, it depends on your car set up, like do you have stock Navigation, dial knob or mouse or other?, Mark levinson or not? Seller should ask you these questions, so be aware.
  6. I drive the Lexus is300H F-sport 2014 model, with mark levinson, OEM Nav and jogpad. After a lot of research online I decided to upgrade my stock 2014 screen to an aftermarket 10.25" touchscreen running on Android. What a blessing this is! The new screen is so much better in many ways compared to the original screen. With this new screen+Android OS, you can do pretty much everything you could do on your mobile smartphone. The good thing is you can switch back and forth between the stock and Android OS. I have not tested every single option yet, but everything I do daily in my car (listen to radio, usb music, bleutooth phone, stock navigation, tracking hybrid info, etc) all seem to work as it should. When flipping over to Android OS, you get a few standard apps, including play/google store, so basically you can install anything you want. Sofar, I installed Sygic and waze for navigation. MX player to play videos, tried connecting to the internet to browse thru Chrome. All working fine. Will continue to test more over the next few wks. The things I do need to call out: Wiring can be a challenge for those doing this installation first time. Its doable. I am no engineer and did it. Just take your time. Android sound need to be coming from the AUX source. Sound quality is not as good as OEM. In particular the bass is bad, but you can lower this on the equalizer so it becomes acceptable. Using the mouse/jogpad in Android OS is not perfect. It works, but just not as smooth as it should be. I prefer the touchscreen instead. Touchscreen does not work when in Lexus OS. Then the mouse/jogpad works perfectly fine. Screen does not mount on the original bracket and screws to hold it down. It only uses the pens to hold it in place. Good enough, but not as good as original. It's running on older Android OS. It works, no hiccups or whatsoever. The good things: Love the big screen!! Android OS - many apps!! Including navigation, carplay, etc Touchscreen is easy to use - like on your tablet. Love the big screen!! 😃 Specs: Multi-language support Media support: JPEG, WMA, MP3, MP4 Radiotune Touchscreen ROM = 32G RAM = 2G External mem = 128G Screen resolution = 1920*720 Screen size: 10.25" Build in speaker/microphone WIFI support Steering control compatible Plug and play power Brand: NAVIRIDER OS = Android 7.1 Operating System CPU: Samsung octa core Cortex A53 Frequency up to 1.4 GHZ RAM: 2GB DDR3 RAM Memory ROM: Built In 32GB Amplifer IC: tda7388 amplifer IC Bluetooth : Support Bluetooth 4.0
  7. Search by akrapovic exhaust tip. I believe with measurements inner 59mm, outer 100 or 110mm (You'll need the outer measurement to fill up the diffuser exhaust gap). Good luck
  9. Finally managed to get them installed today. Loving the looks of it, but more importantly it actually fixed the braking issue I mentioned in my very first comment. Braking is now much more gradually consistent rather than a sudden "break". The bite definitely feels more firm and more aggressive when your fully stepping on the brake. Really pleased with the upgrade!
  10. Just got my calipers painted, now waiting for the small items to arrive and we're good to mount them on the car. Excited!